Easy to set up & use Subscription Management Software & Apps

Save time & money and organise subscriptions quickly and easily. ‘Set and forget’ subscription as Coacha automatically chases late payments. You also get an array of stats and reports plus a Member Portal & Apps so your people can help you by helping themselves.

Plus much, much more.

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The customer support we receive is excellent, friendly, personable and quick to respond.

Coacha was affordable for us and very importantly had a model that didn't take more of our income as we became more successful. … It's extremely quick to use and well presented. It carries out all of the tasks our previous system did and importantly made it easier to communicate with members. The tutorials were helpful and getting started couldn't have been easier..

Andrew Webb - City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics - review on Capterra and a Coacha subscriber

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Easy-to-use money dashboard

Managing different types of payments for hundreds of members in a subscription management platform can be daunting! Coacha's Money Dashboard simplifies everything with a powerful yet easy-to-use interface.

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Subscription management

Take money for fees regularly? If so, you'll find Coacha handles recurring billing really helpful. Weekly, monthly, annual or termly, GoCardless & Stripe integration brings you the very best in 'set & forget' subscription management.

Subscription management 12
Manage everything!

Void old transactions, see month on month data, check out late payers and see missed payments. As a subscription management platform, Coacha allows you to do all of this plus see cash vs card data, view subs plans and much more.

Subscription management 05
Card payments without a card reader

Need a member to pay for a T-shirt or kit? You can send them a one-off payment request by email or take a payment right there in the Coacha interface.

Subscription management 06
Powerful search

Need to find a payment quickly? Our powerful search facility is simple to use but will instantly find what you're looking for. A subscription management platform that makes all billing a breeze.

Subscription management 07
Transaction status

As part of your subscription management when you ask for a payment, its useful to be kept in the loop about its progression. With our transaction statuses, you can see in an instant if a payment has failed, is being processed or has succeeded.

Subscription management 08
Dynamic payment

Do your members ever ask for receipts for payments? With Coacha, these are automatically generated and can be emailed, printed or downloaded by the member. What a great online billing service!

Subscription management 09
Mass payment management

If you need to send everyone a request for a payment, you don't want to do them individually. Coacha allows you to send a mass request to a group of people at the same time.

Subscription management 10
Payment retry & failure management

Sometimes payments fail ... that's inevitable. But Coacha helps you out immediately with retry processes, and lets you know as if they fully fail. Easy to set up and then they're all automated.

Subscription management 11
Reports & exports

Need to give your accountant a full breakdown of finances? Coacha helps with a super simple yet powerful export tool. Simply hit the button and bingo, your finances are ready to go.

Subscription management 04
Quickly & easily record cash

You can't automate every payment, but you can record them with the Coacha Cash Tin. You can instantly find the relevant member and record the amount they pay with Coacha's subscriptions management software ... keeping everything in one place!

Subscription management 13
Integrated with the best in the biz...

GoCardless and Stripe are the best in the biz for online card and Direct Debit management. We've partnered with them and Coacha is fully integrated with their services.

Subscription management 14
Family / sibling / group discount

Easily set up discounts and packages to suit your needs. Offer family discounts? Not a problem? Discounts for parents? Easy. All done in just a few clicks.

Subscription management 05
Offer free trials

Do you offer a Free Trial period for new members? If so, you can build this right into your subscription plans so that they start automatically after the free trial period has completed.

Subscription management 16
B2B invoicing system*

Do you work with schools or universities? Or any other outside organisations? With unlimited customers and invoices you can bill directly from Coacha. (Not to be confused with member payments – Coacha Custom plan only)

Get on top of your subscription management:

The days of the cash tin and millions of pieces of paper are over... 


No fixed term contracts - cancel any time

We don't believe in locking you into a contract, so there are no annual fees to pay or papers to sign. While we're confident you'll love Coacha as much as we do, it's good to know you're free to cancel your subscription with us at any time.


Absolutely zero hidden fees

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't charge based on your number of members and staff. For a flat fee of each month, no matter how big your organisation, you'll get unlimited access to all of Coacha's features, and we'll never ask you to pay for any hidden extras.

Add your own log & branding

The Coacha Custom Plan comes with the ability to brand our subscription management software as your own. This includes both the iOS and Android Apps too that you, your staff and your members have full FREE access to on all paid for Coacha Plans.

Subscription management software FAQs

How much should I expect to pay for subscription management software transaction fees?

