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Based on the full coacha in browser experience, our iOS & Android apps help you your coaches, your parents and your members do all the major tasks they will need to.

Managing your sessions, people and classes just got easier

With Coacha's iOS & Android app, you've got everything you need to run sessions or matches. From registers to all member details, everything is in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is sign up for a trial of Coacha then head to your app store and download!

For you
Access member information, see payment history, take registers, and manage private sessions.

For your staff
Take registers, view all of the members they should be able too, and manage their private sessions.

For your members
Complete in app booking for classes and private sessions, club notice board and their personal profile info.

Quick Access

In the event of an emergency, or even just when taking a register; the Coacha app gives you instant access to all the essential features!

Use offline

No internet access at your club or gym? No problem – use Coacha’s iPhone & Android app offline and it’ll sync any updates the minute your device connects to the internet.

Still as secure

Not only does the Coacha app keep your data nice and secure on our servers, it’s also App Store approved and fully password protected.

Simple to use

At Coacha our mantra is to keep things simple! So, for our iPhone & Android app, we’ve stripped Coacha down to its key features making it easy-to-use, even from a mobile phone.

Unlimited coaches

Whether you have 1 or 100 coaches, all your assistant coaches can download and use our iPhone/Android app to manage members, view classes and take registers, for free!

Member logins

Members can log in to see your timetable, book classes, book private sessions and manage their personal information. Its so easy!

Phone or tablet

Coacha's apps work on both iPhone and iPad, and all android devices. If you have an iPad at the front desk, load up the apps and get people to check in!

In app bookable classes

Booking your classes in app is a must for members, they dont want to have to load up the computer every time they want to book a class, Coacha has you covered, with full in app booking.

Constant updates

We are constantly striving to improve our apps and thee way that they work. Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best experience.

Launch your sports club admin today

Software should make your life easier. That is why coacha is built around everything you need to simplify your sports & passtime club administration. Get your life back, with Coacha!

Free sports team management app 

By combining all the things you'd need access to during a class or match, we've created a super streamlined version of Coacha that's still just as easy to use, even from a mobile phone screen. You can download it for free from the App Store or Play Store and enjoy even easier access to your favorite Coacha features, such as:

Member details

No more lugging paper records to practice or passing from coach to coach. All the details you need can be found within our app; free for all your coaches to download!

Emergency contacts

Waste no time rifling through record cards in the event of an emergency. With Coacha’s iOS app you have instant access to those all important next of kin telephone numbers.

Medical information

You can’t be expected to remember every injury, allergy or disability that might exist within your club, and with instant access to this info through our iPhone app, you don’t have to!

Todays registers

Gone are the days of preparing, printing and carrying around paper registers; now all you need is your phone and Coacha app, where today’s registers will be waiting and ready to use.

Coaches notes

Stamp out bad behaviour and record good performance using Coaches' Notes – automatically synced between all associated devices for your entire coaching team to see.

Quick add new members

Late starters this season? Coacha’s easy to use iOS & Android app helps you to account for everyone. Add new athletes on the spot, and add more details when you’re done coaching.

All iOS devices

You have spent time to make our apps compatable with everything from the older iPhones to the latest, and every version of the Apple iPad

Android Apps

Not on iOS? We have you covered! You can download the Android app on the google play sort and connect it to your coacha account straight away.

Pin code access

Fed up of wasting time logging back in due to security measures? Set up a 4-digit pin code, meaning faster and easier access.

Start your free trial and get started.

Software should make your life easier. That is why coacha is built around everything you need to simplify your sports & passtime club administration. Get your life back, with Coacha!

Subscription management software FAQs

What is an attendance app?

An attendance app is an application which you can download on your device to take registration within your sports/pastime club. Many clubs are still using paper registers to keep on top of their attendance. They then turn to search for an attendance register app when things get too much.

Using an attendance register app is a great way of bringing your sports club to the 21st century. You can find an attendance app for iPhone and Android, like Coacha, to help make things in your club simpler and less time consuming.

An attendance app also brings other benefits such as being able to easily track attendance. You can also allow members to mark themselves in as present with an attendance register app.

We’ve been planning our Attendance App (Android based) on our iOS app’s functionality & are extremely excited to have launched. Here at Coacha, you’ll find an attendance app for iPhone & Android, plus you’ll be able to use Coacha on a web browser.

We recently launched our attendance app (Android). So now Coacha boasts both Android and iOS apps!

What are the best free sports team management apps?

When it comes to choosing team apps to work with, things can get confusing… fast! The best free sports team management app is a well-researched topic in our industry. You’re likely to come across the likes of:

Wild Apricot

As there are so many team apps for coaches, it’s hard to know which one to choose! When looking for the best free sports team management apps, we’d say to do as much research as possible into fees. Many providers will tell you they’re free to use, but massively mark up their transaction fees. And they aren’t transparent in doing this either… therefore, we think that the best sports team apps are the ones that are clear about their fees and don’t overcharge… like Coacha.

