Managing members, staff, parents / NOKs and helpers is a breeze with Coacha

See attendance at a glance, who people’s emergency contacts are, and even the money people are spending with you. You can manage, store and access anyone’s info in Coacha. As data is securely hosted in the cloud, there’ll be no more carrying folders around or rifling through loads of pieces of paper!

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Amazing membership management software!

Coacha is an amazing product and we would be struggling without it. All our member records are now updated and we are now able to email certain membership groups within the club. The amount of time we are saving on administration is huge. The app on the phone is brilliant as the Coaches now use this for the register and we are able to check membership status on mobile devices/ipad at any time. There is no need to chase for payments as CoachA does it all.

Part of Raj Patel's review on Capterra - a Coacha subscriber - Kingfisher Table Tennis Club

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Add, edit & view people quickly and easily

With Coacha, you can mass import your members, add them one at a time, or get them to sign up through your club's signup form. Super easy!

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Unlimited members!

Member profiles give you everything you need to know about your members within a few clicks. From contact details, to notes on their performance. More importantly, we don't limit the amount of members you have in your account!

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Emergency information to hand

Medical notes and emergency contact info is some of the most important data you hold on your members. In Coacha, it's just a few clicks away.

Report illnesses

Self-reporting of illnesses enables you to keep a real time view of who's unwell. Being linked to your dashboard this valuable data means you can quickly replace people at an event or session in just a few minutes.

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Member payment history

Quite often, members or parents will want to know what they paid you and when. With payment history located in the heart of the Member Portal, this is a doddle for everyone involved.

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Member reminders & alerts

Birthday coming up? Or maybe you need a gently nudge when a grading is due? Our personal member reminders can be set to tell you when you need to remember something.

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Manage your coaches, staff & helpers

Your team of coaches, instructors, parents or helpers also need to be looked after. With Coacha, you can easily manage levels of access and staff information.

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Coaches' Notes

Want to keep your coaches informed of someone's progress? Our innovative Coaches' Notes feature can help. Not only that, but our secure 'Safeguarding Notes' process makes sure coaches are informed at all times.

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Arrange your club into groups

If you run a club with grades, belts or qualifications, you can use our one of a kind 'Member Groups'. Arrange your people into as many groups as you want whether age, skill level or member type.

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VERY easy set up with 'mass member import'

Have all your data in spreadsheets? Superb - with Coacha's 'mass import', you can add your existing list of members in just a few clicks - setting up Coacha really is a breeze. 

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Automated signup

Never have to input member data again. Get non-members to sign up either though Coacha embedded into your own website, via your Coacha signup form, or from Coacha’s automated follow up after trial / taster sessions. Just set, forget, and watch the sign ups come in …

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Dynamic waiver documents

On the club signup form, we give you the option to add your own club terms an waiver documents. So if you need people to agree to your terms, its now all automated!

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Member, parent or NOK logins 

If you enable the option, you get your own FREE bespoke 'Member Portal'. This allows younger members' parents to log in and see their children's info. Your adult members get their own login too.

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Safe & secure

We run Coacha in the latest and fastest programming language, and on the most powerful and secure servers. Also all of our staff are Enhanced DBS checked, so we are all cleared to handle your data.

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Data protection 

GDPR (EU-UK) regulations are some of the most stringent in the world and Coacha has been built alongside them. You no longer have to deal with data access requests as members can download their own data. No fuss and no mess. 

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A few things to remember…

Firstly, we don't charge by the member, as that gets costly for you. Also, we never show adverts to your members. And we don't charge for updates and new features, nor the use of our iOS & Android Apps. Above all though, we don't draw you in with claims of 'FREE to use' then pile on extra charges later for unlocking functionality that should be included in the first place.
Few providers can make all of these claims. But we can.

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