When using subscriptions management software, you can expect there to be a charge for each subscription you collect. Unless you take cash or ask your members to pay by BACS ther is absolutely no way of avoiding this.

The charge you pay is usually a small fee, decided by the payment processing company itself (such as Stripe or GoCardless), and is called a 'transaction fee'. These are usually made up of two parts. The first is a percentage of the actual transaction amount, and the second is a flat processing fee which is charged in pence. By adding these together you have the total processing fee per individual transaction.


How do I know which subscription software is the best value for money?

We usually tell people to shop around a little bit and check out all of the fees that subscriptions management software companies charge. Many subscription software companies aren't entirely transparent when it comes to telling you what their transaction fees are. So, the research process can sometimes tell you all you need to know about whether you can get subscription management software free or not.

A trustworthy subscription management provider will be open and honest about their fees from the beginning. They will happily answer any questions you have about their fees and costs and will also tell you why they charge them. If their full fees are not easy to find (often being burried down deep in their terms and conditions) or they aren't completely open and transparent if you chat to them then tread very, very carefully.


Is there more info to help me understand if free subscription management software is really free?

Yes there is. Take a look at this article about free membership management software and discover for yourself if it really is as free as the companies that are developing them claim.

Get on top of your subscription management:

The days of the cash tin and millions of pieces of paper are over... 

Subscription Management App – FAQs

What is a subscription management app and how can it help me?

A subscription management app is a brilliant new way of staying on top of your club affairs. Whether it’s keeping track of member attendance, identifying factors responsible for business shortfalls or informing everyone of important news – a subscription management app can help make your life easier as a sports club owner.

For example, the Coacha subscription management app has been designed to vastly cut admin time (sometimes by up to 80%), effectively freeing up more time and resources to grow your business. Our subscription management app also has an intuitive dashboard which places crucial information and metrics at your fingertips, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategy and make important business decisions on the go.

Why don’t you go ahead and give our subscription management app a try for free? Coacha comes with a 14-day free trial giving you access to all features at no obligation at all!


What can subscription management apps not help me with?

Good question!

Subscription management apps are generally designed to help make the management and administration of your sports club easier. So, chances are you will come across a handful of subscription management apps that can do both and much more (such as Coacha!) really well, and then there are subscription management apps that struggle to even get the “make management and admin easier” bit right.

With that said, subscription management apps are not really tools to make your business superior over another or offer you a direct path to better business growth, for example. However, that’s not to say that subscription management apps cannot indirectly help you improve your marketing and, as a result, put you on the path to growth. It could also be argued that some subscription management apps (cough… Coacha) can indirectly make you more competitive as you’re making the lives of both your clients and your trainers a lot easier.


Can subscriptions management software like Coacha help me get more students for my club?

Well – yes, our subscriptions management software can indirectly help you increase the number of enquiries and subscriptions you get. One of the reasons for that is that the Coacha subscriptions management software was built to make member sign up, really, really easy.

Another reason we can think of off the top of our head is that our subscriptions management software offers brilliant class scheduling features – allowing both your trainers and students to book and manage classes on the go. In fact, one of our subscriptions management software’s most stand out features is class booking and venue booking – making the entire booking process really fun, intuitive and seamless for all those involved.

You can watch this insightful video which explains how the venue booking feature, for example, works in our subscriptions management software. This useful article also explains at length how you can benefit from the venue booking feature in your subscriptions management software. It’s simple, easy-to-use features like these that help you get more student sign-ups!


If I’m not internet-savvy or computer-savvy, is your subscription software management still easy to use?

Oh, absolutely!

Our subscription software management is not something that we’ve designed only for the “cool millennial crowd”. On the contrary, it’s super-easy to use whether your computer-savvy, internet-savvy, tech-savvy – or not! We don’t really care about terms like these and feel that they tend to get thrown around a lot when it comes to subscription software management.

In our opinion, subscription software management needs to be simple, straightforward and easy to use, yet intuitive, insightful and useful at the same time. We had our team chanting this mantra throughout the entire development process, in fact!

You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck at any point while using our subscription software management because, by design, it is very simple to understand and use. All you need is a laptop, PC or smartphone along with an internet connection (although certain features of your subscription software management can also run without an internet connection) – and you’re all set.

Stuck at any point while using your subscription software management? Not to worry – simply submit a support ticket directly from the Coacha subscription software management and our friendly support team will help you out shortly.


