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There aren't many sports, pastime or community groups that don't run events or classes of some kind and have to manage all of their member's info. And take money, send messages and stay Covid safe. So why should it be so difficult to manage and arrange everything? Why so much admin? Well with Coacha, there isn't ...

Classes & events in your member database

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Save time with fully automated registers

Add members in, set up your first classes and bingo - your registers are automatically created. When you, your coaches or your members log in, they get to see what's on straight away.

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Let members book on
classes themselves

Do you run open classes that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha's attendance registers people can log into your Member Portal and book in just a few clicks.

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Time saving and easy to use 'self check-in'

Display your registers on a mobile device or tablet and let people check themselves in. They're lockable and password protected too so no one's able to play around on your device.

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The registers work WITHOUT internet?!

Yep. Just login before the session when you have internet access - take the class - then as soon as you connect to the web again everything is synched and updated automatically.

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Unlimited classes no matter how big you get

As you put more classes on and your numbers grow, Coacha grows with you. There are no limits at all and you won't have to pay more.

member database software
Secure, backed up and permanent records

Knowing who was in a class or session and when, is essential. You can view all of your attendance registers quickly and easily and what's more they're safely stored and backed up.

membership database software
Auto generated club calendar

No more wasting time telling people the same info over and over again. They can quickly login to your club's member portal and see exactly what's going on and when.

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Term time/seasonal classes or sessions?

Not a problem. You can set their frequency and start/end periods to whatever you want. Great for school terms based classes.

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FREE iOS & Android Apps for EVERYONE!

You, your coaches, staff, adult members and parents can all use Coacha's apps. View your calendar, book on to classes, check the notice board - and so much more!

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No more inaccurate stats or data

Things like Bank Holidays and missed classes can really mess with your attendance register stats. Voiding a class removes any misleading data and keeps you accurately informed.

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Once it's booked, it's booked! Or is it?

Limited spaces? No worries - just set your class sizes so that when they are full, no one else can book. Unless someone cancels, then a bookable space becomes available again.

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Avoid delays when extra people turn up

Someone unexpected turned up? Quickly add them to the attendance register without having to mess around with your attendance register app settings - its all time saved!

Like what you see so far?

Then why not save time, stress and money, as well as simplify your admin at the same time?

Frequently Asked Questions about online membership database software

On the basis that when it comes to membership databases, member data and the software to securely host and manage them, there is absolutely no such thing as a silly question. We’ve tried to answer as many of the queries you may have at this stage of your research. 

What is Online Membership Database Software?

Membership management software equips nonprofits, clubs and associations with a variety of tools to manage their membership programs more efficiently and effectively, from building comprehensive member profiles to automating renewal reminders, synchronizing member data and managing proactive member communications.


Who should consider online membership database management software?

Any club, group, association or organisation that holds members’ information and data on a membership database would benefit from working with us.

Often, we find that members data is being stored and updated on outdated and unsecure systems, basic database software or old fashioned paper-based systems.


How can our organisation benefit from membership database software?

Imagine the ease of no more printed folders, files or untidy paperwork. The Coacha app allows you to store everyone's information securely on a single membership database. Athlete information; coaches' notes; attendance records; parent/next of kin contact details and medical/injury info are all just a couple of clicks or taps away.

Database software streamlines the membership management process for organizations and creates a more customized, rewarding experience for members. Software makes member engagement more strategic by helping you organise every aspect of data storage, your membership interaction and delivery


How does Coacha save you time?

With Coacha, you can automate all of the traditionally time-consuming tasks associated with running a club. In just a few clicks, many of them such as payments, registrations and sign-ups you can simply ‘set and forget'.


We’re only a relatively small organisation, do we really need membership database software?

Our membership database software is designed to be fully scalable for all sizes of organisation. If you hold member data of any kind, there’s a good chance that you require a software solution to efficiently and securely host the data.


Does the size of our membership affect the type of online membership database software that we require? What if our membership database numbers increase, will we be charged more?

In a word, no. That’s it £25 per month, no matter how many members you have, how many sessions you operate or how many coaches or admins require access. Our price is the price and there’s no nasty surprises.


