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Our pricing really couldn't be simpler. 

You pay $45pcm to Coacha and that's it. We don't think you should be punished for your success. No matter how big you get, how many coaches, admins, teams or members.

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We have yet to find ANY truly free software in this sector. Many apps will hide the small print. So, instead of paying a monthly fee, many 'free' software providers mark-up how much they charge you for transactions. This can equate to hundreds of pounds per month MORE than Coacha! We can even help you to compare our prices with our competitors by using our calculator below. Coacha's pricing is deliberately designed to be as simple as possible. We don't want you worrying about bigger charges as your club grows. Basically, we think your money is best kept in your club!

There are no additional fees to use Coacha itself. You will only pay a fee if you want to take money from your members through GoCardless or Stripe. If you don't then it's just $45pcm. If you want to take payments then there are transaction fees that are payable to Stripe or GoCardless. However, unlike with our competitors we at Coacha don't add a single penny to these fees.

We use GoCardless to collect our fee from you on a monthly basis. This charge will start when your free 14-day trial runs out. At that stage, we'll ask you to input your bank details then... bingo! You're all set up! Oh... and you're free to cancel at any time if anything changes.

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Software should make your life easier. That is why coacha is built around everything you need to simplify your sports & passtime club administration. Get your life back, with Coacha!

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