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Coacha Lite is FREE to use - for life. Unlike some of our competitors (eg LoveAdmin) we don’t insist that you put your club’s money through us so you can use us. Using PayPal? Stick with it. Cash is king in your club? Stick with it. You can still use Coacha Lite completely FREE

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 We love Coacha ... 

... and are continuing to enjoy the fab free version. It's brilliant! Once we grow sufficiently as a company and can afford to, we will also look to move to the more premium accounts - it's just not something we can afford to do at the moment.

Ashton - Director - The Musical Theatre Centre - Coacha Lite Subscriber

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FREE Member Profiles

Member profiles give you everything you need to know about your members within a few clicks. From contact details, to notes on their performance. You can even add photos of them too!

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FREE Illness & Absence Reporting

Members can log in and report an illness or let you know in advance if they will be absent for any reason. Giving you the chance to open their space on any classes / sessions, or to simply keep track of everyone.

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FREE class attendance registers

When you create a class in Coacha Lite, registers are automatically created. Then when you log in on the day, you can take your attendance register quickly and easily.

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FREE emails

you probably already have email, but with Coacha Lite you can send out emails to one, some or all of your members in one go. Although limited to one email a day, that’s still 30 a month!

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FREE club 

sign up form

Coacha gives your club its own signup form that you can email to prospective members or pop onto your website. It's a great way to get people into the system and get them training, fast.

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FREE club document storage

You can use Coacha as a convenient place to store your club documents. Things like insurance documents, health and safety certs, qualifications and waiver templates can all be stored in Coacha Lite.

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FREE members groups

If you run a club with grades, belts or qualifications, you can use our one of a kind 'Member Groups'. Arrange your people into as many groups as you want whether age, skill level or member type.

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FREE virtual classes

With the new norm here, online sessions are part of everyday life. Organise and invite people to virtual classes quickly and easily with Coacha Lite. They even get a reminder sent to them before the class starts.

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FREE online cash tin

You can't automate every payment, but you can record them. With the Coacha Cash Tin, you can instantly find the relevant member and record the amount they pay... keeping everything in one place.

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FREE club 


Keep an eye on who’s doing what and when. Need to check and see how often someone’s attended training? Or what classes people have missed? Not a problem with Coacha Lite.

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FREE Covid19 download

If you have anyone report that they’ve been affected by Covid you need to report it to the NHS. Coacha Lite has a download feature that allows you to quickly and easily share data with the authorities.

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Safe & secure

We run Coacha in the latest and fastest programming language, and on the most powerful and secure servers. Also all of our staff are Enhanced DBS checked, so we are all cleared to handle your data.

Like what you see so far?

To get Coacha Lite, simply sign up for your FREE 14 day trial of Coacha Premium. You can have that on us. Then when that’s up, simply select the ‘Coacha Lite’ option.

Coacha Lite - packed full of features, and FREE to use!

Nothing in life is truly free? Or is it? Some say that the best things in life are free! We’ve been thinking at Coacha HQ; how about if we were to make a version of Coacha that truly is completely free to use? What’s more it’s free for life? Wouldn’t that be something? And so Coacha Lite was born.

So, a question. Do you really need membership management software for your club?

Maybe you don’t need all of the bells and whistles that you get with a full membership management app or software? Or perhaps you’re not convinced that using computer software is right for you?

One thing’s for sure though, you know that there are somethings that could be done better. Maybe keeping a track of people’s info? Taking registers? Securing sensitive personal data? Or just making admin (and life) easier for you! Perhaps Coacha Lite holds the answers?

Why pay for something if you don’t use it?

We get that paying for software for some clubs just isn’t worth it. There are lots of reasons why and no two clubs are the same. However, most clubs would benefit from one or two things which is where Coacha Lite may help you out.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

We don’t ask for any card details unless you want to use Coacha Premium after the FREE 14 day trial. If you don’t then Coacha Lite is completely FREE – forever!

‘Free’ vs paid membership management software. What’s the difference and why should I care?’

We do more than our bit to help sports clubs save money and not pay more than they should for sports club membership software. Whether they've chosen to go ahead with Coacha or haven't decided yet, we always warn them to keep an even on 'other' costs when researching.

This is because we've fond that many software providers aren't entirely transparent with their fees.

When speaking to new users, they usually tell us which other software they're trialing alongside Coacha. The software usually ranges from (seemingly) totally free to software with a fixed (or tiered) price. From our experience, after people conduct more research, they usually settle on the software that's paid for; and we wondered why?

As we know quite a lot about the world of member managment software, we're here to answer the question:

'Is ‘free’ membership management software really free?'

