Managing People with Members Software is a Breeze

From members and their parents to your fellow coaches, you can store and access anyone’s info in Coacha. Securely held on our cloud-based servers, there’ll be no more rifling around in paper folders anymore.

Manage your member information - staff, NOKs, parents ...

Understand who attends your club and when, who their emergency contacts are and even what they're spending. Plus much, much more .

Save time with adding members

You can upload all members in one go, add them one at a time, or get them to sign up through your club signup form. Super easy.

Unlimited members at no extra cost

Member profiles give you everything you need to know about your members. Contact info; medical and performance notes; money spent. More importantly we don't limit the number of members you can have!

Emergency information ALWAYS to hand

Medical notes and emergency contacts is the most important data you hold on your members. It's always to hand in Coacha and just a few taps or clicks away.

Member analytics designed to help you

Want to know how many classes a member has attended and on what days? It's all in their profile in an easy to edit and understand format.

Member payment history

Members/parents often want to know what they paid you, and when. With payment history embedded in your Member Portal, they can easily look this up without having to come to you.

Member reminders & alerts

Birthday coming up? Or maybe you need a gently nudge when a grading is due? Our personal member reminders can be set to tell you when you need to remember something.

Different access levels for different people

Your coaches, instructors, parents and helpers often need to be looked after differently. With Coacha, you can easily manage their levels of access and the information they see.

Coaches' & Safeguarding Notes

Want to keep your coaches informed of someone's progress? Enter 'Coaches' Notes'. They're easy to use and with secure 'Safeguarding Notes' too all coaches have bang up to date info.

Teams, squads, classes groups - all sorted

Your club will probably have member groups of some sort. Arrange by grade, age, level, belts, qualifications, shoe size - whatever you like!

Import & export all member info in bulk

Have all your data in spreadsheets? Not a problem. You can mass import your existing list of members in just a few clicks. And export them whenever you want just as easily.

Easy to use club member signup form

People can sign up from fresh, or just check in and update their details saving you lots of admin time. Just send it on email, add to your website, or put it on social media - simple.

Time saving dynamic waiver documents

Adding your own club terms and waiver documents to your signup form is easy. And, once set up, you can automatically get people to agree to them without lifting a finger!

Your own bespoke Member Portal

Adult members, young member's parents and NOKs can log in and see data relevant only to them. Convenient for you and all your members and great for GDPR.

Peace of mind - your data is safe & secure

Coacha runs on the latest, greatest and fastest programming language, and on powerful and secure servers. The staff at Coacha HQ are Enhanced DBS checked for even more security.

Data protection built into your systems

GDPR (EU-UK) have some of the most stringent rules in the world - Coacha has been built with these in mind. For example, members can download their own data so 'Data Access Requests' are fully automated.

Launch your sports club admin today

Software should make your life easier. That is why coacha is built around everything you need to simplify your sports & passtime club administration. Get your life back, with Coacha!

Member software

Finding the right club manager software for your club is an exciting time. Finally, you're making the decision to step away from what's not working and try something that will. Here are the most commonly asked questions around members software.


Absolutely! Coacha allows you to provide access to your coaches so they can log in and view Members, Classes & Registers

Yes! We built Coacha around child protection guidelines. As there are NSPCC CPSU rules built in, this ensures no children will be contacted when they are underage. Our club manager software makes it easy to protect your younger and more vulnerable members.

There are many pieces of members software out there that will cost your club a lot. These are usually the providers who sell themselves as 'free' but then mark up the transaction percentage, so they receive money from your members' subscriptions. Coacha is one set fee per month and we never mark-up transaction fees.

With Coacha, should you choose to allow them, members/parents can log into the Member Portal to view, edit & download their data under GDPR. This means you won't need to deal with subject data access requests; because data can be downloaded instantly!

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