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Coacha's iOS & Android Apps help you, your coaches, your parents and your members do all the major tasks they will need to as a members of your club.

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We love the Coacha App!

The amount of time we are saving on administration is huge. The app on the phone is brilliant as the Coaches now use this for the register and we are able to check membership status on mobile devices/ipad at any time.

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Save time with Coacha’s apps for sports teams

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Quick Access

In the event of an emergency, or even just when taking a register; the Coacha app gives you instant access to all essential member and club data.

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Use offline

No internet access at your club or gym? No problem – use Coacha’s iPhone & Android app offline and it’ll sync any updates the minute your device connects to the internet.

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Safe and secure

Not only does the Coacha app keep your data nice and secure on our servers, it’s also App Store approved and fully password protected. That's both our iOS & Android Apps.

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VERY Simple to use

At Coacha our mantra is to keep things simple. So, for our iPhone & Android app, we’ve stripped Coacha down to its key features making it easy-to-use, even from a mobile phone.

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Unlimited people

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 members - 1 or 100 coaches - all your people can use our apps. Your coaches can use the iPhone/Android app to manage members, view classes and take registers, all for free!

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Unlimited member logins

Members can log in to see your timetable, book classes, book private sessions and manage their personal information.

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Phone or tablet

Coacha's apps work on both iPhone and iPad, and all android devices. If you have an iPad at the front desk, why not load up the apps and get people to self-check-in?

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In app bookable classes

Booking your classes in app is a must for members, they don't want to have to load up the computer every time they want to book a class, Coacha has you covered, with full in app booking.

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Constant Updates

We are constantly striving to improve our apps and the way that they work. Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best experience and new functionality day in day out.

Managing your sessions, people and classes just got easier

With Coacha's iOS & Android app, you've got everything you need to run sessions or matches. From registers to all member details, everything is in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is sign up for a trial of Coacha then head to your app store and download!

For you
Access member information, see payment history, take registers, and manage private sessions.

For your staff
Take registers, view all of the members they should be able too, and manage their private sessions.

For your members
Complete in app booking for classes and private sessions, club notice board and their personal profile info.

Add your logo & colours to Coacha's Apps

Would you like to be able to fully brand Coacha with your own logo and colours so it looks like Coacha is yours? Well, now you can with the Coacha Custom Plan! 

Plus, the ability to send invoices, personalise system emails, turn features on and off and have your own dedicated Account Manager. 

Sports teams app  

By combining all the things you'd need access to during a class or match, we've created a super streamlined version of Coacha that's still just as easy to use, even from a mobile phone screen. You can download it for free from the App Store or Play Store and enjoy even easier access to your favourite Coacha features, such as:

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Member details

No more lugging paper records to practice or passing from coach to coach. All the details you need can be found within our app; free for all your coaches to download.

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Emergency contacts

Waste no time rifling through record cards in the event of an emergency. With Coacha’s apps you have instant access to those all important next of kin telephone numbers.

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Medical information

You can’t be expected to remember every injury, allergy or disability that your members have. With instant access to this info through our iPhone & Android apps, you don’t have to.

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Today’s register

Gone are the days of preparing, printing and carrying around paper registers; now all you need is your phone and Coacha app, where today’s registers will be waiting and ready to use.

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Coaches' notes

Stamp out bad behaviour and record good performance using Coaches' Notes – automatically synced between all devices for your entire coaching team to see.

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Quick add new members

New members turn up unannounced? Coacha’s easy to use iOS & Android app helps you to account out. Add new members on the spot, and add more details when you’re done coaching.

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iOS devices

We have ensured our iOS app's compatible with as many devices as possible. From older iPhones to the latest, as well as Appel' iPad too.

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Android App

Not on iOS? We have you covered! You can download the Android app on the Google Play Store and connect it to your Coacha account straight away.

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Pin code access

Fed up of wasting time logging back in due to security measures? Simply setting up a 4-digit pin code, means faster and easier access.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's App features without paying a penny. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

A sports team management app designed around you

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Bookable 1-2-1 Privates

Do you run open classes, or 1-2-1's, that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha, your members can log into app and book onto these sessions with just a few easy taps

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View events calendar

Coacha automatically creates an auto-synced events calendar for all your members. When they log in to the app, they can see exactly what's going on in your club and when!

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View message board

Get the message out there immediately with a your in app message board. With control over messaging for both staff and members, when they log in, they see exactly what they should.

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WARNING - health

See at a glance from the in app registers any members in a session that have a medical condition. Ensure you and your staff are 100% prepared to deal with any medical situation.

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WARNING - safeguarding

There’s nothing more important than safeguarding children. See at a glance from the in app registers any members in a session with safeguarding concerns noted against their profile.

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WARNING - photography

It’s understandable that in some cases people don’t want their children to have their photographs taken. Coacha’s in app registers notify you and your team instantly if this is the case.

Comparing Coacha with other software and apps?

