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Coacha will save you lots of time and help organise your admin. It has enhanced COVID19 features, attendance registers, and ensures you get paid on time. You also get a member portal, enhanced safeguarding and a booking system. Coacha is GDPR compliant too. Plus much, much more. 

Just £25pcm - NO HIDDEN EXTRAS

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Streamlined and efficient

Where to start? First of all, the ease of use and simplicity of this software means even the non-computer savvy user can easily work this software. The sign-up form contains all of the questions you need, and you can add more. The payment system was setup with ease … a timesaver for the clubs treasurer. All of my coaches have access to the details they need, and nothing more which keeps it even simpler for them. If you have a club that has membership fees and want to jump into the 21st century, then Coacha is exactly what you need.

Mark Jackson – Darlington Spraire Lads & Lasses Football Club - review on Capterra & Coacha subscriber

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Get paid on time, every time

Getting paid for your hard work has never been simpler. Take rolling subscriptions / membership fees as well as one-off payments, for things like uniforms and competitions. Coacha’s payment partners Stripe & GoCardless are the cheapest in the market.

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Medical info always to hand

Your players are a tough bunch, but accidents do happen. When they do, Coacha ensures people’s medial & emergency info is to hand immediately. You save precious time that in extreme cases can prevent live changing injuries and even save lives.

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Automatic registers

No need to print off and carry around those heavy paper registers; Coacha will automatically create digital ones for each session that you add. Then, when you or your coaches login via the web or our mobile apps, they'll be there waiting for you, ready to use.

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Unlimited members!

Member profiles give you everything you need to know about your members within a few clicks. From contact details, to notes on their performance. More importantly, we don't limit the amount of members you have in your account!

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Add people quickly and easily

With Coacha, you can mass import your members, add them one at a time, or get them to sign up through your club's signup form. Super easy!

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Email and SMS broadcasts

Over 90% of SMS messages get opened and read. Reduce the ‘I never got the message’ excuse from parents, members and coaches. With CPSU guidelines built in Coacha helps enhance your safeguarding and child protection obligations.

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COVID19 features

With special Covid19 tools such as Virtual Sessions, Self Reporting, Track & Trace and Quarantining, Coacha truely has you covered. It’ll also help you comply with official guidance despite it constantly changing.

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Manage your coaches, staff & helpers

Your team of coaches, parents or helpers also need to be looked after. With Coacha, you can easily manage levels of access and staff information.

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VERY easy set up with 'mass member import'

Have all your data in spreadsheets? Superb - with Coacha's 'mass import', you can add your existing list of members in just a few clicks - setting up Coacha really is a breeze.

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Member Portal with parent or NOK logins 

If you enable the option, you get your own FREE bespoke 'Member Portal'. This allows younger members' parents to log in and see their children's info. Your adult members get their own login too.

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'Bookable’ items & venues

Let your members book things like pitches, equipment, training spaces / facilities or venues. You can even Programme slots to have a ‘COVID Clean Down Time’ between each booking.

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Child protection built-in as standard

We believe that software should help to protect children from unwanted messaging. We have built-in automatic features that include copying NOKs or parents in on messages, plus much more.

Like what you see so far?

Then why not save time, stress and money, as well as simplify your admin at the same time?

We don't charge you more if you grow!

If your club expands, some organisations will charge you more in subscription fees. At Coacha, the no.1 football club management software, we don't believe you should pay more for putting in the work and growing your club. So, whether you've just recently started off with 20 people, or are an established club with 100+, you will always pay one very reasonable, fixed price. 

Absolutely no hidden obligations

We don't believe in locking you into a contract, so there are no annual fees to pay or papers to sign. Unlike with some of our competitors who offer ‘FREE Software’, we don’t insist you put all of your finances through Coacha. We don’t make any money from your transactions at all – other companies out there do, so be careful!

No fixed term contracts - cancel any time

While we're confident you'll love Coacha as much as we do, it's good to know you can cancel at any time. You pay us on a monthly basis – just like with Netflix. And, just like with Netflix, you're free to cancel your subscription with us at any time.
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iOS & Android Apps mean you are always connected at your Football Club

Never be caught without the right information again as Coacha has dedicated Apps for both Android and Apple iOS. Designed for you, your staff and your members / parents, they work on mobiles and tablets such as iPads.

iOS iPhone and iPad

Our iOS App works on all current Apple devices and gives your team and members the key information they quickly and conveniently.

Google Android 

The Android App has proven to be as popular as the iOS App. Now everyone is catered for meaning your life will get easier and less stressful!

