Easy to set up & use sports club membership management software & FREE Apps for just £25pcm

Managing a sports club will always involve paperwork. But why waste time with printed forms, folders and inferior Apps when you can simply use sport team management software? Everyone in sports wants to spend less time on admin and more time coaching and practicing the sport they love, don’t they?

Save time on sports team membership management

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Add people quickly and easily

With Coacha, you can mass import your members, add them one at a time, or get them to sign up through your club's signup form. Super easy!

sports club management software
Manage your coaches & staff

Your team of coaches, instructors, parents or helpers also need to be looked after. With Coacha, you can easily manage levels of access and staff information.

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Store club documents 

You can use Coacha as a convenient place to store your club documents. Things like insurance documents, health and safety certs, qualifications and waiver templates can all be stored in your Coacha settings.

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Club signup form

Coacha gives your club its own signup form that you can email to prospective members or pop onto your website. It's a great way to get people into the system and get them training, fast!

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Dynamic waiver documents

On the club signup form, we give you the option to add your own club terms an waiver documents. So if you need people to agree to your terms, its now all automated!

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Text, email and message board

Send emails and texts in a few simple clicks or taps. Send to a few members, groups or your whole club. With your own Club Message Board too comms with your people has never been easier.

Like what you see so far?

Then why not save time, stress and money, as well as simplify your admin at the same time?

Covid19 tools to help managing a sports club

platform sports coaching

Host ‘Virtual Classes’

Whether via YouTube, Zoom or MS Teams (or any other platform for that) Coacha works with them all. Set  the date and time, invite your members and let Coacha do the rest. We even automatically send out reminders half hour before the class for you.

sports club management

Comply with official guidance

You have enough to do already with physical tasks like cleaning and social distancing. So, just by using Coacha you’ll automatically be taking care of the extra paperwork and new process the government ask for.

sports management software

Self-reporting of Covid19

Members can report if they are effected by Covid or self-quarantining through your own bespoke Member Portal. You’ll be notified immediately too, meaning you can act fast.

sports coach software

Track & trace members

See at a glance who’s been in contact with who if someone reports themselves as being effected by Covid in any way. All based on data already in Coacha so there’s no ‘big brother’ concerns here!

sports coaching software

Inform other members

It’s only a few clicks or taps and you’ll be emailing / texting people that have been in the same sessions or classes as anyone who’s reported themselves as being effected by Covid.

sporting club software

Unique quarantining feature

If someone says they’re effected by Covid you can instantly quarantine them in Coacha. This stops them booking on to anything and instantly gives you a list of the people they have been in contact with at your club.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

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 Can't find your sport in this list?

 Don't worry! Coacha works with any sport type. From Archery through to Weightlifting.

iOS & Android Apps mean you are always connected at your Sports club

Never be caught without the right information again as Coacha has dedicated Apps for both Android and Apple iOS. Designed for you, your staff and your members / parents, they work on mobiles and tablets such as iPads.

iOS iPhone and iPad

Our iOS App works on all current Apple devices and gives your team, members and parents the key information they quickly and conveniently.

Google Android 

The Android App has proven to be as popular as the iOS App. Now everyone is catered for meaning your life will get easier and less stressful!

Download FREE Apps today!

Download the Coacha App from your App Store then simply sign in. If you don’t have a Coacha account you can sign up completely FREE in app (no card needed!)

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Money – get paid on time

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Easy-to-use Money Dashboard

Managing different types of payments for hundreds of members can be daunting! Coacha's Money Dashboard simplifies everything with a powerful but easy-to-use interface.

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Mass payment management

If you need to send everyone a request for a payment, you don't want to do it individually! Coacha allows you to send a mass request to a group of people at the same time!

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Payment failure management 

Sometimes payments fail ... that's inevitable.  But Coacha helps you out immediately with retry processes and lets you know as soon as they fully fail.

online sports team management
Manage everything!