A few things to remember…

Firstly, we don't charge by the member, as that gets costly for you. Also, we never show adverts to your members. And we don't charge for updates and new features, nor the use of our iOS & Android Apps. Above all though, we don't draw you in with claims of 'FREE to use' then pile on extra charges later for unlocking functionality that should be included in the first place.
Few providers can make all of these claims. But we can.

Apps for Sports Teams – FAQs

What kind class booking features do apps for sports teams have?

One of the key reasons to use apps for sports teams is to take advantage of the superb class booking features they offer.

Apps for sports teams like Coacha, for example, offer innovative class booking features which give your coaches either partial or full access to their apps for sports teams, even allowing them to offer timeslots to members. This way, you can make online session booking possible through apps for sports teams which coaches can do on behalf of members, or the latter can even do on their own!

The one feature you should always lookout for in apps for sports teams, however, is the ability for members to conveniently logon and check class availability so that they don’t have to run it through you every time they want to book a class.

Apps for sports teams also offer something called venue booking, allowing your members to book venue items like courts, pitches, rooms, mats, pool lanes, equipment, etc. and even the entire venue or training ground/facility.


Do apps for sports teams such as Coacha make class booking easy?

Yes, they can make life very easy for you, your staff and your members!

All your people need to do is go to the main Dashboard in their apps for sports teams and select “book a session with a coach”. After that, they need to select from one of the available timeslots, choose a method to pay and that’s pretty much it.

Apps for sports teams make it super-easy for both coaches to offer bookable classes and for members to book onto those classes with minimal effort.


Do I need to make classes bookable first in everyone’s apps for sports teams?

Yes, this is a necessary one-time step only but you don’t need to do it in everyone’s apps for sports teams, just your own since you’re the administrator/club owner.

Find ‘Classes & Registers’ from the main menu and then select ‘New Class/Event’. Once you’ve filled out the necessary class info, tick the box that says ‘People can book onto this class’. If you want a maximum class size or number of spaces to show in everyone’s apps for sports teams, then you can also set that here.

Next, click ‘Create’ but if you want to book members yourself, then click ‘Add members’.


Do apps for sports teams make it easy to create bookable classes?

Most apps for sports teams make it easy to do this but Coacha makes it particularly easy!

After you’ve checked the ‘People can book onto this class’ tickbox so that your members can see the option to book classes in their apps for sports teams – simply set the maximum class size, choose the method of payment to take from your members and hit ‘Save’.


What kind of member payment options are available for bookable classes?

While apps for sports teams may offer a variety of methods, at Coacha we like to keep things simple: you can either set the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) option where payments will automatically be credited to your account via GoCardless (GC) or Stripe, or you can record cash payments by simply hitting the ‘pay’ button under the respective member.

If members have already paid for a bookable class in their apps for sports teams, you will see ‘Paid’ under their name – if they haven’t, you will see ‘Pay’.


Is there a way in apps for sports teams to limit who can book onto classes?

There is, and the Coacha sport teams app makes this especially easy:

In the bookable classes menu of your sport teams app, simply click on the tickbox “Restrict Member Groups”. Next, select the groups you want to allow to book onto classes through the sport teams app, and you’re golden!


How can I view classes that I’ve created in my sport teams app?

To find the complete list of classes you’ve created in your sport teams app, find ‘Classes & Registers’ from your main nav-bar and then head to ‘Your Classes’. All the classes you’ve created through your sport teams app will be listed here.


How do I add a new class in my sport teams app?

Setting up a new class in your sport teams app is so easy to do and it’s a super-duper feature too because it allows your coaches and members to stay informed on what’s coming up.

In order to add a new class in your sport teams app, find ‘Classes & Registers’ from the main navigation bar and then head to ‘New Class or Event’. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up a new class, and there you have it!


How do I assign a coach from my sport teams app to take classes that members have booked onto?

After you have added a class or event in ‘Class Settings’, you need to select a venue from the dropdown or create one. Next, you can add an existing coach to the class you just created by ticking the relevant box right next to their name, but if you need to assign a coach who hasn’t been added to your sport teams app yet, then go to ‘People’, ‘Your Members’ and ‘Add New Staff’.

Just make sure that you check ‘People can book onto this class’ to let your members book onto available classes along with their favourite coach directly from their sport teams app.

Now you need to click on ‘Add your members’, which can be done either by searching for the members you’d like to add by name and clicking ‘Add’ – or by adding entire member groups via the search bar and clicking on ‘Add all’.


How do venue bookings work in my sport teams app?

Venue Bookings is a really useful feature in your sport teams app, which allows your members to book anything from tables, pitches, halls and pool lanes to the entire venue or anything you’ve made “bookable”, really.

Head over to the Club Settings section of your sport teams app – this is where you’ll find Venue Bookings. Enable it and then set up the venue. It’s all very easy-to-follow and self-explanatory but just to quickly explain things: choose what you want made available to book, give the bookable items or venues unique names and then choose the payment method if you’d like your members to pay on the spot for booking venues via their sport teams app.

Hit ‘Save’ and you’re done!


Can I create timeslots for my venue after enabling the feature in my sport teams app?