There are lots of coaches who all require access to the information stored on the members database?

If you need to grant additional access to elements of the membership database but without permissions to access sensitive info like your club's finances. It is easy to create individual logins that allow access to the member database and class registers but not to your club finances.

You can also add multiple admins if you've a larger admin team - give them access to as much or as little info as you like.


How do we ensure that the information stored on our online membership database is accurate and as up to date as possible?

The Coacha online membership database software app is specifically designed to allow varying levels of permissions for multiple coaches, admins, members (or their parents) with a secure and encrypted log-in. Members are able to access the data that you hold on them and update the membership database if any of the information is incorrect or has expired.


We currently use a basic, free membership database system, will it be a difficult process to transfer the data?

Absolutely not. We make the secure and accurate transfer of your membership database to Coacha quick and painless. Our expert team work with you and your existing system to ensure that all information is securely transferred across to the Coach app meaning that you can concentrate on the important job of running your club organisation.


Who else is using Coacha software to manage their membership database?

Literally hundreds of sports clubs, dance academies, pastime clubs & theatre groups are already using Coacha to make their lives easier and to enhance their member’s experience.

Not only is Coacha incredibly simple for you to set up and use, right from the start our club membership software makes managing clubs and members very easy. Your coaches, staff and helpers really will love this new approach to club management.

You can monitor attendance, keep track of and save money (plus much more) whilst knowing your data stays safe and secure. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what some of our members clubs have to say about us in the testimonial section below.


OK, so I’m interested in exploring an online membership database for my organisation. What next?

Great news, we’d be delighted to talk you through the FREE TRAIL options – but first sign up here



“We had been stuck in the past, using a paper based membership database system which was inefficient, time consuming and prone to duplication and error.

Now, with help from the excellent team at Coacha, we‘ve moved into the 21st century. Coacha membership software presents member database information in a very professional and easy to navigate system. We can’t recommend this highly enough.”

Coacha is an absolute must for any club to manage its members database more effectively. We are just so happy with the system as it has eased the management of both memberships and our members data. We had looked at some free membership software, but once we’d tried the Coacha app via the free trial, it was an easy decision for us to make. Thank you”


How does my club database link with Coacha?

You can easily import your members database into Coacha by our mass uploader. If you haven't got time, we can do it for you (for free!). Then, when members are uploaded, each member will have their own Member Profile. So, your club members database has never been more efficient.


What if I don't have a members database?

Don't worry! We have a really great signup form which comes as a link (URL). You can send it out to members and when they submit their information, you'll just need to accept them from your Pending Members. So you can build your club members database as you go along.


Will coaches have access to my club database?

Coaches can have different levels of access within Coacha. They can either have full administrator access, full access to Classes, Registers and Members or limited access to the Members and Classes they teach.


Which parts of my members database can athletes see?

If you'd like, you can give members access to the Member Portal. This means the member or parent can log in, view, edit & download their data under GDPR. They won't have access to your club members database; just their own data.


Can I download a copy of my club database when all of the information is in?

Absolutely! Exporting your members database into a spreadsheet is super easy & takes a few seconds.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

An overview of membership databases

It’s all about your data, in fact it’s been said that now Data is King!

It is tough enough managing and running a successful members club, but trying to do so without an accurate and up-to-date membership database is almost impossible. The effective and efficient management of the sensitive personal information stored on your club member database is key to the smooth administration of your club.

The security, accessibility and usability of your club member’s database software are key considerations when looking to reduce the volume of manual admin that naturally comes with managing the club database.

As well as state of the art encryption and robust security protocols, it is important that your online membership database management software allows for members’ information to be updated quickly and accurately wherever you are and whatever else you’re doing.

Whilst it may be possible to create a free membership database using simple spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel and there may be an argument for using free club membership database templates found online, it is important to consider how vital this information and data you are storing in this database template is to the running of your club.

It’s worth remembering that free membership database software is free for a reason, and often has both security and usability limitations as your club membership database grows over time. Further key functionality such as data synchronisation, auto-population and extraction is often limited or non-existent with most free membership database software for nonprofits and the like

So whilst the idea of being able to manage your club membership database for free might initially seem like a great idea, it may actually cost you more in your valuable time in the long run.