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

Designed to make your life as a football coach easier ...

With years of coaching experience, our co-founders understand what it takes to manage parents, sessions and money. That's what has enabled us to create Coacha; a football club manager designed to help you focus on the things you love - teaching and training. With a simple but powerful interface that cuts admin time in half, keeps all of your players' details to hand no matter where you are, and is proven to minimise missed payments, Coacha is the perfect solution for streamlining your day-to-day football club management.

Football club management software & football club management system  FAQs

Finding the right football team management software for your club can be tricky. There are so many different systems/apps that it usually takes weeks of research to narrow down the right one. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked around swimming club software.

What is the real cost of football team management software?

The devil is in the detail here as many providers hide their true transaction fees. In our mystery shopper research, we found fees as high as 30p + 4% per transaction, compared to Coacha’s 24p + 1.2%. It doesn’t sound a lot, but when you add it up over the course of a year, it runs into thousands of ££’s. For example, if you have 100 members and charge them £30pcm each, by using LoveAdmin you would pay £2,125pa in transaction fees. With Coacha you would pay only £1,044pa which includes our subscription fee of £25pcm and the transaction fees. So that’s a huge saving of £1,081pa.


What are the limits with Coacha?

There really are no limits. You have unlimited everything with Coacha. Members, coaches, sessions, registers, subscription plans, email…the full works!

The only thing you pay extra for are text messages. And these are as low as anyone else in the market at 4.5p per text message.


Is a football club management app easy for members & parents to use?

If you want members and parents to login to Coacha, then yes, your own bespoke ‘Member’s Portal’ is very easy to use. It has been painstakingly designed to be really easy to use, so there’s no excuse for people not to login!

Great for them, time saving for you, and having football software with your own logo on it really makes your football club look professional and well organised.

What’s more, members get to see all the personal info you have on them and they can update and/or download it if they want (great for your club’s GFPR compliance!)

There are also FREE Andriod and iOS apps  available for everyone to use too. What’s not to like?


If I do my football club management online, will it help with my accounts?

Absolutely, as it keeps everything digital and streamlined. You can see whose has paid you what, when and how. Plus, you can keep a very close eye on how much money your football club is taking. And if it is losing anything from your people not paying you.

What’s more, accountants love it when people like you do their football club management online as they can download from and integrate your football club’s financials to the software that they use. Software like Xero, Quickbooks or Sage to name but a few all help with making tax digital (MTD)  .


Do I need a card reader to take payments if I do my football club management online or use a football club management app?

No, you don’t. Do away with the expense and hassle of terminals and readers. You can take card payments through Stripe and direct debits through GoCardless. Need a member to pay for a T-shirt or kit? You can send them a one-off payment request by email or take a payment right there in front of them using the Coacha interface. Not having a card reader not only reduces your costs but simplifies your online billing processes straight away. It also makes your football club look professional and well organised.


What happens if payments fail?

Let’s face it, payments do sometimes fail and for various reasons. Only the best football club software has a payment retry process, especially one that retries up to four times.  Whether a bank error, a cancelled payment or just insufficient funds, having a robust subscription management system means you can simply ‘set and forget’ freeing you to get on with tasks that are more enjoyable than admin! You can choose to be notified that a payment has failed and is being retried, or just set Coacha so that you’re notified when the last attempt has failed. Just think of the amount of time this will save you with chasing people for money they owe you…


Does a football club management app help me if I have an emergency?

When looking for the football club management app for your football club, choose something where you will always have Emergency Information to hand. It is essential you make sure you have emergency contact info available, as well as medical notes for all of your members.

Also, make sure that whatever football software you go for it has the ability to work ‘offline’ for when you don’t have mobile internet access or a decent wifi signal. Coacha’s apps are designed to work without internet access and will automatically synch with Coacha the minute you get internet access again.


What stats and figures can I get from football club software?

Performance, attendance, and financial data are crucial for any football club that wants to stay at the top of their game. The best football club management system should show you instantly your member attendance levels and who’s been putting the work in, and equally as much, who hasn’t.

It should also give you easy access to your headline financial info whether for the last week, month or whole year. Quick access like this means quick decisions can be made and you’ll always be in control of the money in your club.


With football club management software I’m told I still need to comply with GDPR – will it help?

Any organisation that collects personal data must comply with GDPR legislation, and that includes football clubs. The very fact that you choose to use football club management software itself will show that you have data protection built into the running of your club.