What if I’m stuck with one of the subscription management features and need help or support right away?

For the vast majority of any issues our users face with subscription management in general or with one of Coacha’s features, we have a dedicated and speedy ticket system through which we can address your concern or queries within 12-24 hours.


Will my subscription management programme work properly if I don’t have an internet connection?

Some features of the Coacha subscription management programme has been designed to work normally without an internet connection. However, we would recommend that you stay connected every time you use it, as this gives you access to all the superb subscription management features – like live stats, class booking, attendance monitoring, etc. 


Which devices or systems does the Coacha subscription management programme support?

Our subscription management programme supports all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows. So, as long as you have a phone, PC, laptop or tablet that supports any of these operating systems, you’re good to go.

In case you don’t have access to any of the above devices for the time being, your subscription management programme can also be configured to run off current-generation game consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5!


Does your subscription management programme come with different pricing plans?

It does indeed – we offer three software subscription management plans to choose from – all tailored to your specific business needs. Find out more about the right software subscription management plan right here!


Can I pay monthly or yearly for the software subscription management?

Yes – you have the option of paying both monthly and annually for your chosen software subscription management plan. Sorry, is this correct, Jason? We don’t remember if you’re offering this presently but vaguely remember that you did!


How do I know which software subscription management is right for me?

We have a very useful plan comparison page for our software subscription management, which allows you to weigh the benefits between different plans, according to what you require for your business.

It’s a great way to choose a software subscription management that fits your day-to-day business needs.


Is there a way to compare Coacha with other software for subscription management?

While we don’t have a comparison tool on our site to help you compare Coacha with other software for subscription management, it’s worth noting that:

  • We don’t charge by the member like most of the other software for subscription management providers do – that can become very costly very quickly!
  • We also never show any ads at all to your members throughout the use of your software for subscription management.
  • We never charge for any version or features updates to our software for subscription management, and neither do we charge you separately for using Coacha on iOS or Android – many software for subscription management providers actually charge more for the iOS version!

Very few software for subscription management providers can make these claims – we can!


How does Coacha stand apart from other subscription management software?

One of the best ways our subscription management software stands out from other subscription management software providers is the fact that we don’t charge you extra for, say, adding more members. Plus, all our charges are transparent from day one – you pay a monthly or annual price and immediately access the full feature set. There are no charges down the line either – the only charges you may incur from time to time are transaction charges levied by the respective online merchants, such as GoCardless and Stripe.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that our subscription management software was built for ease-of-use. The intuitive but straightforward dashboard gives you club stats at a glance and allows you to quickly have the information you need on your fingertips to make well-informed business decisions on the go.

Another standout feature of our subscription management software is class and venue booking – helping both you and your trainers as well as clients reduce the time it takes to book classes and venues.

Finally, we’re charging a fantastic price for our subscription management software – in fact, our prices are more economical than the vast majority of subscription management software available today, with the same features on offer, and in many cases, better ones!

Check out the full feature set of our subscription software here.


Are there any safeguarding features in your subscription software?


The Coacha subscription software integrates the latest NSPCC guidelines for child safety, ensuring that communications between staff and members is monitored at all times. Furthermore, junior members are contacted only on a ‘need to contact’ basis, to which they never respond directly – their parent or Next of Kin (NOK) does.

If we ever feel that communication between one of our staff members and Coacha members is inappropriate, unnecessary or uncalled for, we take the necessary steps to ensure that communication is taking place on a “need only” basis and that it doesn’t become common practice.

As a dedicated subscription software provider, we’ve integrated a broad range of safeguarding features into Coacha – you can read about them at length here.


Does your subscription software make me 100% GDPR complaint?

No subscription software will ever make you 100% GDPR compliant or, for that matter, provide you with everything you need in terms of safeguarding junior members or satisfying your club’s health and safety obligations, for example.

All these ‘bespoke’ areas differ from business to business, requiring business-specific procedures and policies in place for the sake of legal compliance – this sits outside the scope of Coacha or any membership subscription software.

With that said, our membership subscription software may be used as a tool to meet your own personal compliance obligations. For example, simply by having your data secure in our membership subscription software gets you 80% there in terms of meeting GDPR obligations – but you still need to have your own policies and procedures in place to go the other 20%.


Can I get a demo to see your membership subscription software in action before committing to a membership?

