Easy to set up & use member management software

If your organisation expands, some of our competitors will charge you more in subscription fees. At Coacha, we don't. 

You pay one low, fixed monthly fee irrespective of how many members, staff or helpers that you have. And we have some of the lowest transaction fee charges in the business too. Read on to find out more...

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Amazing membership management software

Coacha is an amazing product and we would be struggling without it. All our member records are now updated and we are now able to email certain membership groups within the organisation. The amount of time we are saving on administration is huge. The app on the phone is brilliant as the Coaches now use this for the register and we are able to check membership status on mobile devices/ipad at any time. There is no need to chase for payments as CoachA does it all.

Raj Patel - review on Capterra & Coacha subscriber

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Get paid on time, every time

Getting paid for your hard work has never been simpler. Take rolling subscriptions / membership fees as well as one-off payments, for things like uniforms and competitions. Coacha’s payment partners Stripe & GoCardless are the cheapest in the market.

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Medical info always to hand

Your members are a tough bunch, but accidents do happen. When they do, Coacha ensures people’s medial & emergency info is to hand immediately. You save precious time that in extreme cases can prevent live changing injuries and even save lives.

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Unlimited Classes & automatic registers

No need to print off and carry around those heavy paper registers; Coacha will automatically create digital ones for each class that you add. Then, when you or your coaches login via the web or our mobile apps, they'll be there waiting for you, ready to use.

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Customisable grades

With editable grades and groups, setting up and personalising your organisation couldn't be easier. And if you use a unique grading system, customizing the way Coacha is set up can be done in just a few easy clicks.

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Time for gradings and assessments?

With attendance tracking and the ability to save notes to individual profiles, your entire coaching team can stay up to date with your amembers’ progress. Then, when it comes to the grading, simply set up a one-off event and invite the relevant members.

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Email and SMS broadcasts

Over 90% of SMS messages get opened and read. Reduce the ‘I never got the message’ excuse from parents, members and coaches. With CPSU guidelines built in Coacha helps enhance your safeguarding and child protection obligations.

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COVID19 features

With special Covid19 tools such as Virtual Classes, Self Reporting, Track & Trace and Quarantining, Coacha truely has you covered. It’ll also help you comply with official guidance despite it constantly changing.

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Manage your coaches, staff & helpers

Your team of coaches, instructors, parents or helpers also need to be looked after. With Coacha, you can easily manage levels of access and staff information.

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VERY easy set up with 'mass member import'

Have all your data in spreadsheets? Superb - with Coacha's 'mass import', you can add your existing list of members in just a few clicks - setting up Coacha really is a breeze.

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Member Portal with parent or NOK logins 

If you enable the option, you get your own FREE bespoke 'Member Portal'. This allows younger members' parents to log in and see their children's info. Your adult members get their own login too.

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'Bookable’ items & venues

Let your members book things like equipment, training spaces / facilities or venues. You can even Programme slots to have a ‘COVID Clean Down Time’ between each booking.

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Child protection built-in as standard

We believe that software should help to protect children from unwanted messaging. We have built-in automatic features that include copying NOKs or parents in on messages, plus much more.

Like what you see so far?

Then why not save time, stress and money, as well as simplify your admin at the same time?

We don't charge you more if you grow!

If your organisation expands, some organisations will charge you more in subscription fees. At Coacha, we don't believe you should pay more for putting in the work and growing your organisation. So, whether you've just recently started off with 20 people, or are an established organisation with 100+, you will always pay one very reasonable, fixed price. 

Absolutely no hidden obligations

We don't believe in locking you into a contract, so there are no annual fees to pay or papers to sign. Unlike with some of our competitors who offer ‘FREE Software’, we don’t insist you put all of your finances through Coacha. We don’t make any money from your transactions at all – other companies out there do, so be careful!

No fixed term contracts - cancel any time

While we're confident you'll love Coacha as much as we do, it's good to know you can cancel at any time. You pay us on a monthly basis – just like with Netflix. And, just like with Netflix, you're free to cancel your subscription with us at any time.
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iOS & Android Apps mean you are always connected

Never be caught without the right information again as Coacha has dedicated Apps for both Android and Apple iOS. Designed for you, your staff and your members / parents, they work on mobiles and tablets such as iPads.

iOS iPhone and iPad

Our iOS App works on all current Apple devices and gives your team and members the key information they quickly and conveniently.