Need to void old transactions, see month on month data, check out late payers or missed payments? Coacha allows you to do all this plus see cash vs card data, view subscription plans and more!

sports management platform
Automated subscriptions

Take money for club fees regularly? Now would be a great time to automate things so payments just happen once a month! Coacha partners with GoCardless & Stripe to bring you the very best in automatic payments.

sports management systems
Integrated with the best in the biz...

GoCardless and Stripe are the best in the biz for online transactions and Direct Debit management. That's why we are partners with them and are fully integrated with their services.

 Just think - no more chasing members for money

 Set, forget and get paid on time. Free your time and reducing paperwork too.

Dealing with members & parents

online sports team management software
Member, parent or NOK logins 

The Member Portal, as we call it, means that members' parents can log in and see their data, as well as your adult members. Coacha works this access out for you depending on their age... great for data laws like GDPR!

sports academy management software
Member payment history

Quite often, members or parents will want to know what they paid you and when. With payment history located in the heart of the Member Portal, this is a doddle for everyone involved.

sports team organization software
Bookable classes & 1-2-1 sessions

Do you run open classes, or 1-2-1's, that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha, your m embers can log into the Member Portal and book onto these sessions with just a few easy clicks. 

sports team management software free
Easy check-in

Our registers are lockable. This means that you can launch Coacha on a tablet or ipad and let people check themselves in. You won't need to worry about whether they can click around into the rest of your account.

sports management system
Club calendar 

Coacha automatically creates an auto-synced club calendar for all your members. When they log in, they can see exactly what's going on in your club and when!

Built in communication tools

Get the message out there immediately with a club message board right on the Coacha dashboard. With control over messaging for both staff and members, when they log in, they see exactly what they should.

Go on, start making life easier for yourself

You know it makes sense. You've been putting it off, but you know you need to do it ...

Members personal & medical info to hand

sports membership software
Emergency information to hand

Medical notes and emergency contact info is some of the most important data you hold on your members. In Coacha, it's just a few clicks away.

sports software 01
Permanent records

When it comes to knowing who was in a class and who wasn't, its not just a 'nice to have'! Safeguard your club by keeping accurate records of attendance.

sports management software free download
Attendance tracking

You'll want to know who is attending which class/event. With our auto-sync registers, the data in your club will always be real-time and accurate. 

Safeguarding children

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Child protection built-in

We believe that software should help to protect children from unwanted messaging and Coacha helps with that. We have built-in automatic features that include NOKs or parents on messages and much more.

sports club management software 01
Coaches' Notes

Want to keep your coaches informed of someone's progress? Our innovative Coaches' Notes feature can help. Not only that, but our secure 'Safeguarding Notes' process makes sure coaches are informed at all times.

software for sports 01
Safe & secure

We run Coacha in the latest and fastest programming language, on the most powerful and secure servers. Also all of our staff are Enhanced DBS checked, so we are all cleared to handle your data.

An organised club is a safe club.

Members' emergency details always to hand. For you and all of your coaches and staff.

The most Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Team Management Software

When it comes to using a sport club management software or your favourite sport CRM with it, a number of questions can pop up in your mind. And there’s no such thing as an unimportant or silly question. So go ahead and have a read!

If you have any Coacha-related questions that are not listed here, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What is Coacha and how does it work?

Coacha is a sports team management software that helps you spend less time on the admin aspect and more time on the coaching and practicing aspect! No need to waste time on printed forms, folders or inferior apps.

Through the Coacha sports team management software, you can easily add people, manage all your coaches and staff, store club-related documents, communicate with everyone through a text, email and message board – and so much more.


What kind of sports does Coacha work with?

The Coacha sport team management software can be used to manage a variety of sports teams including:


Is Coacha available on both iOS and Android?

It is indeed! Coacha’s sports team management app can be download to both iOS and Android devices, helping you and your team members stay connected in the quickest, most convenient way imaginable.