Usage Costs

FREE SOFTWARE : - When it comes down to it, sports clubs are just like any other business; in order to succeed and keep thriving, it’s important to manage budget properly. So, when it comes down to using a free piece of software vs paying for it, choosing the free software is a given…right? This is not really always the case … unless you use Coacha Lite that is!

Whilst there is at least one piece of software out there that’s genuinely free to use, (Coacha Lite anybody?!) with the majority of members management software that we’ve come across, the word ‘free’ has just been used as a marketing tactic. The surprises then come arrive once you’re on board; additional costs, limited members; you name it, we’ve seen it. Users think they’re signing up to free software, then they end up paying more than they’d first anticipated further down the line.

PAID FOR SOFTWARE : - With paid-for software, most of the time, you know what you’re getting. It completely depends on the type of sports club management software you’re looking at, but with Coacha, transparency is key. And if you find software that isn’t initially transparent about their fees, it’s worth questioning as to why.

Transaction fees - The Hidden Costs of FREE software

This is where most sports club membership software providers make their money. Their software is marked as ‘free to use’, however they’re not. The transaction fees associated with the payment processor they integrate with are usually marked up by such large amounts that it's almost eye- watering! 

Also, in some circumstances, in order to use their free member management software, they insist that you have to put your finances through their system as part of a contract.

Many club owners don’t do the maths because 3-5% on each transaction fee plus an extra 40p or so per transaction seems like a small number. However, when you actually do the workings out, it can cost you thousands of pounds extra per year by using so called 'free membership software'.

Pricing structure of software

FREE membership software

Many pieces of software are cleverly marketed as being 'free member management software'. However, they will often have a tiered structure, so and you may need to start paying more as your club grows. This is only fair where a single price point is charged for using the software, which is the case with Coacha Lite. You can have up to 50 members in Coacha Lite. With other membership software providers though, this price may be even more expensive than the paid-for software you were initially considering. So now you’re back to square one. Plus, there is usually more than one tier. So, you can expect for your subscription to be bumped up further when your club hits the next milestone. It’s a slippery slope really. But not with Coacha. You will only a low monthly subscription fee, irrespective of the number of members you have.

Paid for membership software

It’s important to look out for tiered pricing structures in paid-for software too. Take note of what you can afford, what the next payment bracket is and how soon you’re likely to get there.

It’s a good idea to find a piece of software like Coacha, which charges one standard, flat rate for unlimited use of its features. You can then be assured that you won’t be penalised for adding members to your club and know what you’re getting yourself into before you go ahead.

Go on, start making life easier for yourself

You know it makes sense. You've been putting it off, but you know you need to do it ...

Other costs - the costs of FREE software

Some ‘free’ software providers have more subtle ways of charging your club. These can include setup fees and deposits. Some even insist on putting your finances through their members management software because they charge an additional transaction fee - this is how they make their money.

We have recently been made aware of one software provider in particular who really have gone to the next level. This provider states that in order to use their software, despite them advertising as having no setup fees, you must:

• Pay a deposit of the equivalent of 0.5% of your organisation’s annual revenue (£100 minimum and £500 maximum). The deposit is then only refundable when your organisation has gone live (on the agreed date) and you have taken 50% of your estimated annual transaction volume. It has to be within 12 months of setup and 90% of the transactions must be put through their system.

• If you’re found not to be using their system (via Paypal/Gocardless plus added fees) for at least 90% of your transactions, your account could be suspended and deleted.

We wish we could have filmed our team’s reaction when these terms were read out to them. As a completely transparent member management software, we work so incredibly hard to be transparent and give back to sport, that we can’t believe it when we come across costs/terms such as these.

Other costs of paid software

Obviously, it’s important to be wary of these sorts of ‘other’ costs from paid-for software as well. It’s always worth asking the question, ‘Please can you tell me all fees associated with using your software?’.

Whilst doing your research, it’s a good idea to note which software is and isn’t transparent about costs on their website. This will give a good indication of who’s charging more than they should be.

We at Coacha have always been incredibly transparent about our fees because we have nothing to hide. We charge a set monthly fee which (considering the extensive, unlimited feature-sets included in the subscription) is incredible value for money. Plus, unlike with other members management software providers we clearly display the cost of transaction fees when using Coacha. The only other fees you will need to pay with Coacha is for purchasing credits with Textlocal in order to integrate with their SMS service.

Features of membership software


Ever heard of the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’? Well that’s especially true with software. Free software is all well and good until it doesn’t do what you need it to do. Features may not be as well-executed as they could be; the software may not have everything you need; or it may not be designed for your specific type of club. Coacha Lite is the only free member management software out there that is truly fit for purpose.

You may be under the impression that the software you’re interested in is free, but when it comes down to it, only some features may be. Meaning you may need to spend money on upgrading your package.