Google Android 

The Android App has proven to be as popular as the iOS App. Now everyone is catered for meaning your life will get easier and less stressful!

" Then main benefits we have found so far are… " 

…management of class times and schedules , invoicing our members via email , the ability to group members together based on our own defined categories and the contact tracing feature … allowing us to select a member and have a very clear breakdown of when and who they took a class with in case of any Covid related queries.

Kevin Arrigan – Treasurer - review on Capterra and a Coacha subscriber

Designed to make your life as much, much easier ...

With years of coaching experience, our co-founders understand what it takes to manage people, events and money. That's what has enabled us to create Coacha; a piece of member management software designed to help you focus other areas of your organisation. With a simple but powerful interface that cuts admin time in half, keeps all of your members' details to hand no matter where you are, and is proven to minimise missed payments, Coacha is the perfect solution for streamlining your day-to-day membership management.

So, how much does Coacha's membership software cost?

Firstly, we don't charge by the member, as that gets costly for you. Also, we never show adverts to your members. And we don't charge for updates, nor the use of our iOS & Android Apps. Above all though, we don't add silly amounts of money on top of transaction fees
Few providers can make all of these claims. But we can.

Member Management Software – FAQs

What kind of features does the Coacha member management software offer?

We’re very excited to bring you our member management software, which comes with an absolutely free 14-day trial to help you see these features in action.

For instance, our member management software has some pretty nifty features that help you manage information on all your members and their respective memberships.

Member payment history in your member management software lets you and your members see an entire trail to help understand who paid what and when. In fact, some members or their parents even ask for receipts, so you can simply point them to this section of your member management software.

Members alerts in the member management software lets you send personal reminders to members individually or even let them know when a grading is due for example, or simply to wish them on their birthday!


What kind of money management features does your member management software have?

Lots and then some!

The easy-to-use Money dashboard in your member management software lets you track every single payment through a powerful but very user-friendly interface, while automated subscriptions make taking monthly payments an absolute breeze.

Aside from GoCardless and Stripe integration, your member management software even has the ability to record cash, BACS and Standing Orders if you want to take payments through alternative channels.

Did a payment not come through successfully? Your member management software will automatically retry three times and inform you once it fully fails so that you can personally follow up with your member.


What kind of classes and events booking features can I expect to see in my member management software?

Oh, there’s plenty of those as your member management software was built around making class/event booking as easy as possible.

Bookable sessions in your member management software are available both as 1-2-1s and groups. Your members can either book themselves in by logging into their member management software or you can let your coaches help out with assigning them the correct Coacha User Role.

Automated registers are included in your member management software so members can check themselves in on their own. Your coaches will always know who’s attending regularly and who needs a reminder!


Does the Coacha member management software offer any useful communication features?

Your member management software offers plenty of communication features such as automatic and manual email/SMS broadcasts or combined broadcasts, which can go out at set intervals. Child safety and protection is built-in to the broadcasting system so that only their parents or NOKs communicate with coaches (in the case of minors) and message history, so that there’s a clear log of all the communication which takes place between members / parents and coaches.


What kind of ‘People’ features can I expect to find in your member management software?

Well, for starters, your member management software lets you see who is attending your organisation and when. You also get to see who their emergency contacts are, what they’re spending to use organisation services each month and much more.

Simply put, our membership tracking software is designed to put the “people” back in membership tracking software! What this means is that you can save a lot of time when you want to add members, for example. So, you could add them one at a time, make groups or add them all at once.

Medical notes and emergency contacts is one of the best People features we have in our membership tracking software, as your coaches will always know who to contact in case of an emergency. Member analytics show you how many sessions any specific member has attended and on which days, while member payment history tells you how much they are paying each month, through which channel and whether there are any outstanding payments.

There are also other really neat People features in your membership tracking software such as Coaches’ Notes and Safeguarding Notes – the former keeps your coaches informed on a specific member’s progress while the latter lets your coaches know who to communicate with in case of a junior member.