We’re currently not offering a demo for our membership subscription software as we have a vast number of people from different parts of the world trialling Coacha for free. What we can do, however, is ask you to watch this really useful video which offers an in-depth look into our subscription membership software’s key features.

In fact, if you can set aside 20 minutes or so, you can find plenty of more useful videos on our subscription membership software right here.


What if I want to change my active plan with another one – can I do that in my subscription membership software?

Absolutely! There’s no obligation to stick to one plan throughout although it’s worth noting that before we can switch you to a different plan in your subscription membership software, you must wait for your current one to expire.

Simply let us know when you’re ready to switch to a different plan and as soon as your current plan expires, you’ll be prompted to activate/pay for your newly chosen subscription plan.


Is there any cancellation fee for deactivating a plan in my subscription membership software?

Some subscription management systems do levy charges for cancelling plans and even switching to a different one. Luckily, Coacha is not one of those subscription management systems!

Whenever you want to cancel a plan, there’s no need to ‘cancel’ as such – simply wait for your current plan to expire and or login to your license of our subscription management systems and switch plans in the admin dashboard.


What happens to my data while I am not a paying member in your subscription management systems?

While you take a break from Coacha, your data stays fully intact and secure, including your settings. So, everything stays as-is, making it easier than ever to pick up where you left off. All your personal data is fully secure and remains in our subscription management systems servers for a period of 12-24 months unless you ask us to delete it.


What kind of security measures are there in your subscription management system to keep my data safe?

Coacha’s subscription management system is equipped with state-of-the-art servers using the latest encryption and data security protocols to keep your data private and accessible only to our backend team. In case of the latter, your personal data in our subscription management system is accessible only on a ‘need to access’ basis, such as when you need to change your personal information or make a payment.

Our subscription management system backend team also monitors the entire Coacha network actively for cyber threats, although we cannot guarantee 100% data safety and security due to acts of nature, nationwide connectivity breakdowns or anything else beyond our control, our server uptime is best in class.

We also urge all users to take the necessary steps in order to protect their data in our subscription management system from ending up in the wrong hands. For example, set a complex password and write it down in a safe place accessible only by you and do not share your password with anyone else, as they are provided with their own credentials to log onto the subscription management platform.

In addition, try not to discuss anything related to your login credentials or students’ information while using the subscription management platform to communicate with either your staff members or clients.


Is there a way to assign different levels of access in the subscription management platform for my coaches and/or staff members?

Yes, you can do this quite easily in your subscription management platform. This article explains each step very concisely.


I really liked the 14-day trial to your subscription management platform. Is there any way to extend it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t, although we believe that 14 days is a generous timeframe to evaluate our subscription website software. Beyond that, we’ll need to charge you, but we should mention that we’re offering one of the most competitive prices for subscription website software on the market.

We hope you end up loving the Coacha subscription website software and look forward to making club admin and management easier for you!


Which payment methods can be used with my subscription website software?

Your subscription website software integrates two of the most common and practical online transaction merchants for conveniently collecting payments from your students as well as submitting your Coacha fee: GoCardless (GC) and Stripe.

However, our subscription management services also let you make debits and credits through cash and bank, as well as BACS transfers and Standing Orders. With that said, nearly all our clients use GC for direct debit payments and Stripe for credit card payments when using our subscription management services – and for a very simple reason: both these merchants offer some of the lowest online transaction rates on the market which is perfect for a cost effective subscription management service.


Are there any other charges I must pay for your subscription management services other than the monthly/annual membership charge?

Yes, you are charged small transaction related fees for using Stripe or GC, as well as a monthly fee for sending text messages through our subscription management services.


How much does it cost to send text messages through my subscription tracking software?

Not much! The rate you are charged for sending text messages through your subscription tracking software is the same as TextLocal – so, that’s 4.5-5.5p per message but this also depends on the character length.

For each message containing up to 160 characters, for example, you are charged for one message when sending text messages through your subscription tracking software. Beyond 160 characters, you are charged for two messages, and so on.


Do I get charged for sending emails through my subscription tracking software?

No, emails are 100% free to send through your subscription tracking software!


Is member privacy and safety compromised in any way when communicating through SMS and email in my subscription system?

Not at all – we take member security very seriously, and for this specific reason, have the UK’s latest CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) guidelines integrated within our subscription system, as per the latest NSPCC rules.

These guidelines are best-in-class and apply no matter which region you are using your subscription system in. This means that email and SMS communication are never compromised on our subscription system servers, where messages reach the intended party quickly and safely.