Make sure you analyse the software’s features and how well they work for you before going any further.


As we’re sure you’re aware, the world of sports club membership software is incredibly popular. There are so many different types of software out there that it can sometimes take months to narrow down your favorite.

The good thing about using ‘paid for’ software, is that their features tend to be higher quality and therefore fit your needs better (Coacha Lte being the exception that proves the rule!).

It’s still important to check for any features that may only be accessible in the higher packages of member management software and with Coacha Lite we outline this from the get go.

Using a system like Coacha is ideal as it can be used for any type of sport/pastime club. It was designed for complete flexibility with whatever type of club you have, so you also know it’s easy to use. Plus, as Coacha charges one set price for completely unlimited access, you can guarantee no ultimatum of paying more to access the crucial features of your members management software.

So when it comes down to the question of this article, 'is free membership manangement software really free?', it's really down to the unique software provider and their fees. But you should remember that having no monthly/yearly usage fee doesn't neccessarily mean that the software is free to use. You should consider transaction fees and 'other' costs in comparison with other software before you make a final decision.

If you'd like to try a free trial of Coacha or simply have some questions to ask our team about member management software, please be sure to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's Premium features FREE for 14 days. Then, simply switch to Coacha Lite - which is absolutely FREE!

Coacha Lite Class Booking System Free – FAQs

Coacha Lite is the best “truly free” class booking system free. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t insist that you put any of your club’s hard earned money on us just to use our innovative online class booking system free. If you want to know more about Coacha Lite’s fantastic features as a free membership software, then check out the FAQs below. If your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch with our friendly support team.

What is Coacha Lite?

Coacha Lite is a ‘scaled back’ version of the Coacha Premium online class booking system free. It is accessible once your 14-day trial for Coacha Premium has expired.

The class booking system free is packed with lots of fantastic features and it’s absolutely free to use. That’s right – there’s no monthly charge unlike the Coacha Premium app for which you pay a small charge each month.


Is the Coacha Lite free membership software truly “free”?

Sounds unbelievable, right? We know!

It is often said that nothing is life is truly free – but we’re here to prove that centuries-old adage wrong! We’ve specifically developed the Lite version of Coacha to be absolutely 100% free. It’s as simple as that, really.

Enjoy managing your favourite sports club or class for free!


Do I really need the Coacha Lite free club management software?

Some would argue that good old fashioned record keeping is all you need to manage a sports club or, say, a fitness class. But things have changed a lot since the days of keeping records on paper.

Everyone has gone digital and people now communicate with others through some kind of mobile device. Perhaps you don’t require all the bells and whistles that comes with a coaching software free like Coacha Premium, but things can always be done better, when it comes to managing something like a gym or a sports club, for instance.

Even if you’re not very computer savvy, the Coacha Lite free membership software can help you keep much better track of personal info on all your members, including new registrations, timely fee collection, securing their private and personal information for easy access, or simply making sports club admin a lot simpler and faster. 


Your club membership software free is not accessible or downloadable anywhere from the site. How do I access it?

Getting the Coacha Lite club membership software / freeware is easy: Simply sign up for the free 14-day Coacha Premium trial, that’s totally on us. Once the trial expires, you’ll get the option to start using Coacha Premium for a fixed monthly or Coacha Lite absolutely free. Choose the Coacha Lite membership software for free and when we say ‘free’, we truly mean FREE for life!

At any point, if you want to try out the full suite of features available with a fantastic club membership software free UK like Coacha, then you can transfer all your data from Coacha Lite to the Premium version. It’s all simple and seamless.


Why would I want to use a class booking system free such as Coacha Lite?

Good question! Here’s why:

  • Completely FREE to use FOREVER
  • Comply with official Covid19 reporting guidance and help with the NHS Trace & Track processes
  • Store up to 50 members’ personal details securely
  • Record all member details including emergency contact, medical info and next of kin details, which are always immediately on hand
  • Organise all of your classes, sessions or events
  • Enjoy automatically generated Digital Attendance Registers
  • Take attendance registers from the security of a mobile device or computer
  • Track & Trace functionality with the ability to see which members have been in contact with each other so that people can be alerted if there is a Covid19 incident
  • Very easy and instant download of all of the relevant data required by the authorities should an incident arise
  • Secure, cloud-based state-of-the-art technology


Can you tell me more about this Track & Trace feature that comes with the Coacha Lite club management software free?

Your sports club has an obligation to report any suspected Covid19 cases. In addition, you must also record a list of people that anyone with suspected Covid19 has come into contact with in the past 21 days beforehand. Coacha Lite’s ‘Track & Trace’ does this all for you, quickly and automatically. No worries, no hassle!


