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Coacha is constantly being updated and evolving. A good 70-80% of the updates and new features we add come from our user suggestions. Without our loyal subscribers, Coacha wouldn’t be what it is today, so we salute you all!

Below are just some of the more important and most recent updates and broadcasts, descending in release date order.

Update 09/05/2022

Member Group Level Reminders

If you need to know when a member in a specific group has reached a certain milestone, Member Group Reminders will help.

If you arrange your club by member groups, you can now be informed when someone reaches a certain target after being added to that group. For instance, you can be informed when a member has attended 60 classes after being added to a specific member group.

Example use case:

A martial arts school allows people to take a grading after a certain amount of classes have been attended. They use member groups to highlight which belt a student currently has. Member group reminders will let them know when a member at a specific belt is able to take the grading for the next belt.

Find out more about Member Group Reminders.

Enhanced Broadcast Send

For some of our larger clubs who may send a broadcast to hundreds of members, we had noticed the wait time during send was quite long.

The clever bods in our development team have now put in place a 'processing' status which will send your broadcasts in the background allowing you to continue using Coacha without having to wait for the system.

In your broadcast summary and list, you will notice the status processing while the broadcast is still getting sent. Once complete you will be able to see all of the information that was available previously.

Invoicing revenue added to statistics

The new 'Invoicing' system is proving very popular! Feedback has shown that you wanted to include invoiced revenue in your statistics and reporting. We listened and so its now live!

Now "paid invoices" will be presented in your statistics page if you have this feature enabled.

Update 12/04/2022

New Coacha Custom Product launced

Coacha Custom allows you to edit the colours and branding in Coacha to make it look like it's your own bespoke software and Apps. All the same great features of Coacha Premium Plan, but with the look and feel of your own organisation.

Coacha Custom is included in every 14 day free trial. At the end of the trial there is the option to subscribe to any of our three payment plans.

Plus, there's the ability to send invoices, personalise system emails, turn features on and off and have your own dedicated Account Manager.

Whats more your dont need any software development skills to personalise Coacha as it's so easy to do! Alternatively though, you can send us your logo and colours and we'll do it for you!

Find out more about Coacha Custom.

Update 04/04/2022

A look forward ...

Although we haven't made any big system upgrades for a few weeks, here at Coacha HQ we have still been busy working away on tweaks, updates and new features.

There have been a number of improvements to Coacha behind the scenes to speed things up, improve performance and manage data. These are the little things behind the scenes we are constantly working on to make Coacha the best of the best!

Beyond the unseen work, there are also some super exciting updates and new upgrades coming soon. Most notably is a big (and we mean BIG) new upgrade that will allow you to make Coacha look like it’s your own. You’ll be able to brand and colourise all of Coacha including the iOS and Android Apps too. More to follow on this brilliant new Coacha Plan very soon.

Here’s a heads up of the feature updates and changes due for release soon that all add up to big time savings for you and your club:

  1. Grade/member group system upgrade - which allows for grading as well as notification and timed reminders on member groups.
  2. Block booking system for classes and courses - Allowing members to book and pay for a block of sessions
  3. Ability to associate multiple members with a single payment request (parents paying for multiple siblings)
  4. Improved reporting and reminders
  5. Team selector & Fixture availability feature. - allowing you to find out whose available for what. Just think of the time you’ll save on texts, WhatsApp, Facebook and email trying to sort everyone out.

Update 28/02/2022

Safeguarding made simple

For many clubs, associations and organisations, safeguarding children and vulnerable people is one of the most important parts of their administration.

Here at Coacha we realise the vital role admin systems can play in the development of a robust safeguarding process. That is why we have developed a dedicated Safeguarding Section to help you maximise your compliance.

To develop this part of the system, we have combined years of experience with guidance from leading safeguarding organisations. This section is designed to be secure and easy to use and includes being able to securely export data to pass on to the relevant authorities should the need arise.

Check out this feature

Update 15/02/2022 

New 'Daily Summary' for your Coaches and Staff

It's good to be in the know! And knowing what classes and 121s you are coaching today is must!

That is why we have added a new 'Daily Summary' feature to staff profiles in Coacha. Enabling this feature will mean that staff get a daily email explaining what they have on that day. Never miss a 121 again, with Daily Summaries from Coacha.

Read the how to guide

Update 09/02/2022 

Adding a Free Trial to your subscription plans

Many clubs like to offer potential new students a trial period when they first join. This is often a great way to get people interested in your club.

We have now added an automatic Free Trial feature to the Payment Plan options. This means that you can set up a free trial on your plans so that they automatically start once the free trial expires, cutting down your admin!

Read the how to guide

Update 20/01/2022 

Detailed information on transactions

Understanding what is happening with automatic or one off payments is one of the most common support questions we see. Admins may be unsure why a payment has failed, what its status is etc.

To help you get answers more quickly, Coacha have added a direct link to your payment in the money dashboard. This payment link will take you directly to the providers information about that payment, where more in depth details can be found. 

Not only does this cut out the 'middle man' (the coacha support team) it gives you speedy access to the answers you need!

Read the how to guide

Update 15/01/2022 

Enhanced People Search

We have upgraded the search facility in the people section to allow search for next of kin information as well as member information.

In schools, clubs or organisations with a lot of children, searching for the parents contact information is often more important than searching for the member. That's why we have upgraded the search facility in coacha to cover Next of Kin data as well as member data. You can now enjoy enhanced search and find the people you need to, when you need to!

New Custom Reports

As part of the continued expansion of the Custom Reports section we have added some new reports that will help you export useful data.

- Export Member attendance percentage by member between date range.
- Export Members by subscription plan
- Export all members not subscribed.

Booking and App enhancements

We have also been releasing performance and process updates for the new iOS & Android apps. More updates on these coming soon.

This page went live on 01/01/2022

We made hundreds, probably thousands, of updates to Coacha in the years before this page was added to our website. For the larger more important updates, we always send broadcasts out to our subscribers and people that are in free trial with us.

It was at the start of 2022 that we decided to add these communications to our website so that people who are starting to look for membership management software (like you if you're reading this now) are able to see how Coacha is constantly evolving.

Add your logo & colours to Coacha

Would you like to be able to fully brand Coacha with your own logo and colours so it looks like Coacha is yours? And have Apps and a Member Portal that look like they are yours too? Well, now you can with the Coacha Custom Plan! 

Plus, the ability to send invoices, personalise system emails, turn features on and off and have your own dedicated Account Manager. 

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