I’ve used sport team management software before but it was complicated and difficult to set up. Is Coacha the same?

Coacha is quite the opposite. It’s very straightforward and easy to set up. If you need any help at all setting it up, our friendly and proactive support team is always on hand to help.


I’m not that great with computers, smartphones or apps in general. Is there a way to have an account set up for me?

Absolutely! We can help you download the Coacha sport team management software and then show you how to set up an account and start using all the features. Simply schedule a call and we’ll have one of our dedicated support staff members walk you through it.


What is your pricing?

The Coacha sports club management software is available for a single price no matter how many features you need to use. Please visit our pricing page, where you’ll discover that it’s just £25 or $30 (US).


Do I need any kind of training to start using your sport team management platform?

Our sports club management software features a highly intuitive and user-friendly dashboard which you can set up yourself, even if you’re generally new to computers and mobile devices. Our onboarding process will guide you through simple and easy-to-follow setup instructions.

If you have any enquiries at all, our support team is ready to assist!


I needed to see your Privacy Policy – where can I view that?

You can view the Privacy Policy for our sports club management software here .


Do I need to install any kind of software for Coacha to work?

The Coacha sports club management software is a web-based application, so all you need is an internet browser and a PC or mobile device. In case of the latter, you’ll need to download the mobile app for either Android or iOS.


Is there a free trial for Coacha?

Yes, there is! You can try out our sport software absolutely free for 14 days.


What is the best sports software for team sports?

Even though there are many different kinds of sports software available online, Coacha is the only sports club management software, UK you need to keep in touch with your team mates, managers and coaches.

It’s a convenient sport management software which is really easy to use, helping you quickly and effectively communicate with everyone within the team.


Is your sports management software GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are 100% compliant with GDPR in our obligations to users as their data controller and data processor in general. We also ensure that all our sub-processors are 100% compliant as well.

Our sports management software includes specific tools which are integrated to help you become compliant when managing the personal details of your team members.


Will all my data be safe and backed up regularly?

Whether you’re using the Coacha sports management software or not, all your data is automatically backed up at regular intervals. It remains completely safe and secure, as we store it in multiple backup locations.

All of this happens in the background automatically, so you never have to install any updates, store paper documents or get stressed out about it in general! The Coacha sports software does it all for you.


I need a little help with setup and migrating all my team data – can you assist?

Even though it’s very easy to use Coacha to set up your account and then use the integrated tools to do all migration tasks on your own, we do take a very active role in providing any assistance we can.

Our team will assist you in getting your account customised according to your needs, along with importing your entire database into the best sports club management software, UK!


Is any of my contact information shared with third parties?

Under no circumstances do we share your personal information with or sell it to third parties. We take our members’ privacy very seriously and never share your private and personal information with anyone without your consent.

While using our sport coaching software, you are the sole owner of that data.


Who is Coacha ideally for?

Coacha is a leading sports club management software, UK that is ideal for anyone who manages a recreational sports team for children or adults. Coacha makes it really easy to add members, track their performance, let everyone know what’s going on in your sports club, and much more.

It’s ideal for coaches, managers, parents or anyone else, really, who has taken it upon themselves to keep track of their sport team’s activities.

Most important of all, however, it is an easy-to-use sport club software that enables everyone on your team to coordinate, collaborate and communicate in ways that are fun, time-saving, simple and really practical. Coacha puts the fun and enjoyment back in team sports.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express and direct debit.

We don’t do any alternative pricing plans here, just so you know. Our sport club software is available for a flat fee of £25 to everyone, with no hidden or extra charges (the only exceptions being fees on transaction charges using our Payment Partners and if you choose to send text messages) .


Do you offer refunds?

Well, we’d love to but since our software for sports is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, we don’t really have the freedom to offer refunds.

With that said, you can cancel the service as you deem fit and the system won’t ask you to renew charges, but we do require you to bear the responsibility for charges already incurred.