What are attendance registers?

The days of printing off and carrying around heavy paper registers are long gone!

The Coacha Lite free member management software automatically creates digital attendance registers for each class you add. The next time you or your staff login, your attendance registers will be waiting for you, ready to be used.


What are some other key features of the Coacha Lite free membership management software?

The Coacha Lite membership software free download offers a number of intuitive features such as:

Club info always to hand

Rifling through folders should be a thing of the past because in case of an emergency, the time to respond will be critical. Coacha Lite gives you access to all emergency contacts, NOK and medial details in just a few taps on your mobile device.

Get sessions organised

By organising all of your classes, sessions or events using the Coacha Lite membership management software free, you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything, and operate efficiently and professionally. No more missing registers, misplaced folders or people not knowing where they should be and when.

Fast & mobile friendly

You and your staff will nearly always carry their mobile devices with them. As such, the Coacha Lite free membership management system is designed to work quickly on mobile devices, so if you need to take registers or act fast in an emergency, you can. All of your club data is in your pocket and only a few taps away.


Do I need to provide any credit card or payment details to use a software management (free to use) like Coacha Lite?

We do not ask for any payment details at all when you sign up to use any Coacha package. While we do require credit card details for you to use Coacha Premium after the 14-day free trial has expires, there are no credit card or payment details required whatsoever to use the Coacha Lite club management software free version.

And we just want to emphasise that last part, it is totally FREE for life!


Will I save time and money when using an online class booking system (free to use) like Coacha Lite?

Absolutely! The Coacha Lite free member management software has been designed with this in mind. With savvy features like digital registers which you can carry with you on your mobile device or laptop and use anytime you like, as well as the Track & Trace feature. You can not only save plenty of time and money admin-wise but also keep everyone safe during the pandemic and beyond.

You can check out all of our member management software free features to better understand how it can help you save time and money.


I am not all that web-savvy – is a free online booking system for sports clubs like Coacha Lite easy to use?

You’d actually be amazed so as to how simple and straightforward our membership management software UK free is to use. Coacha Lite has been built with user-friendliness in mind so all you need is basic computer skills to start using it.

At any point, if you require assistance, our friendly support team is always on hand to help.


Does the Coacha Lite small club membership software free (UK especially) support multiple locations?

Well, yes and no. For example, if you want multiple people from different clubs to login in and communicate using your credentials only, they can. However, if you want to make Coacha available to all your members in multiple locations across the UK, then for that functionality, you need to upgrade to Coacha Premium.


Is Coacha Lite really free? What’s the catch? Is there a hidden contract somewhere?

Yes, it is, totally free! And no, there is no catch at all. And we don’t tie you down with a contract unlike most of the member management software (free to use, or so they say!) packages available today. Once your FREE 14-day Coacha Premium trial is over, simply choose the Coacha Lite option and enjoy your free membership management software for life!


Where is my member information saved? How safe is it?

When designing a free membership management system like Coacha Lite, we always had safety and security at the forefront of our minds. Our data servers use the latest security protocols and network architecture which not only ensures the best data security but also maximum uptime.

And, to prevent data loss in any unforeseen circumstances, your members’ information is backed up around the clock in servers located across multiple locations, where they are hosted by data server security leaders Amazon and Microsoft.


If I have difficulty setting up my account in your free online membership system, who will help me?

All you need to do is contact our support team and they will guide you through the process, which is very simple. But then again, we completely understand that not everyone is tech-savvy. With that said, setting up an account with the Coacha Lite coach manager software free is remarkably easy.


Which payment methods does your free membership management system integrate with?

At the moment, we support GoCardless and Stripe, but if you have any suggestions for additional payment integrations, do let our support team know!


Why is a small club membership software free (UK or paid for) so important to use?

A club management software free to use like Coacha Lite can prove very useful because club-based businesses everywhere are moving away from paper-based admin to completely digital, offering their members a lot of flexibility in the process.

Coacha Lite keeps these members’ expectations in mind, and with people expecting a fair amount of engagement from the sports club they join, our club membership software free ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting members’ changing demands. When you engage your members in this way over a platform which has all the necessary information they need around classes, it builds a lot of trust and loyalty over the long run.


What does club membership database freeware actually do and is it for me?

A club membership database freeware is something that you need to be very technically minded to use, so unless you are a computer programmer or developer, you will find it very hard to use.

However, ree sports team management software like Coacha Lite helps you take back control over managing classes and memberships. At its core, our sports management software free lets you manage everything from memberships and admin all on a single platform accessible by everyone. You can set up and track payments, manage classes and member attendance, and reduce your admin functions by in most cases almost half. So there’s a lot of time and money to be saved in the process.