Want to import and export all your member info in bulk? You can do that too in your membership tracking software. Mass import all your members in a few clicks and export them just as easily in a commonly used file format.

If you want to welcome members with an easy and professional-looking sign up form, your membership tracking software has that too.


Can you tell me something more about how the SMS and email broadcasting features work in your membership tracking software?


The Coacha membership tracking software offers a tonne of email and SMS broadcasting features to help you communicate important news to your members.

For example, you can send either email or text (or both) broadcasts to select groups of people only, individual members or all members in your organisation. NSPCC guidelines are integrated with your membership tracking software so you never have to worry about an unauthorised personnel or coach contacting junior members. Thanks to the built-in safety and safeguarding features, only the junior members’ parents or NOKs will receive messages.

There’s also a personal Notice Board in your membership tracking software, which is the first thing your clients or students will see when they log into their member tracking software.

We have partnered with TextLocal to let you send text messages from your member tracking software at the lowest rates possible, complete with quick delivery and accurate reporting on all the messages you send during any given timeframe.

Worried about your messages ending up in the wrong hands or being viewed by someone who isn’t supposed to? Not to worry – your member tracking software runs messages only through the most secure and dedicated servers. So, your messages will always reach the intended recipient safely and quickly.


How do 1-2-1s and private sessions work in the member tracking software?

Booking 1-2-1s and private group sessions in your member tracking software is one of the best ways to schedule sessions, and it can be done from the palm of your hands in just a few clicks.

The Timeslot system in your member tracking software, for example, lets you (or your coaches) assign timeslots during which members can book sessions. These sessions can be booked either on a 1-2-1 basis or as a private group session. There’s also an option for members to pay directly through their member tracking software per every session they book with their favourite coach.

If a member is unable to attend a session or wishes to cancel due to any reason whatsoever, your member tracking software already has a feature that informs the designated coach that a session has been cancelled and that the session is now rebookable.

You can even make sessions booking available to select members, specific member groups or all members at once in your member tracking software.


Can I customise my member tracking software or tailor it a specific way to showcase my brand’s design, logo and other attributes?

You bet!

When you use the standard Coacha membership website software (free to try for 2 weeks), you’ll see something called Coacha Custom in your dashboard. This actually becomes visible the moment you sign up to use our membership website software (free for 14 days). Guess what? The Coacha Custom trial also comes with a free 14-day trial period so you can fully assess its awesome features.

For example, Coacha Custom’s system, once you access it through your membership website software (free to download), lets you quickly and almost effortlessly change the colours and add your own personalised logo in a few clicks. From the attendance registers to the member login page, these changes reflect across the board.

The colours and branding options available through your membership website software (free trial available) allow you to send personalised emails, invoices and sign up forms, all of which reflect your brand’s identity, tone and key visual aspects. The best part is you don’t require any specialised design or software development skills to do this.

Just sign up to the Coacha membership website software (free for the first 14 days), activate your Coacha Custom trial and see the fireworks unfold! Imagine the kudos you’ll get for offering a free sport member app to your clients to help them familiarise themselves with your organisation. It’s these small gestures that can really add value to your business and get more people to sign up.

Never underestimate what a sport member app can do for your business!


Does the Coacha sport member app have any kind of subscription management system?

As a matter of fact, your sports organisation membership management software comes with a very useful and highly efficient subscription management system, one which has been designed to make life easier and simpler.

It all begins when you login to your sports organisation membership management software and access the really easy-to-use money dashboard. This is where you can conveniently take your monthly organisation fees, set recurring billing, take weekly, monthly or annual payments, and integrate with GoCardless and Stripe to take payments on a ‘set and forget’ basis.

Need to record cash payments in your sports organisation membership management software? There’s an option to do that too, where there’s a record of every member who’s paying cash.

Your membership software package also lets you take card payments without the need of a card reader. And, as part of your membership software package, there’s a full transaction status which lets you see which member has paid, which ones have yet to pay, and which transactions failed to come through. In case of a failed transaction, your membership software package will automatically try to process the transaction at least three times before reporting a ‘complete failure’ status.

What if you need to give your in-house accountant a full breakdown of what’s happening with the organisation’s finances? Your Coacha membership software package offers a simple yet very comprehensive and easy-to-use export feature – just a click or two and your finances are good to go.