Yes you can! Now that you’ve toggled the Venue Booking feature on from your sport teams app, you can definitely create timeslots for your members to book into. You can even set these on a recurring ‘on/off’ basis.

Just look to your left and you will see “Item name” and ‘Bookings’ next to it. So, for example “Court Bookings” or “Pitch Bookings”. Click on it and you can view a venue timetable where timeslots can be created. Follow the on-screen instructions and this way you can book your members onto individual timeslots.

Need step-by-step instructions on how to do this in your sport teams app? Just follow this easy-as-pie guide.


Is there a way to add membership options to my Club Sign Up Form via the sport teams app?

It always helps to let your prospective members choose their membership level at the time of sign up, and so, your sports teams app has you totally covered.

To enable this feature in your sports teams app, log in as ADMIN. Then go to Dashboard and click on ‘Club Settings’. Here, you’ll find a tab called ‘Club Sign Up Form’. Right under the tab, you’ll spot the “Add payment to your sign up form” section.

There are two options to choose from here: Subscription and One-Off payment. Since the goal here is to give your members different subscription options when they register through the sports teams app, you’ll need to choose ‘Subscription’.

Now choose the subscriptions you’d like your prospective members to see at sign up and hit ‘add subscription plan’ every time you add a new option or plan.

That’s it – now have a look at the options you just made available on your club sign up form.


How do I add additional fields to the Club Sign Up Form in my sports team manager app?

This is really easy to do in your sports team manager app:

Under ‘Club Settings’, you’ll find the club sign up form manager which will let you add new fields. Look for a section titled “Add additional fields to your sign up form”. Simply click on ‘Add field’ and save the information as you go along. That’s it.


What’s the Photographic Waiver feature in my sports teams app? Do I need to use it?

The Photographic Waiver feature in your sports teams app is very useful in case you are required to ask your members and their parents to agree to any kind of photography within your sports club – for example, during special events or gatherings, or just for the sake of having a photographic profile of each member/their parents or NOKs.

The waiver will pop up when your members are on the club sign up form and it can be found in your sports teams app’s main Dashboard under ‘Club Settings’ and then “Club Sign Up Form”.

If need be, you can also enable a Photographic Waiver with an attachment to help your members understand what the waiver means.


What are Profile Notes in my sports teams app?

This really useful feature in your sports teams app lets you communicate important information to your coaches, members or their parents/NOKs, such as safeguarding information about a child member or ‘vulnerable’ adult, or any important piece of news you want to relay to everyone.

Access ‘People’ from the main Dashboard of your sports teams app, then choose ‘Your members’ (clients, athletes or whatever terms you are using in Coacha), and then find the member you would like to attach notes to.

After finding the desired member profile in your sports teams app, locate the “Notes” tab which will be in the lower half of the screen – on certain screen resolutions, this section may show up right below the ‘Medical Notes’ section in your sports teams app.

Here, you have the option of leaving different types of notes in your sports teams app – for example:

Member notes: These type of notes are visible to the selected member or their parent/NOK only. Member notes are useful for letting members know about specific skills they need to improve in order to keep up with the rest of the class, for instance, or any other kind of important information that you feel will improve their overall experience.

Coach notes: As the term implies, these notes are aimed at assisting your coaches by sharing information on specific members, so that the designated coaches can better work with them. For instance, your coaches may need to know about special requirements around a specific member(s) in an upcoming session or you may have future instructions for them to help them perform their duties better. It’s a great way to improve the way your coaches do their jobs and deliver sessions. These notes aren’t visible to members although they can download them under GDPR (Right of Access).

Safeguarding notes: These are secure notes which can be used to raise concerns around safeguarding, and are meant for you and your internal staff only – they cannot be downloaded by members or their parents/NOK. Safeguarding notes can be downloaded by everyone in your team who has access to the sports teams app, by going into the ‘Custom Reports’ section.

Note: Member notes can be moved into Coach notes if need be. The ‘Move’ button on the note allows you to move it between different notes types or statuses. This feature is not available on Safeguarding notes.

Additional note: Your sports teams app allows you to use specific terms within your club. For example, ‘Members’ can be changed to ‘Clients’ or ‘Athletes’ and ‘Classes’ can be changed to ‘Sessions’ or ‘Training’.


What are Custom Reports in my sports teams app?

The ‘Custom Reports’ feature in your sports teams app lets you export custom reports on all the data you have on your club and members. It’s a really useful feature allowing you to gain insight on a variety of club aspects, such as the number of people who signed in or cancelled classes in any given month, to members who have yet to pay their subscription or the number of email/text broadcasts sent through your sports teams app during a specific timeframe, for example.

‘Custom Reports’ in your sports teams app can be found under ‘Statistics & Reports’ from the main Dashboard. Exporting a report is really simple too: click on the ‘Export’ button next to the report after selecting the relevant timeframe, member, class or any other filter. Some exports (such as those around safeguarding) ask for a password before they can be exported, so it’s useful to have your sports teams app password handy, in case you haven’t memorised it. Reports are downloaded from your sports teams app in .CSV format only.

Having issues downloading reports from your sport team management app? Make sure that your browser’s pop up blocker is toggled off for the Coacha website.