A bespoke ‘Member Portal’ such as those you get free with Coacha enable people to access the personal data you hold on them. A football club management system with this functionality will also give your users the ability to edit and download their data if they want to. This type of advanced functionality really is the gold standard of GDPR compliance.

Want to really get to grips with GDPR, why it’s important and what you should be doing to keep your club compliant? If you do then download our FREE GDPR in sports guide which not only explains GDPR but also gives you practical tips you can implement immediately.


Can I get free attendance registers too?

When you do your football club management online you simply must have automatically generated attendance registers. Having these automatically produced for you saves both time and hassle with your football club’s admin. They should be 100% free too and not an add on or upgrade feature.

You should be able to quickly add members in, set up your sessions and hey presto, your registers are automatically created. When you, your coaches or your members log in, they get to see what's on straight away. This is an essential factor to look for in any football club software.

Coacha’s advanced attendance register features mean that you can enable sessions that people can book straight on to without coming to you first. On the day of the session itself they can also check themselves again without tying up any of your staff’s time.


Can people book on to sessions themselves?

Not all football club management apps or software allows members to book on to sessions directly themselves. However, by enabling ‘make class bookable’ in Coacha you can reduce your time on admin and speed up the way in which your members can register for sessions.

Great if you run open sessions that people can book onto if they want to attend, and with setting a session size you can ensure that your sessions are never over-subscribed. Your members can simply log into your Member Portal and book up in just a few taps or clicks.


I only operate during term time – does this matter?

Many football clubs have term time/seasonal sessions. The best football club management system should give you the ability to have start and end dates for your sessions as opposed to just weekly or monthly options.

With unlimited sessions and registers, Coacha is perfect for setting start / end periods to whatever you want. Great for school term-based sessions as well as events such as one off competitions, or showcases or exhibitions.


I get people turn up unexpectedly to my sessions – how can I add these people?

It happens. People turn up unexpectedly to a session or event and you know that you need to collect some of their personal details just so they can join in. Some football club management software doesn’t cater for this in a way that is quick and easy to sort out on the day.

With Coacha’s football club management software (free for 14 days), you can avoid delays when extra people turn up unexpectedly. Quickly add them to the attendance register without having to mess around with the app settings or add a full new member. Then, after the session , you can go back and add more of their details in when you have more time.


Does football team management software (free or paid for) help with safeguarding children?

When performing a football team management software comparison make sure that whatever you choose helps with safeguarding children. Make sure you are able to segment the children’s information so that only specific staff are able to see their personal information.

Coacha lets you set different levels of access as you don’t want people seeing the wrong data. The messaging centre also has NPSCC CPSU text and email rules built in so that people are unable to contact children directly without other’s being copied in. This can include other members, staff, parents and even your safeguarding officer.


Can I send text messages to people using football team management software?

Check out independent football software reviews and always make sure that any software or app that you use only partners with industry leading SMS specialists. Coacha partners with the best SMS service in the UK - TextLocal. You'll enjoy amazing rates, quick delivery and accurate reporting. No need to use your mobile text allowance again!


I only want to message specific people. Can I do this with football club software?

Being able to select and control who receives your messages from your football software is very important. You really don’t want to bombard people with messages not relevant to them.

As part of your football club management system, Coacha enables you to customise who you send your messages to with ease. Send to just your coaches, members of a certain session , to a specific group, or to everyone ... you're in total control.

Go on, start making life easier for yourself

You know it makes sense. You've been putting it off, but you know you need to do it ...

Football Club Management Software FAQs – Part II

What is Coacha and how does it help football coaches and teams?

Coacha is a football team management app, which makes it really easy to manage your football club, ensuring that everyone in your team is always on the same page.

The Coacha football team management app makes life really easy for football club coaches, administrators, volunteers, etc. by offering a single integrated solution. From getting membership fees on time to adding or removing players from your sessions, Coacha – often called a football subs app – is a one-stop solution for all your admin and team management needs.


Can I try out the Coacha football subs app before I buy?

Absolutely! Our soccer club management software comes with a 14-day free trial, which gives you a chance to try out all the features. If you like it, a monthly £25 fee is all you need to pay to use the Coacha soccer team management software.

You can find more details on pricing on this page.


How does pricing work for the Coacha soccer team management software – e.g. do I need to pay for the other members as well?

The pricing page indicates the monthly fee you’ll need to pay according to your region. And the great thing about using our soccer club software is that only you pay the monthly fee! You can add as many members as you like, send them notices, texts and emails – at no additional cost whatsoever!


Does the Coacha soccer club software require any registration fee?