We don’t want to see you go though and would be more than happy to have your feedback on how we can improve our software for sports.


Is Coacha available in languages other than English?

At the moment, the Coacha software for sports is available only in English. However, it’s currently being used all around the world, and given its popularity, we’re working hard to integrate other commonly spoken languages.

If you prefer to use our platform for sports coaching in a language other than English, please leave your comments and/or suggestions here.


Are there any ‘minimum system requirements’ for running Coacha?

Since our platform for sports coaching is hosted through our dedicated servers, there’s no need to install any specialised software or server/device requirements to worry about.

As long as you’re using a modern web browser in your PC or mobile device and have a solid internet connection, you’re all set!


What is the difference between the free and premium version?

The 14-day free version of our platform for sports coaching essentially unlocks all the features you’d be using in the paid version, although the paid version has additional features you might be interested in which can’t be accessed in the Lite & Free For Life version.

It’s only £25 a month, so you might as well take the plunge and benefit from the full potential of our premier sports management software.


Is Coacha for leagues and championships?

While we do want to develop our sports management software as a complete solution to leagues and championships management – such as your team’s subscriptions, ranking, schedules, interaction with managers, etc. – we currently do not have this functionality integrated within Coacha.

If you require such a solution, please get in touch with us, so that we can offer a customised solution to meet your needs.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can unsubscribe from our sport club management platform at any time, although we’d be sad to see you go!

To do so, simply cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription. You can conveniently do that here.


Why should I choose Coacha? What are some of the benefits of using this sports coach software?

Coacha helps you save time, money and energy in several ways while managing your sports teams. Just some of the benefits of our sports coach software include:

  • Manage everything from a single intuitive dashboard – Whether you want to void old transactions, see month-on-month data or keep a check on late payments, Coacha lets you do all that, as well as view subscription plans, see cash vs. card dates, and much more.
  • Integrated with the best transaction systems – Coacha is integrated with the ‘best in the biz’; Stripe and GoCardless for Direct Debit management and online transactions, which is why we chose them as our partners.
  • Payment failure management – Payments can sometimes fail, it’s unavoidable. Coacha immediately lends a helping hand through retry processes and informs you right away if they fail too.
  • Mass payment management – Collectively send everyone a payment request. Rather than do it individually, you can send a mass request to your chosen group at any time.
  • Simple and intuitive money dashboard – Effortlessly manage different kinds of payments for hundreds of members. Everything is simplified with a powerful but user-friendly interface.
  • Automated subscriptions – Automate everything so that payments automatically come in each month. Through our partners, GoCardless and Stripe, the club fees automatically comes to you with virtually no effort at all.


How safe and secure is Coacha?

We’re proud to have built a sports coaching software that puts safety and security above everything else, particularly child safety.

First off, Coacha helps to protect children from unwanted messaging through integrated and automatic features that include NOKs or parents in the messaging.

Second, the innovated Coaches’ Notes feature keeps all your coaches informed of everyone’s progress in the team. In addition, the secure Safeguarding Notes process ensures that your coaches always stay in the loop.

Finally, the Coacha sports coaching software is run using the latest, fastest and most robust programming language, and on the most powerful and super-secure servers. Plus, our backend staff is Enhanced DBS checked, so they are legally cleared and certified to handle your private data.


Is Coacha the same as an athlete management system or AMS?

While an athlete management system is a platform to update crucial athlete status information for teams and sports organisations, the Coacha sporting club software is much more than that!

It allows you to build your entire team and manage everyone from coaches and supervisors to the individual team members, as well as payments, schedules, upcoming events and a lot more.


Is Coacha a cloud-based sporting club software?

Good guess – yes, it is! Our sport team management software is run entirely from secure cloud-based servers in multiple locations, which means you can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled PC or mobile device.


Is Coacha available to use in all countries?

At the moment the Coacha sport team management software is available to use in the EU, UK, US, Australia and Canada.