I’m either new to sport team management apps in general or don’t have the time or understanding to set it up quickly – is there a guide I can refer to?

Even though your sport team management app is very easy to set up and does not require much time or effort on your part, we understand that you may require a quick guide to refer to, which created to help you set up your sport team management app in 5 simple steps.


What are Club Stats in my sport team management app? How can I access and understand them?

Your sport team management app’s Club Stats feature is a great way to pull some very critical information on how your club is doing in a really easy-to-read format. From attendance to registrations to finance and more, Club Stats pack a tonne of useful information to let you know how your club is performing at a glance.

Find ‘Statistics & Reports’ from the main menu of your sport team management app and have a look – you’ll find all kinds of statistics on attendance, money, class popularity and so on. If you want to export any of these stats, you can do so by clicking the ‘Export…’ button. Just to give you a quick breakdown of what each stats mean in your sport team management app:

General Club stats offer quick info on your current members, new ones and any lapsed ones.

Attendance stats shows the most popular classes in terms of attendance, member groups attending those classes and members in general.

Members stats provides the age ranges of your respective members, as well as statistics on member group and how many members are currently active.

Finance stats offer an overview of your monthly earnings and how they are split between the different types of payments you are taking.

Active Subscriptions indicate the total number of plans you have active at the moment.


How does the attendance register work in my sport team management app?

When you log onto your sport team management app, you’ll find ‘Attendance Register’ underneath ‘Noticeboard’, which can be accessed by going into ‘Classes & Registers’ from the main Dashboard.

Attendance Register is a very handy feature in your sports team manager app, giving you an overview of the classes you have scheduled for the week. If you click on ‘Go to this register’, it will show all the classes which have been attended, and in case an upcoming class is going to be cancelled, you can click ‘void’ next to that register so that it doesn’t muddy up your attendance statistics in the sports team manager app. There are four options here: past register, today, week, and a search option. The ‘Search’ function is very useful for pulling up registers against specific dates.

This guide further explains all the attendance register features in your sports team manager app.


Can I quickly upload and organise new members in my sport coaching software?

Yes – there’s a mass import feature in your sport coaching software which lets you easily upload and organise new member profiles, instead of having to update each profile manually.

But if you already have members added to your sport coaching software account, that’s brilliant too! In that case, the mass import feature can be used to update your existing members’ details.

To mass upload new members into your sport coaching software, go to ‘Import/Export’ under ‘People’ from the main nav-bar. Click on the green button to download a blank import spreadsheet. Start entering the required information under each column but if you already have this information ready in Excel or a similar format, then just copy/paste it all into the import spreadsheet.

After completing the spreadsheet, save a copy on your current device – click ‘yes’ when it asks you if you want to keep the current format. Now go back to the ‘Import Members’ screen in your sport coaching software and click ‘Upload your spreadsheet’.

Choose the appropriate file from your documents and click on ‘Open’. Your sport management software will warn you if it comes across any duplicate records. To reduce the chances of any duplicate records, the mass uploader will match the information from the newly created spreadsheet against existing member profiles.

If your sport management software registers any matches, it will update those records using information from the new spreadsheet. However, if you do not want your members’ information updated this way, then you will need to first remove the duplicate member profiles before uploading the new spreadsheet. If no matches are registered, a new member record will be created in your sport management software.


What to the Quick View icons do in my sport management software?

The Quick View icons in your sport management software appear on your member list and provide an ‘at a glance’ status of your members for three specific points: medical notes, photography waiver and safeguarding notes. But you’ll need to enable the feature in your sport team management software first.

From the main Dashboard, navigate to ‘Club Settings’ and then click one the second ‘Club Settings’ tab (right next to Club info). Here you will see the option to toggle Member Icons “on”. Here’s what the Member Icons mean in your sport team management software:

Medical Note – A small ‘+’ icon on top of your member indicates a medicate note. Click on it and a medical note will appear.

Photography Waiver – If you see a small red camera icon on top of your member’s profile, it means that they have not agreed to your photography policy.

Safeguarding Note – If you see a small ‘s’ icon on your member’s profile, it means that a safeguarding note has been added. Click on it and the safeguarding note will pop up.


Is there a way to archive old or inactive member profiles in my sport team management software?

As a matter of fact, there is:

Sometimes members cancel their membership or move on to other things once they’ve completed a specific module or course at your club, but you may want to keep their profile to comply with your internal administration obligations or otherwise. Some insurance companies also require sports club owners to retain old member profiles for a set timeframe.

Anyhow, after you’ve logged onto your sport team management software, locate the member profile you want to archive; this can be accessed via ‘People’ from the main Dashboard and then by clicking on ‘Your Members’. 

On the right-hand side of your sport team management software, you’ll see an ‘Archive’ button – just toggle that “on”. Now hit ‘Save Member’ and you will see a yellow bar with a message in it on top of the page to indicate that the profile has been successfully archived.

To find archived members in your sports application or system, simply go to the ‘Status’ dropdown in the far right-hand side of the “Your Members” screen and select the last option: Archived.