There are so many team apps out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Finding good sports team management app reviews can be a brilliant start. It’ll give you an idea of the best team sports management apps from people with real-life experience.

We know that finding the best sports team management app can be a lengthy process and you’ll feel most confident when you're able to decide for yourself. However, finding sports team management app reviews can certainly help in the process.

Is the Teamer app free?

Lots of team apps tell you they’re ‘free’ to use. However, when you look at the small print, you’ll see that there’s a hefty % added onto each of your transactions. Meaning they’re making a lot of money from your subscriptions.

It’s hard to find a sports team management software who are transparent with what they charge & aren’t completely focused on making the most amount of money possible. Most clubs would rather get on board with team apps that are truly focused on keeping money in sport… like Coacha.

What is the best team app?

Finding the best sports team management apps can be a challenge. But we’d say the best team apps are the ones that

A) Don’t overcharge
B) Value their userbase
C) Are transparent in their fees

People sometimes search for the best free sports team membership app, not realising that ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘free’. We’ve made it our mission to spread the word about this.

Usually, a search for the best free sports team membership apps brings up the most expensive ones… you just don’t find out until you look into the small print. And being busy sports coaches, who really has the time?

Another alternative angle to look at, is searching for the best team communication app or the best app for coaches to communicate with parents. When searching for team apps, it can be easy to focus purely on the cost, rather than if the app does what you need it to do. We’d suggest staying away from the ‘best free sports team management apps’ type searches and focusing more on finding the system that fit your club’s specific requirements. E.g. sports team attendance apps, sports teams safeguarding apps etc.

Then, with a bit of luck, you’ll find the best sports team attendance app to help with what you need!

What is a sports club app?

Sports club apps are applications that coaches can use on their own devices to manage their coaching admin. Coaches can take registers, find emergency details, add new members and more using sports club apps.
More and more sports/pastime clubs are heading down the route of using sports club apps to save them time & money, reduce stress, protect their members’ data and much, much more!

What is a sports coach app?

A sports coach app is a system that coaches can use on their own devices to mark attendance, find membership information, record payments and so on. There are lots of systems on the market which makes finding the right sports coach app time-consuming.

Whilst researching, you may also search for a coaching communication app. Most clubs aim to get everything they need within one system. Usually, in systems like Coacha, the administrator will have the opportunity to be able to contact the members/coaches within their club via the app; along with conduct other admin tasks such as monitor attendance, take payments, safeguard children and much more.

What is a youth sports coaching app?

Youth sports software is often sought after when a sports club need a more streamlined way of sorting their club admin. Youth sports coaching apps help sports/pastime clubs save both money and time through member management, digital registers, child protection features, payment features & so on.

More and more clubs are getting on board with youth sports software as paper-based admin/spreadsheets are getting too much to handle. We can’t believe there are still clubs out there who struggle doing things manually. We urge them to get in touch so we can show them there is a better way! Clubs and their coaches are always shocked as to how quickly their lives change when they make the switch to youth sports software.

Youth sports coaching apps are on the rise amongst professional, academy and grass-roots sports clubs. When you come across an easy-to-use, excellent value-for-money app (like Coacha), clubs will find that the benefits it can bring, will much outweigh the costs associated. If they choose the app carefully, it may even save them money! We say this because lots of software providers mark up their fees. So they may sell themselves as ‘free’, but they actually charge a seemingly ‘small’ percentage on every one of your member’s payments.

Whether you’re focusing on member management or registers; or switching from another provider or paper-based system; if you’re searching the market for youth sports coaching apps, we guarantee that you’re taking a huge step in the right direction.

What is a club app?

You may have had new members ask, ‘Do you have a club app?’. If your club is still in the paper-based/spreadsheet era, your response may have been, ‘a what?!’.

A club app is what it says on the tin; an app for clubs! It’s a system where you can store your athlete information, generate your registers, automate your payments, use GDPR/safeguarding tools and so on. Some apps, like Coacha, even allow your members to login and view/edit their own data too.

There are lots of different types of apps out there, which makes finding an app for clubs quite difficult. It’s a good idea to compile a list of your club’s needs so that you know what you’re looking for. For example, some apps won’t have GDPR/child protection features, whereas some won’t have realistic fees for automated payments. Some won’t have the option to allow members to book onto classes; some won’t allow you to generate a signup form. It’s a good idea to have a ‘wish list’ and make note of what features are ‘deal-breakers’ and what you can manage without.

Finding an app for clubs can be time-consuming, but we encourage you to make the most of your free trials so you can get a real feel for the apps you’re trying.

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