Does the Coacha membership software package have any features or tools to deal with COVID-related challenges?

Oh, it certainly does and it’s one of the key highlights of our membership software package. Current Government rules and stipulations require you to monitor and report all COVID-related issues which means more admin for you. Luckily, with Coacha as your membership software package, useful features like Reporting, Track and Trace and Quarantining organise everything for you so you can report any issues.

Track and Trace in your membership software package, for example, lets you see at a glance who’s been in contact with someone affected by COVID. All of this is based on data already present in your membership software package, so there’s none of the ‘big brother’ concerns troubling you or distracting you from your main business objectives.

The unique quarantining feature in your membership software package can instantly quarantine members within the Coacha membership portal software, the moment someone says they are getting symptoms or you suspect that they are either infected or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms. This is a very useful feature in your membership portal software as it prevents those members from booking onto any sessions and instantly gives you a list of all the people they have been in contact with within your organisation.

Members or students who are using the membership portal software can report if they are affected by COVID or self-quarantine themselves through the free and bespoke Member Portal included with Coacha. You’ll get an instant notification on your own membership portal software, so you can act fast and do what needs to be done to keep everyone else safe.


What is the Member Portal and how does it work?

The Member Portal is a really useful feature included with your membership portal software for free. It allows members to login at any time and check anything from class schedules to upcoming events to bookings and cancellations, venue booking and much more.

The free Member Portal in your membership portal software can be found here: https://my.coacha.app/. Once members are logged in, they can manage payments, update their profile info, update medical notes, export their transaction history, and a tonne of other things, making day-to-day admin much simpler for you.

Visit this page to gain a better understanding of how the Member Portal works in your membership portal software and how it is beneficial for both you and your members.


How can my membership portal software help me run and/or manage my organisation better?

Glad you asked! This is one of the most common questions we get about our membership portal software and you’ll be happy to know that every single feature built into Coacha has been done to make life easier for you, particularly the organisation management and admin aspect.

The moment you log into your membership portal software, you have everything you need to know about managing your organisation right off the bat. We’re talking about the current day’s scheduled sessions, latest notes for yourself, your coaches and your members, quick action buttons to take care of administrative tasks, and more.

There’s also a stats section in your membership site software which lets you see how your organisation is doing, both in terms of attendance as well as financially. It’s a great way to fine-tune your business and marketing strategy.

At times, you may need to export stats and reports out of your membership site software in order to showcase them at board meetings or annual discussions with, say, stakeholders and investors. The simple and no-frills Export feature lets you do just that.

You can even customise the notifications you receive in your membership site software at any given time, it’s really as simple as checking or unchecking a box.

Want to add your own personal organisation branding to your membership site software so that members feel more welcomed through a personalised feel? Just upload your organisation logo to your membership site software and our backend team will automatically add it to different things like your organisation signup form, for example. It’s a really subtle yet practical way to market your business if you think about it.


Does my membership site software come with any child safeguarding features?

It does and more than a handful at that – in fact, your membership site software is built around multiple child safeguarding features, with NSPCC guidelines integrated into it.

At Coacha, we believe that anything at all which can be done to help protect children, must be done at any cost. This is why text and email within your membership site software is done in a way which always safeguards children’s safety and data privacy. Plus, all children’s personal information is stored on the most secure servers, and even our internal team has access to that information on a “need to access” basis only – such as when a junior member’s parent or NOK wants to have specific information updated, changed or removed.

One of the ways this data is kept safe in your membership site software is through a safeguarding moderator who is always copied into emails and text messages sent to minors – this is done on top of the fact that your membership site software’s broadcast system is essentially built around NSPCC CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) guidelines.

Safeguarding notes are also kept safe and secure, where you also have the option in your membership website software to exempt them from instant data download. Plus, each one of our internal team members and support staff undergo yearly DBS checks, so children’s data is always in safe hands.

Your membership website software contains critical emergency information for each member as well as NOK (next of kin) details to help coaches act swiftly and decisively in case of an injury or accident. With the right medical and contact info on hand, decisions can be made to ensure the safety of children, all thanks to the plethora of safeguarding features built into your membership website software.