Can I assign individual subscriptions to a member in my sports application or software?

Yes you can do this and very easily too:

Under ‘People’ from the main nav-bar, find ‘Money’ and then ‘New Payment’. Now click on the green ‘Create a New Payment’ button.

The next step in your sports application is to select either GoCardless (GC) or Stripe which will be assigned to that member for automatically crediting their subscription amount to your account.

If you want to attach an individual member to the subscription, select ‘Add Member’. If you want to attach an entire group or class to it, choose ‘Select a Class’ from the dropdown and then click on ‘Add Class’.

You can also add select Member Groups by choosing the ‘Select a Member Group’ option from the dropdown, and then clicking on ‘Add Member Group’.

Finally, if you want to attach everyone in your club with the same subscription via your sports application, click on ‘Send to Everyone’.

The final step is to choose a subscription plan, which you likely have in place already. If not, you can refer to the next question which explains how to create one in your sports application or system.


What is the Automatic Age Groups feature used for in my sports coach software?

The Automatic Age Groups in your sports coach software allows you to automatically group members in your club according to age.

After you log into your sports coach software as “ADMIN”, go to ‘People’ under the main Dashboard and then ‘Member Groups’. Click on the second tab on this screen as this will allow you to create member groups according to age. Follow the on-screen instructions to add different age groups and that’s it.

This feature in your sports coach software allows you to send broadcasts to members according to the age groups and classes they are taking, eliminating the need to manually select the members you want to send broadcasts to according to their age.


Can I limit classes in my sports coach software according to a subscription or membership limit?

Yes – your member or ‘athlete’ management software allows you to limit the number of classes a member/athlete can book according to the subscription they’ve signed up for.

For example, you may be offering Bronze, Silver and Gold classes at different prices, with the pricier plans offering members the ability to book more classes while their subscription is active.

Alternatively, you can also offer your members classes on a PAYG or pay-as-you-go model through your athlete management software, in case they do not want to commit to a subscription yet.

To utilise this really useful feature in your athlete management software, go into ‘Money’ from the main Dashboard and then ‘Manage Plans’. Here, you will see a box titled ‘Create a new payment plan’ and a tickbox next to it: “Does this plan require booking limits for (class or session name)?” Check this tickbox, define the number of classes a week/month your member can attend in regards to a specific subscription plan, and then ‘Create’ the plan!

Alternatively, if you want members to book classes on a PAYG basis, either because their subscription has ran out or they don’t want to commit to a subscription, just create a new class or edit an ongoing class for which you want to enable the PAYG option in your athlete management software. Then locate these two tickboxes:

1. Not included in booking restrictions – This option means that the class your member takes will not be included in the subscription they have opted for, and they need to renew their subscription in order to continue taking classes.

2. Allow members to book onto a class once they have reached their limit – This option in your athlete management software means that the class will be included in their subscription, and should they run out, they will have the option to continue booking and taking classes by paying on a PAYG basis.


How do I view or cancel members from a subscription in my online sports team management software?

In order to view the members who are subscribed to a specific subscription plan in your online sports team management software, go to ‘Money’ and then ‘Manage Plans’. This brings up a list of plans or subscriptions you have set up. If a specific plan has any active members, you can view them on the right-hand side of the plan – just click on ‘Members’ to access them.

If you wish to cancel a member’s active subscription through your online sports team management software, just click on ‘Cancel Sub’. Please remember that any cancelled subscriptions in your online sports team management software cannot be undone so you may want to give it some thought before doing so!


Is there a way to edit or completely delete a member subscription in my online sports team management software?

Well, once you have created a subscription in your sport team software, you can certainly view the active ones via ‘Money’ and then ‘Manage Plans’. Unfortunately, you can’t edit subscriptions once they have been set up and members attached to them.

If you wish to alter subscriptions in your sport team software, then you must first cancel everyone on that plan and set it up afresh. This feature in your sport team software is purely for data security reasons and nothing else.

Now, if you’ve created a plan in your sport team software but haven’t attached any members to it yet, then you can click the settings cog right next to the plan and edit what you need to by clicking ‘Edit payment plan’.

On the other hand, if you want to wipe out a subscription entirely from your sport team software or system, then you’ll need to cancel all the members attached to it first. By clicking on the trash bin icon, you can delete the said subscription and your sports academy management software/system will ask you to confirm it. Hit “Delete Subscription Plan” and you’re done.

Again, give it some thought as this action in your sports academy management software cannot be undone!


What if I want to delete a member entirely from my sports academy management software or system – can I do that?

Even though your sports academy management software lets you add as many members as you like, on rare occasions, you may need to bid farewell to one of your members. In that case, removing them completely to keep your members list updated and current couldn’t be easier:

Find ‘People’ from your sports academy management software’s main interface and then go to ‘Your Members’. Locate the desired member from the list or use the search feature to find them. Once you do, click ‘Profile’.

On this page of your sports administration software, you’ll find a red ‘delete’ button if you look to the top of the page. Your sports administration software will ask you to confirm, so go ahead and click ‘Delete Member’. Again, this action can’t be undone, so do so after careful thought and consideration!


