Classes, registers & attendance

There aren't many sports, pastime or community groups that don't run classes or events of some kind. So why should it be so difficult to manage and arrange them? Why so much admin? Well with Coacha, there isn't!

Classes & events in your member database

Save time with fully automated registers

Add members in, set up your first classes and bingo - your registers are automatically created. When you, your coaches or your members log in, they get to see what's on straight away.

Let members book on
classes themselves

Do you run open classes that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha's attendance registers people can log into your Member Portal and book in just a few clicks. 

Time saving and easy to use 'self check-in'

Display your registers on a mobile device or tablet and let people check themselves in. They're lockable and password protected too so no one's able to play around on your device.

The registers work WITHOUT internet?!

Yep. Just login before the session when you have internet access - take the class - then as soon as you connect to the web again everything is synched and updated automatically.

Unlimited classes no matter how big you get

As you put more classes on and your numbers grow, Coacha grows with you. There are no limits at all and you won't have to pay more.

Secure, backed up and permanent records

Knowing who was in a class or session and when, is essential. You can view all of your attendance registers quickly and easily and what's more they're safely stored and backed up.

Auto generated club calendar 

No more wasting time telling people the same info over and over again. They can quickly login to your club's member portal and see exactly what's going on and when.

Term time/seasonal classes or sessions?

Not a problem. You can set their frequency and start/end periods to whatever you want. Great for school terms based classes.

FREE iOS & Android Apps for EVERYONE!

You, your coaches, staff, adult members and parents can all use Coacha's apps. View your calendar, book on to classes, check the notice board - and so much more!

No more inaccurate stats or data

Things like Bank Holidays and missed classes can really mess with your attendance register stats. Voiding a class removes any misleading data and keeps you accurately informed.

Once it's booked, it's booked! Or is it?

Limited spaces? No worries - just set your class sizes so that when they are full, no one else can book. Unless someone cancels, then a bookable space becomes available again.

Avoid delays when extra people turn up

Someone unexpected turned up? Quickly add them to the attendance register without having to mess around with your attendance register app settings - its all time saved!

We are enhancing Coacha all the time

New features added every month... so why wait? Surely now is the time to get on board?

Classes & Registers FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our Classes & Registers features, we love our booking software for classes. we think you will too. 
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You can easily import your members database into Coacha by our mass uploader. If you haven't got time, we can do it for you (for free!). Then, when members are uploaded, each member will have their own Member Profile. So, your club members database has never been more efficient.

Don't worry! We have a really great signup form which comes as a link (URL). You can send it out to members and when they submit their information, you'll just need to accept them from your Pending Members. So you can build your club members database as you go along.

Coaches can have different levels of access within Coacha. They can either have full administrator access, full access to Classes, Registers and Members or limited access to the Members and Classes they teach.

If you'd like, you can give members access to the Member Portal. This means the member or parent can log in, view, edit & download their data under GDPR. They won't have access to your club members database; just their own data.

Absolutely! Exporting your members database into a spreadsheet is super easy & takes a few seconds.