What does a coaching software (free package) or club membership software (free to use) not do?

While a sports club management software free for you to use can help you get a lot of things done, it is not suitable for devising a strategy or a team game plan. Like any good investment (whether time or financial), however, club membership database freeware can certainly make life easier and add a lot of value to your club. But you do need to actively engage with your members and continue striving hard to offer a first-class experience.


Can I upload a large number of club members in your online class booking system for free?

Well, since the Coacha Lite online class booking system free to use is absolutely 100% free, you can securely store up to 50 members’ details. When you’re ready to go on a monthly paid plan, you can use Coacha Premium where there’s no limit to the number of members you want to add.


I had to cancel an upcoming sports club event but forgot to email all the members. Will the class booking system free (to use) do it for me?

Yes – you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your free member management software will automatically send everyone an email to let them know once you cancel the event from the main interface.


How can a free member management software like Coacha Lite help me run things better in my sports club?

A perfectly fair question! In fact, many new users tend to hesitate when trying out a free member management software for the first time, and that’s understandable.

Perhaps you’re already using some kind of software and feel that it may be ineffective and whether you need a new free member management software to help make things easier. For instance, are you using multiple systems that integrate effectively with your main software for the following?

  • Sensitive member information stored in spreadsheets
  • Old fashioned and insecure printed attendance registers and a separate bureau for new registrations
  • A lack of insight or awareness into how often people are using your club facilities

The more ‘spread out’ your systems are, the harder it is to keep a track of everything. As a result, your admin costs can rack up pretty quickly. With a free member management software like Coacha Lite, however, everything is consolidated in one place – so, you literally have all the information you need on your fingertips to manage pretty much all aspects of your sports club or class.


What are some of the benefits sports club managers enjoy when using a class booking system for free such as Coacha Lite?

The sports industry and all businesses who operate as a sports club, is generally going through a transition, now providing a greater deal of flexibility to members. In a survey taken not too long ago involving around a thousand millennial gym members, participants were asked how they prefer to pay for the training programmes they received;

  • 84% said they were more likely to sign up if they weren’t tied into a long-term contract
  • 60% said they were willing to pay higher monthly fees if they had the privilege of ending their memberships whenever they wanted
  • 83% said they find it off putting when chased by debt collectors for breaking a gym contract they were tied down to
  • 75% read online reviews from existing members before joining a gym

How is this related to a class booking system for free like Coacha Lite? Our free membership software is a clever way to quickly respond to changing member demands, allowing you to bring the various member acquisition, management and engagement processes on a single platform.

Without some form of small club membership software for free in the UK, you’ll lack the clear insight and capability required to respond to members’ demands and communicate with them effectively in real time – even if you have every intention to engage both existing and potential members. 


What are some of the immediate benefits I gain by using an online class booking system for free such as Coacha Lite?

Quite a few actually, including:

Save time – Advertise your classes in the usual way by via email, your website, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc and then book people on to your classes through our class booking system (free to use).. Members can let you know they are interested and then you can quickly and easily do add them to your classes in Coacha Lite. This saves you plenty of time as all of the booking is centralised in a single, safe and secure online class booking system - free yourself from the hassle of manual booking systems!

In fact, the Coacha Lite class booking system (free to use) has been specifically built to save you time and money, while also providing an enhanced experience to your members.

No missed payments – Never record a payment incorrectly or end up confused with all of the money you have, thanks to the integrated cash tin in your member management software for free.

Fantastic customer experience – The Coacha Lite class booking system (free to use) gives your members better control and the ability to view notices, timetables and the services available every time you login and choose the recipients, which will make them appreciate the quality customer service you provide even more!

All members’ needs catered to – Whether you run a gym, a bowling club or a football team, our small club membership software free for UK use, ensures that your sports club membership programme, including your valued members, are all taken care of. 


Even though the Coacha Lite membership management software for UK is free to use, are there any hidden start-up or running costs?

It’s perfectly okay to be a little sceptical when downloading a coaching software for free – because with most free online membership management apps, there are often hidden setup and usage costs.

This is simply not the case with our membership management software (for UK free use). With Coacha Lite, you can literally wave goodbye to setup fees or usage fees for good. Our free club management software is just that – FREE. So not registration costs or any hidden costs down the line. Enjoy complete freedom and peace of mind and that you’re paying absolutely nothing to use the best free sports club management software available today!


Why should I choose Coacha Lite over other free sports club management software?

What sets Coacha Lite apart from other free sports club management software is that it was created by active sports coaches and sports club owners/admins to give coaches and sports club owners like you the ultimate way to manage your club and members, however you want.