Which platforms does your membership website software support?

We’re happy to report that the Coacha membership website software is supported on all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. In addition, it is also supported on the latest game consoles, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, in case you were wondering!


Do I have to be online all the time to use my membership website software effectively?

We would highly recommend that you stay connected in order to make the most of your membership website software. Coacha’s Apps can function without internet access just fine, they will sync automatically with the cloud the next time you go online, but we would again recommend that you access Coacha’s membership website software online through the main Web App.


How many members can I add to my membership website software at any point?

Unlike with many of our competitors that provide membership website software, we do not charge anything extra: this means you can add as many members as you like while paying the same fantastic monthly price.


What if I don’t want to or can’t use Stripe/GoCardless to collect payments or pay my monthly charge for using Coacha’s membership management services – what other options do I have?

Even though we do recommend that users take advantage of the Stripe/GC payment channel as we’re among the few membership management services, there are other options available for your convenience:

  • Coacha supports all major debit and credit cards.
  • You can record bank transfer and cash as well as Standing Order and BACS payments.
  • Direct debits also work as you would normally expect.


I’m having issues when trying to use my debit card with the membership management services for making payments – what am I doing wrong?

The membership management services within Coacha are designed to work flawlessly with all well-known debit cards, but you do need a Current Account to allow for swift payments to use your Coacha account each month.

With that said, you may run into the occasional hitch where your debit card may not work as you’d expect. If that’s the case, then we need you to make sure that you’re doing the following before attempting to use Coacha’s membership management services:

  • There are sufficient funds on your card.
  • Please double check to make sure you’re entering the correct CW number.
  • Your card spending limit for the day hasn’t been exhausted.
  • Online recurring purchases on your card are active from your bank’s side.
  • You are not using an expired card.
  • Make sure again (just in case) that you’re using a supported card with Coacha’s membership management services – so that means it should be a debit card and not a credit card.


What is the benefit of using GoCardless (GC) or Stripe and not some other method like Standing Order or cash?

Some of our users prefer not to go through the standard GC or Stripe route which is integrated with their membership management services, as they are either used to a more traditional method or simply haven’t seen the benefit that GC/Stripe offer when doing transactions over Coacha’s membership management services.

But trust us when we tell you that once those users were brought up to speed on the benefits of using GC/Stripe, they never looked back!

Both GC and Stripe offer a very easy way to collect payments from your members and pay your monthly fee to continue using Coacha’s membership management services. Both GC and Stripe charge some of the lowest transaction rates which is why we’ve used them to provide our membership management services!


Why can’t managing members be done through traditional means like pen and paper or a computer? Do I absolutely need a piece of software like Coacha for the sake of managing members?

Reality check: the days of keeping records on paper or even a computer are long gone. Today we have software, apps and other systems for managing members. While you could argue that it’s easy to keep track of everything using a pen and paper or through your personal computer, these traditional means of managing members or record keeping certainly don’t show you organisation stats, for example, which indicate how your business is doing at any given time.

Neither do they show attendance metrics to help you understand patterns in terms of client satisfaction and more. The thing is we have come a long way since the days of pen and paper or a computer – today managing members has become easier than ever, and a piece of software like Coacha makes managing members as easy as it can possibly be.

If you’ve never used an online application like Coacha, you can check out the free trial which unlocks all features for 14 days. Just go ahead and see for yourself how simple, fun and intuitive managing members can be when using a sophisticated but very simple-to-use app like Coacha.


In case I run into any trouble while managing members through Coacha, what should I do?

Even though Coacha has been designed around user-friendliness and ease-of-use when it comes to managing members, we completely understand if you’re experiencing difficulties getting certain features to work as you’d like – for example, features which are used for managing members.

No worries at all! Your Coacha membership registration app has a ticket system which you can use to forward questions, concerns or queries – our backend support team will respond to your ticket (usually within 24 hours) and provide you with the assistance you need.


Can a membership registration app like Coacha help me improve my business or get more business?

While Coacha as a membership registration app is not meant to be used as a business or marketing tool, it certainly makes membership registration very straightforward and simple – that in itself is a business booster because when prospects see how easy it is to sign up, they are more likely to share this with others in their circle – thus, boosting your business!