No – our football software has recurring billing, which means you pay on a monthly basis only. There are no hidden additional charges for using the Coacha soccer management software. The only additional fees are for taking out money (via Stripe or GoCardless) or sending text messages. These fees are not marked up by us at all, so we don’t make any extra money from them, unlike with nearly all of our competitors!


How are payments processed when members pay online?

The Coacha soccer software comes integrated with GoCardless for direct debits and Stripe for credit card payments.

When members pay using their respective Coacha soccer team management app accounts, the fees will automatically be credited to your account and you’ll instantly get notifications. If a member is late on fees, you can also set up the soccer team management app to send reminders. If any payments fail, Coacha will automatically retry three times, and then notify you if the final request fails too.


I value my privacy – is the Coacha soccer software GDPR-compliant?

Yes, as you should!

And yes, the Coacha soccer software is indeed GDPR complaint. We take stringent measures to ensure that your personal information is never shared with any third parties without your consent. We manage your information while complying with the latest GDPR laws.


What if I have questions about Coacha’s features or need help setting it up?

There’s a dedicated 24/7 support team for our soccer software, who is always friendly and ready to assist in any way possible.


I want to change my account details or the details of my team members – how do I do this?

There are options on the main interface, allowing you to make changes to account and team member details. But if you need any help with this feature of our winning soccer team management app, then please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


Is there a limit to add players and do they pay separately to use the soccer team management app?

Absolutely not! You can add as many players to your soccer club as you like, and only you will be paying the monthly £25 subscription charge.


I invited a player to join a session on my Coacha soccer team management software, but they can’t seem to login. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our support team is available 24/7 throughout the year to help you with any technical issues.

It’s quite likely that your member has entered incorrect credentials in their soccer management software to login. Please confirm if they wrote down the login and password correctly at the time of creating one. If a member needs any help resetting their password, they can simply click the ‘Reset Password’ option on the login page.


What if my team details are wrong or I need to change them?

Our soccer management software offers easy options accessible from the main interface to let you change team details. Each member has access to their Member Profile page where they can make the necessary changes. In any case, our friendly and helpful team is available to offer assistance.


I’m a parent but I can’t access my child’s account. Why is this?

The main reason you can’t access the Coacha soccer management software to view your child’s account is that the club owner hasn’t ‘Enabled Member Login’ in their club settings. Also, sometimes it’s because we don’t have a valid email address in our system belonging specifically to you.

Please ask your child’s coach or team administrator to to resolve these issues, so that you can book your child to sessions, pay fees, see attendance info, download receipts, and more.

The Coacha soccer club software makes it really easy for parents to stay in the loop!


Can I add people in to Coacha if they are assistant coaches or managers that are a part of the team?

Yes, we do need you to ensure that ALL officials of your team who are actively playing a role in the team’s management, are registered in our soccer club software. They can be added as players as well as coaches or admins.


Can I accept cheques as payment for club registration, uniforms, apparel, etc.?

Not directly, no. However, you can record a ‘cash payment’ in the virtual cash tin, making a note that the payment was actually a cheque. The Coacha soccer club management software is integrated with GoCardless and Stripe, and most people are happy to use these. This helps clubs to move away from accepting cheques as payment.

However, if there’s a payment method that you’d very much like added to our soccer club management software, then please let us know.


What is the best soccer club management software available?

While many will argue that there are a number of good team management apps like LoveAdmin, Teamer, Pitchhero, Teamsnap (and many more), when it comes to the best football subs app, nothing quite beats the innovative features Coacha has! Nor the fact that we keep prices low so that you can keep money where it belongs – in your club!

Our football subs app makes it really, really simple to see all your team related details, communicate with your team or any member on the fly, and ensure that everyone is on the same page – always! You can learn more Coacha’s features here.


Can I get football club management software free?

If you’re after a football club management software free download, then why not try Coacha Lite which is completely FREE Membership Management Software?

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

Football Club Management Software – FAQs (Part III)

What benefits am I missing out on by not using your football team management app?

Quite a few actually! People who are using the Coacha football team management app are benefitting in several key ways – for example:

A new level of agility in how information is managed for decision making purpose – i.e. through statistics, player reports, general reports, etc. Thanks to insights gained from the football team management app, club owners can save time, money and effort when acquiring the necessary information in order to make well-informed decisions and see their club grow.

There’s also no loss of information every time a staff member leaves or old members decide to part ways. The information remains safe and intact in our football club management app’s secure servers, although we do delete it permanently if you specifically instruct us not to so do (after staff members or clients leave) and you stop using Coacha for some reason.