We’ve come up with the ultimate free membership management system online that’s not just really easy to use but actually does what it’s intended to do – and that’s to make day-to-day admin and member management, among other things, really straightforward and simple. With your members’ needs and demands, as well as your admin taken care of, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on growing and furthering your business to new levels.


Does the Coacha Lite free online membership management software come with any features to keep members Covid19 safe?

Yes, you’re in luck!

Official guidance says that you must be able to provide the authorities with the details of any of your members who come into contact with someone in your club that has Covid19. The Coacha Lite online sports registration software for free has a Covid ‘Track & Trace’ feature and special download. As soon as you highlight a member as having been in some way impacted by Covid, the system automatically lists the people that they have been in contact with in the three week period prior to them telling you. This feature then enables you to quickly and easily download this data and pass it on to the relevant authorities. No more worrying!


What are some of the top class booking system (free to use) available right now?

Well, even though many companies advertise their software online class booking system free to use as “free”, such as LoveAdmin, , Pitchero or Teamer, none of them are totally and utterly free like the Coacha Lite online class booking system free to all!


If there is a specific feature I want to use in your free online membership management software, how do I find it?

Easy – just follow the navigation on the side bar and you’re gin the best starting pace! There’s also lots of ‘How To’ files and an app support that all help you to make the most of your free online membership management software..


What if I want to make the Coacha Lite free online membership management software available to my team?

Our club membership database software free to use is available to only the person who signed up and logged in – i.e you! So if you want to give access to, say, 10 team members or even 50 team members or more, then you will need to upgrade to from Coacha Lite (club membership database software free to all!) to Coacha Premium.


In case I get stuck anywhere while using your club membership database software free to use, how do I get help?

There are tools tips in the interface as well as ‘How To’ help files and in app support. Our friendly support team is here to help you make effective use of the Coacha Lite free subscription management software. They’re very knowledgeable and quick to respond, so whenever you have any questions, just get in touch through the Coacha interface!


Which devices are currently supported by your free subscription management software?

The Coacha Lite free subscription management software supports all iOS and Android devices as well as desktop PCs. As long as you have anyone of the three with an internet connection, you’re good to go.


Do I need to install any kind of software in order to use the totally free subscription management software?

None at all! The Coacha Lite free club membership management software can be used directly from your web browser, whether you prefer to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or any other mainstream browser available today.


I’m currently using the Coacha Lite free club membership management software, but how long does it stay free?

For life! Unlike some of our competitors who force you to put your money through their software and then add a fee on to the transactions you have with your customers. This is done in order to keep their free club membership management software “free”, but Coacha Lite is absolutely free for life. We don’t insist you put your money through us and there are no hidden charges down the line so you can continue using our club membership management software for free no matter how long you need to use it.


If I want to cancel my membership at any point, how do I do that?

Unlike many of the club membership management software free to use, Coacha Lite does not tie you down with a contract or a fixed membership. And since our club membership management software free to all is just that – free – you can stop using it at any time. So, you don’t need to cancel any membership as such. 


Is it easy to import members into the Coacha Lite club membership management software free (to use)?

Very! The side navigation bar includes the option to import members in either in Excel or CSV format. If you need any help with this particular feature, please contact our friendly support team for currently the best free membership management software out there!


Is my data secure whether I’m using your subscription management software for free or not?

Yes – we take data security very seriously here. Only you along will have access to your data. Also, when you log in, the connection is encrypted and secure through industry standard SSL. We also backup your data regularly in the cloud, so you’ve nothing to worry about while using your subscription management software for free.


If I decide to stop using the Coacha Lite subscription management software for free, what happens to my data?

Even though Coacha Lite currently is the best free membership management software out there, at some point you may not need to use it, such as a temporary suspension of your club’s services or closure.

In this case, your data remains safe in our secure database which is backed up regularly. If you want to export this data for your own use or future reference, you can easily do that too. Just use the ‘Import / Export’ feature in the software.


Can I change my username?

The username you create when signing up to use one of the best free membership management software available today, can easily be modified. Simply login, go in to your club settings and update it – it’s really that easy!


Can I change my email address?

While the primary email address you used to register your account for using our sports management software free is also easily changed. The main ‘club settings’ area contains all of this information.


If I upgrade to Coacha Premium, do I get a notification when a member misses a payment?

The Coacha Lite sports management software for free has many useful features and recording cash payments is one of them., With Coacha Premium however, you’ll receive notifications when a member misses any automated payments that you set up. Any free sports team management app that sends an alert to both you as well as the member, to remind them that the payment date is approaching, will no doubt be adding hefty fees to your transaction charges so it’s worth checking them out.


Some club members prefer to pay cash – can your free sports team management software help me manage this?

Whilst Coacha Premium supports Stipe and GoCardless for taking online payments, Coacha Lite, our sports team management software free to use lets you record cash (or it could be standing orders or direct debits from another piece of software).