Other than that, your membership registration system also shows specific stats around organisation performance which you may use to further hone your marketing strategy.


Can you tell me more about how your membership website’s software works in terms of online booking and payment or how effective it is?

Absolutely – our membership website’s software is designed to save you plenty of time by easily taking bookings and payments. You can set up group bookings in your membership website’s software, for example, course bookings or dedicated 1-2-1 bookings, in addition to taking venue bookings, which either include pitches, courts or swimming pool lanes, for instance, or the entire venue as a whole.

Your members can book all this by simply logging into their membership websites’ software, and using the FREE bespoke Member Portal. Alternatively, they can also do so via the membership website’s software’s dedicated iOS/Android app.

If you’re running events or sessions that are term-based or based on seasons in a specific sport for example, your membership website’s software has advanced booking features that let you do all this with ease. Seamless attendance tracking means less admin work for you with our auto-syncing attendance registers and comprehensive stats, which show you in real-time when members sign in and sign out, and who has attended what.

Your membership websites’ software even allows unlimited bookings, so you never have to worry about paying anything above your monthly fee if you’re getting more bookings than usual – just direct your newest members to the Coacha membership websites’ software and everyone is in!

Did you know that the attendance registers in your membership websites’ software are lockable? So, all you need to do is log into your membership websites’ software on a tablet, smartphone or iPad and let your members check in themselves. Also, there’s no worrying about members snooping around your account or using the rest of the features as the registers are locked – which means they will be using the association membership software (for sports organisations) only to check in and check out, and that’s it, everything else is inaccessible.


How does the Business Invoicing System work in your association membership software?

The dedicated Business Invoicing System in your association membership software is a great way to have everything under a single roof and save money which may otherwise be spent on some very expensive accountancy packages. With access to unlimited customers and invoices, your association membership software allows you to easily and quickly bill any organisation you like – from schools and universities to associations, bodies and all kinds of organisations.

There’s even an option in your association membership software Business Invoicing System to add your own custom branding, where your logo and colours speak directly to audiences as they view invoices. A clever way to promote your business brand and name, wouldn’t you say?

Keep a check on revenue, manage all your invoices in one place, add unlimited customers, run financial reports, and much more. This page has a video which showcases how this feature in your association membership software works to your benefit.


How does GC and Stripe integration work with my association membership software?

GC and Stripe are two of the top payment providers you can rely on these days. Their service is very secure and they charge really low transaction rates – this is why we’ve chosen to integrate them both with our association membership software.

Within the association membership software that Coacha provides, both GoCardless and Stripe can be used to collect payments from your members. They will of course be using the association membership software for free from their point of view. Not all membership software for associations, have such low cost transaction providers as Coacha as they. Membership software for associations isn’t something that  you can get from payment provers such as Stripe or GC as they can’t provide the membership management tools that you as an association need.

If you already have a GC account, that’s great, you can simply link it up with your membership software for associations. Same goes for Stripe – simply link it with your membership software for associations to start receiving payments from your members.


Is there a demo available for your membership software for associations?

Well, we’re not offering demos at the moment for our membership software for associations, although we have prepared an interesting video which discusses Coacha’s key features – this is pretty much like a demo as it dials you right in, allowing you to effectively use the membership software for associations from day one.


What happens when my membership software for associations’ 14-day free trial expires?

Once your 14 days are up, your membership software for associations will simply prompt you to pay a signup and pay a monthly subscription fee to continue using all of its great features!


If I’m not that savvy or familiar with using association membership software in general, can I still pick and use Coacha easily?

Oh, absolutely! Coacha has been designed as the “best membership software”, and one of the reasons is that it is so super-easy to use from the very first day.

During Coacha’s design phase, we came across many products claiming to be the “best membership software”, but we did find them a tad cumbersome to use. Coacha was, in part, born as a result, keeping ease-of-use at the centre from day one. So, no matter how familiar you may be with computers or the “internet”, as long as you have a PC/laptop or mobile device and access to the internet, all you need to do is download Coacha and follow the on-screen instructions to start using it – truly the “best membership software” there is!


I’ve come across many products on the internet claiming to be the “best membership software” – by comparison, what makes Coacha the best membership software?

