The stuff you need to run your club

Everything we've built into Coacha is there to make your experience better, it's as simple as that.

General Coacha features you'll love

There are loads more features in Coacha that make your life easier. Here are just some of the other features that you can use to turn your admin into a breeze. 

Club dashboard 

As soon as you log into Coacha, you're presented with everything you need to know, or do. Today's classes, latest notes and quick action buttons help you get everything done.

Advanced stats

A completely re-designed and overhauled stats section graces the latest version of Coacha. It informs you of your club's performance, both financially and in terms of attendance.

Club reports

Sometimes you need to get the stats out of Coacha for board meetings or end-of-year discussions. Export quickly and easily with our reporting features. 

Notification panel

When you log into Coacha, you'll be told what's happening. You'll see how many pending members you have, who's missed payments etc. All in our convenient notification panel.

Notification controls

You have full control of the various notifications Coacha sends out to you. It's as simple as ticking a box. Customise your Coacha account to your personal requirements.

Club branding

Upload your club logo to Coacha and we'll automatically add it to things like your club signup form! 

Store club documents 

You can use Coacha as a convenient place to store your club documents. Things like insurance documents, health and safety certs, qualifications and waiver templates can all be stored in your Coacha settings.

Mobile friendly

Even though we have iOS and Android apps, we've also made Coacha completely mobile friendly. Launch coacha in your phone's web browser and get to work for a full feature experience.

Industry-leading support

Not that we want to boast, but our support team are the BEST! When you get in touch with us you can rest assured that our people are on the case to resolve any issue you may have.

We are upgrading Coacha all the time

New features are coming to Coacha every month... isn't it time you jumped onboard?