I want to send notifications and reminder emails to my members – can your sports team management software for free help me with this?

Absolutely! The Coacha Lite sports team management software for free allows you to send targeted emails and notifications texts to selected members, or all members at the same time.


Do you provide training or is any training needed as such in order to effectively use your sports club management software for free?

Our sports club management software free to use is also very easy and straightforward to use! It’s pretty much “download and play”, so the moment you sign up and see the intuitive user dashboard, you’ll figure everything out within seconds.

However, should you require any support at all when using any of the features of our sports club management software for free, then there are useful tool tips in the app, help in the form of ‘How To’ documents and in App support.


Are membership and club details updated in real time when using your online sports registration software for free?

Yes, our online sports registration software for free updates all member and club details in real-time. For example, if a member misses aclass, you will see their absence in the attendance register,  Similarly, the minute you update a class or a members data, this will be updated across all sections in Coacha Lite.


What if I want to have an online sign up page for members? 

Coacha Lite online sports registration software for free has a ‘Club Sign Up Form’. This is the best way to invite members to sign up your club using Coacha Lite – which is membership software (free to download).


Can I control the length of membership for any given member?

Not really in Coacha Lite, although you can in Coacha Premium. That said, Coacha Lite membership software (free to download software) enables you to add up to 50 members to your club, so you can delete members when their membership expires in order to add others in. Our free online membership management software comes with a completely free trial of Coacha Premium so check that out if you want to alter the length of people’s membership..


What sort of “support” does the Coacha Lite free online membership system support team offer?

There are lots of helpful ‘How To’ files, a searchable Help Database and plenty of tool tips in the software itself. For Coacha Premium, our friendly and accommodating team are always on hand to offer any and all kind of support to help you make the most of your free online membership system. So apart from telling you your horoscope or giving relationship advice, for example, they’d be happy to assist you on all things Coacha!


Can I ask about your hosting uptime?

Of course! The Coacha Lite free club management software has a 99.99% uptime and delivers leading-class availability, compared to most free membership management systems online. At its core, the coach manager software for free utilises multiple redundancy methods for networks, hardware, infrastructure and data centres. These are in place to ensure that should any single component fail, your Coacha Lite club membership software freeware keeps running smoothly without any annoying pauses or interruptions.


I wanted to download and save my members’ information – is there a way to do that in your club membership software freeware?

All members who have completed filling out their membership application details have their information stored in the Coacha Lite coaching software (free to use) servers, so all you need to do is download this information to a CSV file when the need arises. And just so you know, with our free check in/check out software we do not market to or contact your members in any way.


Is the Coacha Lite free check in/check out software GDPR-compliant?

Yes, our free check in/check out software is fully compliant with the latest GDPR laws. You can read more about that here.


How many members and administrators can I have while using your free membership management system online?

While you can invite and add as many members as you like in Coacha Premium in Coacha Lite you are limited to 50 members. With admins, only you can act as administrator while using the Coacha Lite sports management software free to download.


How do my members create a login and password to start using your sports management software free to download?

Our sports management software (free to download and use by the way) comes with a ‘Club Sign Up Form’, which you can send to your members. Use the email system in Coacha Lite, or copy and paste the forms URL and add it your website, social channels or send a Mailchimp email – the options are endless. Once people have created a login they can start using the free sports team management software and book on to your classes or sessions.


How does the payment gateway in your Will free sports team management software work in Australia?

Coacha Lite is available in Australia, as well as the USA, Canada and the EU. It works brilliantly for any sport, association or other club type where you have people to manage. With Coacha Premium you can take £UK, Australian dollars, US dollar, Canadian dollars and Euros too so all bases really are covered.


Will the Coacha Lite website membership software (free to use) contact my members directly?

No – unlike some of the other website membership software free on the internet, we do not send your members any marketing emails or contact them directly in any way, shape or form.


Will my contact information be shared with anyone else, including any third parties while using your website membership software for free?

Absolutely not! We hate spam just like you do, and do not under any circumstances share any of your personal information (including your members) with third parties. You can read through our privacy policy for added peace of mind.


Does your online class booking system (free to download) have any spam controls in place?

Coacha Lite prides itself in being one of the most secure membership management software in the UK for free. We’ve put a lot of thought into integrating features within our member management software for free to prevent spammers or hackers from accessing any of your details, or those of your members.

For instance, the fill-in web forms in our member management software for free are designed to hide the recipient’s email address. There are many other nifty features like these throughout our free membership software which prevents spammers from ever gaining access to any of the information stored in Coacha Lite.


Does your free membership software support small and large clubs?