If I’m not happy with how things are in my subscription system, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, and it is something that most subscription systems do not offer.

As for our subscription systems, we are not offering refunds at the moment because we’re already offering a very competitive price. However, if you’re not happy with the way things are in our subscription systems, you can turn off recurring billing, so that you don’t get prompted to pay for the following month.

With that said, we’ll certainly be sad to see you go and hope you’ll return to using our industry-leading subscription systems soon! 


I don’t have a Stripe/GC account – will your subscription systems still work?

You don’t need a GC/Stripe account to use our subscription software in the UK (and all supported regions).

So, whether you’re using the Coacha subscription software in the UK or any of the other supported regions, you can make all your transactions through cash and bank, as well as BACS Transfer and Standing Order. Our subscription software (UK, US, AUS and CAN) supports all major debit and credit cards, so you’ve nothing to worry about.

With that said, most people end up registering an account with Stripe/GC when using our subscription software (UK or anywhere else) as it makes online transactions so easy. Not only that, but Stripe/GC is a very safe and easy way of both paying online and receiving payments online through your subscription software in the UK (plus all other supported regions).


Your subscription payment system won’t accept my card payment – what should I do?

We’ve built our subscription payment system to support all major debit and credit cards, but you do need to have an active Current Account so that all your payments to us can be made online without a hitch. If you find that there’s nothing wrong with your card or bank account, then please ensure that:

  • You have sufficient funds on the card(s) you’re using to pay
  • The CW number of your card is correct
  • You haven’t exceeded your spending limit for the day
  • Your bank has enabled online recurring purchases on your card
  • Your card is still active and/or hasn’t expired
  • Check again to make sure your card can be used with our subscription payment system (e.g. it isn’t a credit card)

In very rare cases, our subscription payment system may be down because of network connectivity issues but if that’s the case, you would be unable to log onto the subscription payment system to begin with. If that’s not the case, please submit a ticket through your subscription payment software directly so that we can assist you with payments on an urgent basis.


What’s the best way to accept member payments through my subscription payment software?

Taking payments from your members through your subscription payment software is really easy. To accept credit or debit card payments, you can use Stripe. To take direct debits, you can use GoCardless. You can also use both at the same time if you want to.

By the way, did you know that with Coacha as your subscription payment software, provide free Apps for you staff and members to use? Not many other subscription payment software providers provide these without charging you for them.


I need to cancel my account in the subscription payment platform – how do I do that?

We’re sorry to see you go – perhaps you need to take a break from the subscription payment platform and focus on other things – we totally understand!

You can cancel or close down accounts in your subscription payment platform simply by contacting our support team.

If you need to stop using your subscription payment platform for the time being, simply switch off recurring billing so that we don’t bill you for the next month. There’s also the option to suspend your account from the main control panel.


Do my members also need to create a Stripe or GC account to pay me through the subscription membership management software?

No, this is not required. When your members register themselves on the subscription membership management software, they must enter their bank account details as well along with some other basic information. So, when it’s time to pay, they will simply pay you through their bank accounts or from their credit card directly, while you can use ST or GC to accept the payments each month. It’s all set up, so neither you nor your members need to worry about a thing.

So, just to quickly reiterate, you simply need to have a ST/GC account while your members need to enter their bank account or card details details when setting up their subscription membership management software.


I either don’t have or don’t wish to create a Stripe/GoCardless account. What are my options for accepting member payments through my subscription membership management software?

Your subscription membership management software allows you to take direct debits (through GC), and accept debit and credit cards (through Stripe). If you don’t want to use Stripe or GoCardless, you can record cash, BACS transfers and Standing Orders – so there are plenty of alternatives if you don’t wish to take advantage of the ST/GC integration in our subscription database software.


How do I integrate my GC account with my subscription database software?

Go to the Money section of your subscription database software and then ‘Settings’ – this is where you’ll find GoCardless.

Click on ‘Money’ and then ‘Manage Plans’ to create a plan and then attach your members to plans/direct debits. This can be done via ‘Money’, and then ‘New Payment’.


How do I integrate my Stripe account with my subscription database software?

Log onto your subscription database software and find the ‘Money’ section. Select ‘Settings’ and on the right side of the screen, you’ll find a “Connect to Stripe” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Stripe account with your subscription management online platform.