Can I set camps, courses or training blocks in my sports administration software?

Yes, you can do this in your sports administration software and it’s actually quite easy:

The first thing you want to do is create a new course. Under ‘Classes & Registers’, you’ll find “Courses”. Head there and then select “New Course”. Fill out all the course related information in your sports administration software and hit ‘Save’ on the top of the page.

Here, you’ll also find that your sports community app’s Course System lets you create multiple sessions or courses for different days and different times of any given day. So, let’s say you’re running a summer camp which is scheduled daily at the same time, but then another camp that’s also scheduled on the weekend for a different group or class – you can assign each camp to different groups here!

Now it’s time to invite members to your new course. If you go to the “Your Courses” section in your sports coaching software, you’ll find an “Invite” button right next to the chosen course. This will bring up an option to send a broadcast to the members who are attached to the specific course, camp or training block.


Can you show me the steps to create a new course in my sport community app?

After logging into your sport community app, head to ‘Sessions & Registers’ from the main Dashboard. In the dropdown, you’ll find ‘New Course’. Let’s go ahead and click on that.

First, set a start date for the session or course and an end time as well. Then set any recurring slots you want to for the session. Now hit “Add Sessions”. You can add as many sessions as you like in your sport community app and they will start appearing under “Sessions” where you can also edit them if need be.

Now we need to set up some Booking Options. Choose whether members can book onto the course and define the amount they should pay to book. Check the “PAYG” option if you want them to pay on a per-course basis. Once you’ve entered the price of your course in your sport community app, select the methods of payment (this isn’t necessary if “PAYG” has already been selected).

At this point, you also have the option of making the sessions accessible to select member groups only. Hit ‘Save. There’s just one more step left:

Hit the ‘Invite’ button in the bottom right-hand side of your sport community app found under the “Your Courses” section. This gives you the option to send everyone a text or email (or both) broadcast to let them know they can book sessions. We’re done!


How do I send text/SMS broadcasts from my software for sport?

Sending text and email messages directly from your software for sport is a great way to keep everyone in the loop, so to speak, rather than posting messages on your social media channels or website, expecting everyone to read them. No more awkward situations around “I didn’t get that message or memo”!

Under your software for sport’s main Dashboard, you’ll find ‘Broadcasts’. Choosing ‘Send Broadcast’ lets you send out email and text messages. Simply give your broadcast an appropriate subject and type out your message. You can choose to send the message from your software for sport either as a text, SMS or both.

Please bear in mind that in order to be able to send text messages from your software for sport, you’ll need to have sufficient credits in your Textlocal account. To find out how many Textlocal credits you have left to send messages from your online sports team management system, go to ‘Broadcasts’, then ‘SMS Integration’ and then ‘Get more credits at Textlocal’.

As for emails, you can send attachments like flyers, timetables, digital coupons, and what have you, making online sports team management even easier and more profitable too!

Once you’re done typing out your message, click on ‘Add receivers’, and finally select the member groups or classes from the dropdown and hit “Add”. Alternatively, you can also select the “Send this broadcast to all of your members” option to send it out to everyone registered in your online sports team management system.


How much does it cost to send text and email messages from my online sports team management system?

You can buy SMS credits directly from Textlocal and they cost between 4.5-5.5p per message depending on the quantity you buy (this is almost ½ the price of some of our competitors such as LoveAdmin! Your Coacha online sports team management system does not charge you anything on top of this!

As for sending emails through your “sport reminder app”, these are absolutely free!


Is there a limit to the number of email and/or text messages I can send from my sport reminder app?

There’s no limit to the number of email or text messages you can send from your sport reminder app. As long as you have Textlocal credits, you can continue to send text messages as it’s got nothing to do with your monthly fee for using the Coacha sport reminder app. Emails are indefinitely free so you can send as many as you like!


Some of my members are not receiving email/text broadcasts I send them from my sport reminder app. What can I do to resolve the issue?

If any of your members are not receiving email/text broadcasts sent from your sports team management system, then it may be due to the following:

  • Seems like an easy problem to catch initially in case the email address was entered incorrectly, so that’s one thing to look out for;
  • Your members have not added you to their contacts, causing messages you send to land straight in their junk/spam folder;
  • Your members need to lower their email security settings and/or add you to their ‘safe senders’ list – unless they do this, they may not receive any email communication from you, not even have any messages land in their spam folder;
  • Your sending messages to minors, in which case they may only be able to receive messages if you “cc” their parents’ or NOKs’ email address. This is a safeguarding feature, preventing anyone in your internal team from using the sports team management system or app to send messages to minors or underage/junior members.

If the above steps do not work, please submit a ticket directly from your sports team management system so that our support team can troubleshoot the issue.


Can I use my sport team management system to handle termly classes?

