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Brand Ambassador Scheme

We're at a really exciting stage in Coacha's development and it has us in search of a special individual to become an Ambassador for the Coacha brand.

This is an extremely unique opportunity for the right person to become involved with Coacha at a level which no one has before. We're looking for club owners, coaches, sports personalities, you name it. If you're into sport and you're into social media, we're keen to hear from you.

We try hard to spread the word about Coacha and all the benefits it has for sports clubs, coaches and members/parents. We're coaches ourselves and we're always trying to do what's best for our users. We're looking for someone who can share our passion and spread the word about Coacha via social media and in person.

In return for working to the requirements we set, you'll receive the following benefits worth over £3,500 in the first year, with the opportunity to become a Coacha partner and receive a regular stream of income in Year 2.


  • FREE & unlimited Coacha subscription for the whole contract
    Professionally designed club website with free hosting
  • Club marketing advice package (including website management)
  • Professionally designed social media image pack
  • Branded sliders for the whole coaching team
  • Coacha goodie package
  • Extra surprises throughout the year

Total value over £3,500

Who we're looking for

Our idea of the perfect candidate is someone who is passionate, motivated and active on social media.

They'll be able to multitask, prioritise and won't be phased by the requirements of a position such as this, in addition to their daily responsibilities. They'll have a good (and relevant) following on their club social media accounts (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and will be proactive in their associate with Coacha.

They'll have fantastic communication skills and will be willing to embrace our brand, always upholding our reputation. They'll also be keen to spread the Coacha word onto their friends where relevant.

If this sounds like you, read on...

Coacha Software Brand

Work for Coacha

Your role as a Brand Ambassador for Coacha

The role of Brand Ambassador is predominantly based around social media. We need someone who is well-experienced in this area; a 'social butterfly' if you will. Someone who is used to all types of social media platform and comfortable regularly creating their own content. 

You will be required to tag Coacha and undertake various other social media promotion tasks, including, where relevant, partaking in Facebook group discussions,

You'll display Coacha's logo on your brand new, shiny website and be keen to join conversations online discussing sports club management software, promoting your positive experience with the brand.

You'll conduct yourself properly on social media at all times and you must be able to stick to the conditions originally set out in the agreement with Coacha (sent to all shortlisted applicants).

If you think this sounds like a piece of cake, what are you waiting for? Make sure you let us know what makes you stand out from the crowd, and what you can do that others maybe couldn't. Apply below for your chance to be directly involved with the #1 sports club management software.

Coacha Brand Ambassador Application Form

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  • Application Questions

  • 1. What is your experience with Coacha? If you don’t have first hand experience, what do you know about Coacha?

  • 2. How important is social media to the running of your club?

  • 3. How often do you post on social media?

  • 4. What is your average post reach and engagement like?

  • 5. Are you a member of any Facebook groups for coaches/sport? If so, which ones?

  • 6. Can you think of any ways that you would promote Coacha? E.g. ideas for social media posts/Facebook groups etc.

  • 7. Do you have any links with organisations such as training organisations/national governing bodies etc. if so, who?

  • 8. Why do you think you’d be a good fit for the position of Brand Ambassador for Coacha?

  • 9. Why do you want to be a Brand Ambassador for Coacha?