Does Coacha follow any specific timezone?

When you sign up and choose your region, our sports club software will automatically select the correct timezone for you and your team members.


Do I have to pay for myself and everyone else using your sports club software?

When you sign up and pay the £25 or $30 fee, that’s the only payment required from you. Everyone else can be added on the account and we won’t charge them.

There’s no limit to the amount of team members, coaches and managers you can add under one account.


I really liked the Coacha free trial – how do I upgrade to a paid plan?

We’re glad you enjoyed using our software for sports clubs! As soon as your trial ends, you’ll be greeted with a payment screen, where you can enter your details and start your paid plan.


Do you accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Well, at the moment, we’re just accepting, Visa, American Express and MasterCard and Direct Debit, although if we have plans to integrate cryptocurrencies with our software for sports clubs as a payment method, we’ll certainly let you know.


Is Coacha a CRM for sports teams?

While Coacha is technically not a CRM for sports clubs, most of the features you’d be using with a sports CRM software are already integrated within Coacha, and at a fraction of the cost too.


Can Coacha be used as a sports club accounting software?

Well, technically, you cannot use it for that purpose. However, Coacha’s sports administration software can certainly be linked with top accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage and Xero.


I prefer to use a mobile device only – how do I access Coacha in that case?

Simply download the appropriate version, be it iOS or Android from the Apple Store/Play Store and use the credentials you got after signing up to start using this fantastic sports club membership software!


How many user devices can simultaneously log into one Coacha account?

There’s no limit to the amount of users that can be added to your sports club membership software. So once you are subscribed (and when you’re in the free trial too), you can add as many users as you like, each with their own login credentials, at no extra cost.


I forgot my password. What can I do to get a new one?

On the login page, there’s a “forgot password” link. Simply click on it, and you will be asked to confirm your email – the same one you used to create your account. The email link will allow you to reset the password for your sports team communication software.


How do I change my password?

When you’re at the Coacha sports management system website, go to the login page, you will see an option to change your password. Click on the link and you’re golden.


I want to send emails, and/or SMS messages to everyone involved. Can I do that with Coacha?

You most certainly can! Coacha’s sports team management systems allow you to do all that and a lot more. Login and launch your main dashboard – it’s easy to figure out how to do all that and much more.

If you need any support with this, our team would be happy to help.


Can I just pay a one-off fee rather than a monthly one?

Paying an up-front or one-off fee is an old and outdated way of using sports team management systems and software.

If you buy any other set of sports management tools other than Coacha where you’re asked to pay up-front, it’s quite likely that the sport club management system will be out of date within a year or so.

On the other hand, when you pay a really low monthly fee to use Coacha, you’re essentially paying for the best sports team management software that’s always kept up to date and offers unbelievable functionality and features as well.

You’ll never be stuck on the ‘pay to upgrade’ hula hoop and will always have the latest version automatically updated from time to time.


Is there any fixed contractual length for using Coacha?

We don’t follow a fixed contract model for our sports management systems. Coacha is available on a pay-as-you-go model – so whenever you need to use it, just pay in advance and that’s it.

Your subscription renews automatically each month, but if you want your Coacha sports team organization software to not do that, you can always opt out.


Does adding more members increase the price?

No way, Hose! The great thing about our online sports team management software is that you can add as many members as you like for a fixed monthly price.


I’m having trouble figuring out some of Coacha’s features – what kind of support can I get?

Not to worry – along with your sports club membership at Coacha you get a dedicated, professional and friendly support team at your service 24/7.

Just let them know and they would be happy to assist.


How does Coacha make dealing with members and parents easy?

There are many ways our software for sports makes it easy to deal with members and parents alike.

For instance, the Member Portal allows members’ parents to log in and see data on their kids. The club message board feature within our sports management system helps you send messages to the appropriate members so that they see exactly what they need to when they log in.

You can find out more about these great features here , under “Dealing with members & parents”.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

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