Yes, your sport team management system lets you handle termly classes through two methods:

  • Void registers during the term break to manage any breaks in your session schedule. To void a session, head to the Registers section and select ‘Void’ on the far right-hand side of your sport team management system’s screen.
  • Use the Courses system in your platform for sports coaching to manage breaks in your class schedule. This method is only suitable if you already know the days on which your classes will be held throughout the term; your members have paid for the entire term in advance at the start, and; you are not taking any PAYG payments for classes.


Is there a ‘class wait list’ feature in my platform for sports coaching, in case there are too many members signing up and I can’t accommodate them all?

Indeed – your platform for sports coaching does come with a ‘wait list’ feature for bookable classes. When any of your bookable classes become full, your platform for sports coaching will automatically apply a ‘wait list’ filter to the appropriate class. Should a member attempt to join a class that’s on the wait list, they will automatically be asked if they’d like to join the active wait list.

The moment a place or slot becomes available in the respective class, your member will be notified via the platform for sports coaching that they can now book and start taking classes. Your member should then log into their sports team software and book their place – their booking will be reserved on a “first come, first serve” basis.


Can you show me how to lock and unlock a register in my sports team software?

Absolutely, this is really easy to do in your sports team software:

Head to ‘Classes’ from the main Dashboard and then access ‘Attendance Registers’, and then click on ‘Go to this register’. The register is open right now, so in order to lock it, click the red button in your sports team software which says ‘Lock register’. Please keep in mind that once you lock a register, you cannot navigate to any other page in your sports team software. This is purely for security reasons.


Does my sports venue booking app support any class archiving features?

Yes, your sports venue booking app does and it lets you keep your class list clean and minimalist without losing any past attendance data and records.

The Class Archive feature in your sports venue booking app is very useful for those situations where you wish to archive old classes or, perhaps, one-off events without losing any of the event or class-related data.

Navigate to ‘Your Classes’ under the ‘Classes & registers’ tab from the main menu. You will spot a yellow ‘Archive Class’ button in your sports venue booking app. Click that and follow the simple on-screen instructions to archive a class.

You can also restore the archived classes in your sports venue booking app back to your regular list of classes by clicking ‘Restore’.


Can you show me the steps to manage an online/virtual session in my sports team organization software?

Absolutely! This is really easy to do in your sports team organization software:

The first step is to create your Live Stream link – we recommend YouTube Live video for this. Then grab the URL and copy it to your clipboard or a Word document.

Now log into your sports team organization software and go to Virtual Classes which can be accessed via ‘Classes & Registers’. Click on ‘New Virtual Class’. Fill in all the virtual session details and choose whether it’s going to be a recurring one.

Invite your members and click ‘Create’ to complete the final step!


What happens once my sports team organization software’s free trial runs out?

Once your sports team organization software’s 14-day trial comes to an end, you will be prompted to pay a small fee to continue using it.


Do I have to set everything up again when I start paying to use your sports team communication software?

Not at all! Once your sports team communication software’s free trial runs out, you’ll only need to pay one amazing price, and you’re back in! Everything will be exactly the way you left it.


Can I pause my subscription for using the sports team management app (free to initially try)?

If you need to take a break from your sports team management app (free to download), then you need to cancel your subscription as it’s a recurring direct debit. Once cancelled you can continue using it until the end of the month or whenever your next payment date is. Then to pick up with using our sports team management app (free for downloading) simply sign in, resubscribe, and you’re back where you were will all of your data ready and waiting for you.

When you return to your sports team management app (free if you have under 50 members) you’ll probably see new additional functionality as we’re always adding to the system, so don’t leave it too long before you return!


What happens to my data in the sports team management app (free trial available) while I’m away?

Our sports team management website uses best in class online security and our servers which are spread across four continents, all of which integrate the latest SSL security encryption and network protocols. This ensures that your personal data is always kept safe and accessed by internal staff only and even then, on a “need to access” basis only.


Is my child’s data safe in your sports manager software?

As a sports manager software developer, we have taken every necessary step to protect members’ personal data, particularly junior or underage members.

The Coacha sports manager software is built around the latest CSPU (Child Protection Safety Unit) guidelines from NSPCC, which govern all communications taking place between junior members and coaches.

Therefore, not only is your child’s data in our sports manager software kept completely safe and secure at all times, but also whenever they are contacted, the messages go through a complex set of rules where, in many cases, the organisation’s Safeguarding Officer must be copied in the message. In addition, underage members are not contacted directly via the sports manager software and communication will generally take place between our staff and the member’s parent or NOK (next of kin).


Can I run my club just as effectively without using any ‘sports management tools’?

In today’s day and age, sports management tools have become a must for any club or organisation looking to stay competitive and generally continue to run a profitable business.

Sports management tools offer a unique range of options which you simply can’t have when trying to record or manage everything via ‘pen and paper’ or a register or computer alone, for example.

Coacha’s sports management tools are specifically designed to make day-to-day admin easier – in fact, it effectively cuts down admin time in half (sometimes more) – and offers superb features to help make your business grow.

To get a hands-on experience with how these sports management tools can help you become more competitive and make club management and administration easier, try out the FREE 14-day trial now.


I’ve never used any kind of sports management systems – are they generally complex to understand or use?