We believe Coacha deserves to carry the “best membership software” crown simply because it offers premium features sets that rival if not beat other products claiming to be the “best membership software”. And often at a fraction of the cost.

For example, our “best membership software” does not charge you anything extra for adding as many members as you like.

Our “best membership software” won’t add any hidden charges to access the full suite of features or other benefits – everything is accessible from day one which is included in the fantastic monthly price.

In addition, as one of the “best membership software” providers, we also have a great support system, allowing you to send queries and questions through a speedy ticketing system, which means we can resolve issues usually within 12-24 hours.


What kind of features should I look for when searching the market for membership platforms?

Membership platforms come in many varieties, so the first thing to do is ask yourself: What kind of features do I need and will those features benefit my organisation and help me grow my business?

For example, some membership platforms feature stats that let you know how your organisation is doing at any given point in time, while other membership platforms either don’t offer this feature or charge you extra to unlock it.

Then there are membership platforms which offer the ability to add as many members as you like at no additional cost whatsoever, while certain membership platforms will charge you a pretty penny to add a limited amount of extra members – with some membership platforms even racking up additional costs in the form of different ‘packages’ that unlock the features you want – such as the ability to add as many members as you like.

We’ve even come across membership platforms that tell that you’re getting a FREE trial, yet they go on to try and get credit card information from people before they can sign in to the free trial. And with some membership platforms, you even end up paying a small fee just to try out the “free” trial!

At the end of the day, you’d only want to consider “no nonsense” membership platforms, and Coacha happens to be standing proudly among them! Go ahead and try out the 100% FREE no-obligation trial and let us know what you think!


I really liked the free trial for your web based membership management system – can I extend it for a few more days?

We’re very glad to know that! We’ve actually got a lot of people trialling our web based membership management system for free and all of them have left some very positive feedback and reviews.

Unfortunately, the 14-day free trial for your web based membership management is limited to just that – after 14 days, you will be prompted to pay a nominal fee in order to continue using your web based membership management.


Is it possible to set different levels of access in my web based membership management for coaches and/or staff members of different ranks and designations?

Absolutely – we’ve integrated a fantastic ‘level of access’ feature within your web based membership management, allowing your coaches and/or staff members to access only what they need to once they log into their web based membership management.

Simply follow the steps explained here.


Is there a video or walkthrough which I can view to familiarise myself with your web based membership management system’s features?

Ah, we anticipated this and for your convenience, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzpYqo0-Af4&feature=youtu.be.

The video starts with the ‘Dashboard’ which is in the top left section of your web based membership management system, and then explains all the various features and menu options one by one.

In fact, if you want to see more superb and insightful videos on how to make the most of your web based membership management, check out our YT channel. Well worth it if you can spare just a few minutes!


Are there lots of contractual charges or hidden ‘service charges’ associated with using your sports membership software?

Absolutely not. The only additional charge you will pay apart from your sports membership software’s monthly fee, are small transaction charge that apply when accepting payments from your members via either Stripe or GoCardless, as well as any costs that are associated with sending SMS messages through Coacha’s sports membership software. These are fees that are paid directly to TextLocal how provide our SMS service.


I would like to update my bank account details to pay for using my sports organisation membership software – how can I do that?

Oh, it’s very easy:

Launch your sports organisation membership software and login – you’ll arrive at the main Dashboard. Click on the ‘Club Settings’ tab and then the green ‘Update Bank Details’ button. Now simply update your bank account details in your sports organisation membership software, and that’s it.

The Coacha Custom Plan also lets you fully brand Coacha with your logo and colours. And brand the iOS & Android Apps too!

Would you like to be able to fully brand Coacha with your own logo and colours so it looks like Coacha is yours? And have Apps and a Member Portal that look like they are yours too?

Plus, personalise system emails, turn features on and off and have your own dedicated Account Manager?

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Comparing Coacha with other software and apps?

A few things to remember…

Firstly, we don't charge by the member, as that gets costly for you. Also, we never show adverts to your members. And we don't charge for updates, nor the use of our iOS & Android Apps. Above all though, we don't add silly amounts of money on top of transaction fees.
Few providers can make all of these claims. But we can.

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