There’s also smooth and open lines of communication between you, your staff members and clients, so you are always in control and up-to-date on the ‘current situation’ within your club.

Finally, the level of accessibility available in the Coacha football club management app is unparalleled – it can be accessed from any mobile, handheld or desktop-based device.


Can I get a free demo to see how the football club management online platform works before I start paying monthly?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer demos for our football club management software, because you get something even better for your time and interest: a completely FREE 14-day trial to check out the full suite of features!


I’ve never ever used a football club management system like Coacha, in fact, I’m not even computer savvy. Will I experience any issues learning to use your football club management system?

Not at all! We get this question a lot and we pretty much provide the same standard response every time: our football club management system is super-easy to learn and use for users of all ages. So easy, in fact, that a primary schooler can set it up within minutes.


Does the Coacha football club software support rolling fee collection only or also one-off payments?

We’re delighted to report that our football management software supports both!


Is Coacha a football subs app because for now I need to use it only to manage subscriptions and collect fees?

It’s entirely up to you how you want to use the football team management software – so for now, if that’s to manage member subscriptions and collect fee, then yes, you can call it a football subs app. But again, it’s much, much more than a football subs app because it helps you manage so many aspects of your club from the palm of your hand.

For a complete features breakdown of our football team management software, please have a read.


Are email and text messages both completely free in your football team management software?

While you get an unlimited number of email messages completely free, text messages are also unlimited but we’ll charge you 4.5-5.5p per message, which is as low as any other soccer club management software available right now, if not lower.


Does your soccer club management software give members the option to book items, equipment or venues?

Yes! There’s a Venue Bookings option which you’ll find in the ‘Club Settings’ tab from within the soccer club management software, allowing your members to book training grounds or venues, areas in your training facility, soccer equipment, etc.


What is the Member Portal option in your soccer club management software?

If you enable this option in your soccer club software, you will get your own bespoke Member Portal completely free. This allows parents and or NOKs of younger players to log in and see their children’s info, in addition to what’s going on in the club. Adult members registered to use the soccer club software will also get their own login, meaning they can use the Members Portal to login from any device with a browser and internet connection. People can also gain access to the Coacha soccer club software, by downloading either our Android or iOS App.


What kind of child protection is there in your football organising app?

The Coacha football organising app has built-in child protection which is built around the NSPCC’s CPSU guidelines. This means members can only be contacted if they are over a certain age. Furthermore, underage members cannot be contact directly and only their parents or NOKs are communicated with from within the football organising app.


If my club starts to grow, will I be charged more to continue using the football organising app?

Absolutely not! No matter how much you expand and grow, the monthly charges you pay to use the football organising app remained locked in at £25/mo.


Can I cancel membership to the soccer team management app at any time? Are there any charges involved?

You can stop using the soccer team management app at any time you deem feasible and, no, there are no cancellation charges at all because our soccer team management app is available to use on a pay-as-you-go basis only.


Do I absolutely need to use soccer team management software? Why can’t I just put everything down in a register or my computer? Won’t that be easier?

You can always bypass using soccer team management software and instead rely on pen and paper or your computer, but consider this for a moment: most football clubs today have evolved into complex organisations, where there is a lot of decision making going on – this requires access to key information across all levels.

Now, let’s say a new sports director is appointed to manage the club – they will need to start all the work related to player analysis, coordination, work methodologies and strategies, sports management, and medical/facilities management from scratch. Even though the sport director will be very thorough, efficient and professional in acquiring all key information (for decision making), if none of this is reflected at the end of the season, or say, the sports director leaves, then the next person will again have to start over.

With soccer team management software, everything is on record and accessible within seconds, making management and administration of the football club super-easy and time-efficient.


Does the Coacha soccer software have any COVID19-safety features?

Yes, quite a few, actually!

The self-reporting feature in our soccer software, for instance, allows members to report if they are affected by COVID-19 or going into self-quarantine through your bespoke Member Portal. You’ll get an immediate notification through the soccer software, which means you’ll be able to act quickly too.

Another COVID-safety feature in our soccer management software is the Track and Trace feature which lets you see at a glance who has been in contact with who, and whether someone has been affected by the virus in any way.

There’s also the Bookable items and venues feature in the soccer management software which means you can programme bookable slots in order to have ‘COVID clean down time’ between each booking.


Does Coacha help coaches or instructors conduct 1-to-1 sessions?

Yes, our soccer management software offers a variety of useful features to help your coaches conduct 1-to-1 private sessions. You can read about them here.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

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