Yes. The features integrated within our free membership software have been developed to ensure that they are scalable to support clubs of any size, and therefore, memberships of varying scales. You will need to upgrade to Coacha Premium or Custom though if you exceed 50 members. 


We’re not a sports club but an association in need of a free membership software. Can Coacha Lite help?

Absolutely, it can! Wherever you have a business or association where people, events, money, venues, personal data and communications as well as collaboration are all involved,  free membership management software like Coacha Lite can really help you keep it all together.


Can a free check in software or free online booking system for sports clubs like Coacha Lite help me grow the business?

Our free online booking system for sports clubs helps boost revenue by reducing admin overheads, while also helping you to upsell future services, thus, improving your retention rates too. The coaching and management tools integrated within the free membership management software offer a level of service to your members which will keep them coming back for more.


Is there anything I need to consider or learn before using a free membership management software like Coacha Lite?

When you start using a member management software for free like Coacha Lite, you’re essentially investing your time and energy in a free online booking system for sports clubs which has all the features you need to effectively run and manage your club.

More importantly, when you use a free club membership software like Coacha Lite, you’re also getting the 24/7 support you need to make the most of it.


Which platforms does your member management software for free support?

Currently, the Coacha Lite free membership management software supports iOS, Android and Windows. Unfortunately, if you’re a Mac user, you won’t be able to use our free membership management software through your browser. Even though many users download emulators to try and run Windows based software on their Mac, we wouldn’t recommend this, as we haven’t tested our club membership software free in the UK on an emulator. Neither would we recommend that you do the same!

Our free membership management software works in any web browser on any device. So whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, or out in the middle of a muddy field you’ll be able to access Coacha Lite and all of your data. Club membership software (free in the UK, US, EU, Australia & Canada) simply doesn’t get any better than this.


My membership is currently on an Excel sheet. Can I easily import this into your free club membership software?

Yes, importing your members’ detail from an XLS. file to our free club membership software is super-easy. Simply download the Import / Export spreadsheet, transfer the data from your file over to this one, and then import it. Simple.


How do I know I’m using the latest version of your free check in software?

Whenever you use free check in software like Coacha Lite, you’ll get updates automatically with any bug fixes, improvements and new feature sets. All of this is completely free and you don’t need to do a thing as it’s all done for you.


Does the Coacha Lite membership software for free run on laptops?

That’s affirmative! Our membership software for free runs seamlessly on any laptop as long as it is Windows based or running iOS on a Mac. As our software management for free use is entirely could based, the version of the operating system you’re running doesn’t really matter too much. So long as you have internet access you’ll be laughing. on .


Is there a way for me to limit access to the data members access when using the membership management software for free?

The Coacha Lite membership software for free has specific features that allow you to restrict the amount of information members can access to after they login. Whilst from a GDPR point of view they need to be able to access any personal data you have on them or their child, some data, such as safeguarding related info, isn’t available to your members or parents / NOKs.


How can I view payment receipts/invoices within the Coacha Lite software management for free?

Receipts for the payments you take can be viewed directly from your account in our club membership software free for UK or against individual members’ profiles. Members can access, download and print these themselves saving you the time and hassle of having to do it for them.


If there is a specific tool or feature I need to use, how do I find it in your software management for free?

The easiest way to find a specific feature is to use the navigation bar on the main interface. Here, you’ll find everything you need in one place. If you can’t find a certain feature while using our membership management software for free, please let us know.


My members need to update some of their account information – how do they do that in your club membership software free for UK use?

There are certain kinds of account information that they can update, such as adding email addresses, address, phone numbers etc, while others they can’t, such as dates of birth for example


How can I change my password from within the membership management software (free to use)?

From the main interface, go to your Account and you will see an option to change your password. If you need help with this, our friendly support team for your membership software free are always on hand.


Where can I view the Privacy Policy for your membership software free to use?

You can view the Privacy Policy for our membership management software for free here.


Can I get a demo before downloading your membership software for free?

Since our membership management software is free to download and use, we currently do not offer a demo. Go ahead and try it out. We’re pretty sure you’re going to end up loving it and never look back, just like all the other club and association owners who are using Coacha Lite to this day, and benefitting tremendously from it we might add!


How can you make your membership software free to use for people like me?

We at Coacha fully appreciate that some organisations simply can’t stretch to paying for premium versions of  membership software as they don’t have the resources. We decided to offer a trimmed down version of membership management software free for people to use so that we can help them to manage their people safely and securely. We believe in helping to keep money in people’s organisations, especially in sport, so we have decided to offer partial use of our membership management software completely free.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

We don’t ask for any card details unless you want to use Coacha Premium after the FREE 14 day trial. If you don’t then Coacha Lite is completely FREE – forever!

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