Common Challenges

When it comes to the management of their membership databases, we find that many clubs are facing the same, common challenges. How many of the below issues have you faced when it comes to your current database membership management?


Out-of-date and inaccurate data

Your members will move house, they change their phone number, they get married, they have children, change bank accounts and they may want to change their membership type or status. All of these amends need to be made in real-time in the membership database program. There is nothing worse than sending correspondence to old address or having an out-of-date phone number for someone. These are common, every day issues that all clubs face.


Multiple Versions of the member database

It is extremely common for Multiple Versions of the member database to exist on different devices often containing conflicting data and membership information. When more than one coach or administrator have a responsibility for updating the member database across multiple groups or teams, this issue can be compounded with no clarity on which version should be used and which member data is most accurate or up to date.


Limited access to the club membership database

Clubs that do not have access to their members data via an online member database find that they are limited by both the time and location of accessing the data. Often updates and amendments to personal member data are provided before, during and after sessions when access to a computer terminal and spreadsheet in not practical. Clubs operating a web based membership database are able to update and amend members data in real time, accurately and securely wherever or whenever the new information is shared.


Duplicate and incomplete records on the membership database system

It’s a common problem, that due to no-ones fault a club’s membership database lacks the accuracy required due, either to duplicate (multiple) records or incomplete inputs. Without a process for auto-synchronisation and data de-duplication, many clubs find that a single member may have numerous records, often with conflicting or out-of-date information making contacting them with confidence very difficult.


Limited functionality of the membership database management software

Clubs who are not using online membership database software often have challenges with the general usability and functionality of their membership database. The benefits of a web based membership database, which are outlined in detail below include increased speeds, accuracy, accessibility and security.


Security and GDPR concerns

Storing the personal information of your members securely and safely has never been so important. With so many high profile data integrity & security issues experienced by some of the biggest businesses in the UK, a robust security protocol is an absolutely essential element of your members database. To ensure that you do not inadvertently find yourself with a data breach or GDPR compliance issue, state of the art encryption is an important element of the club membership database software you choose.


The Solution

But worry not! Whilst the issues and challenges outlined above are not inconsequential, they are also all fixable. Selecting the right club membership database software for your club can be a minefield. But if you can relate to one or more of the above, then we have a solution for you.

Coacha is an easy to use online membership database software app that helps you to run your club, teams and classes efficiently. Get paid on time, take attendance registers, send texts, enhance safeguarding and comply with GDPR.


Key Benefits

The benefits of Coacha club membership database software, at a glance:


Accuracy & Convenience

Allow your members direct access to their data and the ability to update and edit their own information directly on the club membership database. Not only does this functionality reduce your administration, it increases the accuracy of the member data that you hold and is totally secure which assist with your club’s GDPR compliance.


Accessibility & Security

At Coacha we realise that you won’t always be sat in front of a computer when you need something. That's why Coacha is built with mobile in mind. Accessing your membership database in a web browser on your phone or tablet will be as smooth and easy to use as on your laptop or PC. 

We have also built both iOS and Android apps that give you a number of important functionality feature found in the full desktop system. In these apps you can take registers, view club finances, get member information and make notes. All of the key things you need when you are out there coaching



If you coach children, safeguarding their personal information is an integral part of what you do. Rather than using insecure paper records/spreadsheets, keep your sensitive member data and information securely locked away in Coacha’s secure online membership database.

By ensuring that all contact data is up to date and accurate you can use Coacha’s broadcasting system, designed with the NSPCC CPSU best practice guidelines in mind. There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to child protection.



It is understandable to expect that a sophisticated database membership program that can do all the above and more, is likely to be expensive and beyond the reach financially of the smaller clubs. This is simply not the case – as for just £25 per month (or just $35USD for our friends in the US) your club can say goodbye to the membership database management issues you may currently face.

Our pricing really couldn't be simpler.

You pay £25pcm to Coacha and that's it. We don't think you should be punished for your success. No matter how big you get, how many coaches, admins, teams or members - the price is still £25

Go on, start making life easier for yourself

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