Sports management systems are, for the most part, not always very straightforward to use and find your way around. However Coacha’s sports management systems on the other hand has been designed with user-friendliness and ease-of-use in mind. As long as you have basic computer skills and an internet connection, you can utilise your sports management systems to the maximum almost immediately.

Along the way, should you require any assistance whatsoever on how to use your sports management systems, you may refer to the FAQs in this section and then use the “search” function in your browser to look up a particular feature, for example. Alternatively, you may browse our sports management system website to find other useful sources or submit a ticket directly through your sports management platform to have one of our support team members respond to your query.


Do I have to log into your sports management system website every time I want to use my sports management platform?

Yes you do and it’s extremely easy to do so. when you use our sports management platform. You can do so either through the Apps or the online sports management system website. Your staff and members the can access your free Member Portal included with your sports management platform either through the iOS or Android Apps, or by simply logging into the Coacha sports management system website itself. The free Member Portal included with your sports management platform is one of the features that our subscribers tell us their members are most impressed with.


Can I speak to a person directly to get help with using my sports management platform?

Although there are many useful resources which you’ll find on our sports management system website, including a tonne of insightful FAQs, you can also speak to a support your personal account manager directly if you wish.

This is only available as part of the Coacha Custom Payment Plan, but many larger organisations who need help with their athlete management systems up and running find this an invaluable upgrade.

If you need help with setting up your own athlete management systems, drop us an email on and we’ll be more than happy to help!


Can I get a demo of your athlete management systems in action?

Unfortunately, we’re not offering a demo for our athlete management systems at the moment, given the sheer amount of users trialling Coacha for free at the moment. Most sports team management apps either do not offer a demo or charge you for it, while other sports team management apps will offer a demo to highlight only some of the standout features, and often masking their app’s inability to do certain things, for example.

In order to give you a better idea of how Coacha works and stands out from other sports team management apps, we’ve put together an online video for your convenience. This typically answers 80% of the questions people have about sports team management apps in general and will certainly give you insights into how useful and easy-to-use Coacha is.


Is my personal data safe in sports team management apps?

We honestly cannot speak for other mobile apps for sports teams, but with Coacha, everything is stored on secure servers across four continents, which integrate the latest SSL encryption and network security protocols. In addition, we always maintain data on equally secure backup servers, so should there ever be an ‘act of nature’ which leads to data loss, we always have backup copies to fetch your data from.

Coacha is one of those mobile apps for sports teams which never compromises on user data safety and security.


I have never used any mobile apps for sports teams – will I have a hard time setting up and using Coacha for the first time?

Not at all, trust us! Mobile apps for sports teams in general are very easy to pick up and use – Coacha is no exception! All you need to do is download the free trial, follow the on-screen instruction to set it up, and you’re golden.


Do I need an internet connection all the time to use mobile apps for sports teams?

In order to function at their level best, even free sports team management apps require an online connection.

While Coacha is initially a free sports team management app as it comes with free 14-day trial, it still needs internet connectivity to help you manage your club in the most effective and practical way possible.

Also, don’t ever take anyone’s word for it if they tell you that their free sports team management app will work just fine without the internet – you may be able to launch it and use some of the basic features, but it will never provide the level of functionality you desire.

As your free sports team management provider, Coacha will never provide any misleading information – you can run your ‘initially’ free sports team management without the internet, but you absolutely need a connection to utilise all the brilliant features.


How is it possible that there are so many different providers offering free athlete management software while Coacha charges a small fee?

Unlike most ‘free’ athlete management software available on the internet, Coacha is premium ‘free’ athlete management software (free for trialling initially) which offers those features at an unbelievable price. If you were to do a few price comparisons on ‘free’ athlete management software (as most of them are rarely free in truth), you’ll find that Coacha offers more or less the same premium features but at a very competitive price. It’s just hard to beat.

So, the next time you come across ‘free’ athlete management software, remember that it’s not entirely free, and that you will likely end up paying a hefty price in order to unlock the premium features.


What are some of the best sports team management apps for free?

If you do a quick Google search using the term “best sports team management apps free”, you’ll probably be greeted with dozens of results, where every app may claim to be “the best”.

However, the thing with these so-called “best sports team management apps for free” is that they are rarely free, and are considered the best either by the providers themselves or (more reliably) by the users who have left reviews and thoughts.

The “best sports team management apps for free” will always explain clearly on their website that they are free to use only for a while and require a subscription in order to use and benefit from the full feature set.

Does Coacha deserve to be among the best sports team management apps (free to try)? You decide by grabbing your FREE 14-day trial!


I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on the best sports team management app available online – how do I truly know if a piece of software truly is the “best sports team management app” as they claim?

Good question! It always pays to do a little research before taking any provider’s word for it when they claim they have the best sports team management app. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Whenever you come across a piece of software claiming to be the best sports team management app, you can check some reviews on different sites and even contact users directly to get impressions.
  • You can ask the ‘best sports team management app’ provider if they are offering a free trial which unlocks all the features for a limited time, to help you gauge how good it is.
  • You should check their social media pages to see what users are saying

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