I don’t have a GC or Stripe account – Can I create one through my subscription management online platform?

You can indeed.

Go to ‘Money’, then ‘Settings’, and then ‘Create a GoCardless account’.

This will take you directly to GC’s sign up page. Follow the onscreen instructions and then click ‘Create account’.

The same process applies to creating an account with Stripe through your subscription management online system.


Is there a way to see what payments GC has sent me directly through my subscription management online app?

There is – you can view payouts by heading to ‘Money’, then ‘Settings’, and then ‘View Payouts’. This is what members have paid you each month, which gets automatically credited to your GC account. Your subscription management online system makes it really easy to see who has paid and who hasn’t.


Can I find out through my payment subscription system whether members have successfully set up their bank accounts?

You can – head over to the ‘Money’ section of your payment subscription system and then click on ‘Settings’. Now go to ‘View Mandates’ to see which members have successfully set up their bank account.

Different mandate statuses in your payment subscription system inform you whether a member has successfully set up their bank account or not.


What can I do if a member fails to pay me on time? Are there any useful options in my payment subscription system to chase payments?

Your payment subscription system actually offers the option to automatically chase payments in case of non-payment. It’s very easy to set up too.

Go to your Dashboard, then access ‘Club Settings’ and then ‘Notifications’ Toggle ‘Enable automatic payment chasing’ on and that’s it.


Do I need to have a business website in order to use the Coacha online subscription software?

Not at all. Even though your online subscription software is web-based, it does not require you to link up a business website in order to benefit from all the fantastic features!


I have a huge members list which I’d like to import into my online subscription software – how do I do that?

Easy – just keep your member data spreadsheets handy and then download the Member Import Spreadsheet included with your online subscription software. Add all the data to it, transferring data from your spreadsheet to the appropriate columns in your online subscription software’s spreadsheet.

Now use the ‘mass import’ feature (found under ‘People’) and you have now successfully imported all your member data into your online subscription management software!


Can my members view and manage their own data from within the online subscription management software?

They can – we’ve included a FREE Members Portal with your online subscription management software, which is also available to try during the free trial. Simply select ‘Allow Members to Login’ from the Member Portal options (accessible through Club Settings), and this way, your members can view all their data in the online subscription management software. It’s also the gold standard for GDPR when it comes to members having access and control over their data.  


If I want only a select group of members to view my email messages, can I do that from my online subscription management software?

You can – from your online subscription management platform’s main menu on the top left, choose ‘Broadcast’. Now set up Member Groups so that only specific members get your email messages.


How do I choose if I want to import individual members or multiple members in my online subscription management system?

You can add members individually by going into the ‘People’ section of your online subscription management system. When you want to add multiple members, you can use the Mass Import feature which is also accessible from the ‘People’ section.


Some of my members are complaining that they are not receiving email and/or text broadcasts I sent several days ago from my online subscription management app. What seems to be the issue?

If one or multiple members in your club have received the email/SMS broadcast in their online subscription management platform, then everyone should be getting it – the Coacha membership and subscription management software works on the “all or nothing” principle. 

With that in mind, our membership and subscription management software integrates the latest NSPCC’s CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) guidelines – these are necessary when it comes to members of our staff communicating with junior clients under the age of 18. So, in such cases, the client’s parents or NOKs (next of kins) will receive the broadcast and not them.

If we rule out the above scenario for your members/students not receiving broadcasts through their membership and subscription management software, then it could possibly be due to their inbox folders being full or their junk/spam folder settings being very strict. With some email services in particular, all unknown or unapproved (email addresses not added to the recipient’s ‘safe list’) end up in the junk folder or get blocked off entirely.

If this is the case, simply ask your students/clients to add this domain to the safe senders list: https://coacha.app.


Is my personal data automatically backed up in the Coacha membership and subscription management software? What about my member’s personal data?

Each subscriber’s information is automatically backed up in our membership and subscription management software, and across all servers we have in the available regions. This ensures that no loss of data occurs should there be a backend issue with our membership and subscription management platform.


Can my membership and subscription management system allow me to see how many students are attending classes or ‘on premises’ at any given time?

As long as one of your coaches are checking the members in or the latter are checking themselves in, you can see precisely who entered and left and building or club, and at what time. There’s a very useful feature in your membership and subscription management app called Attendance Registers. You can find it under ‘Classes & Registers’.

We’ve put together an article that helps explain all the brilliant features of Attendance Registers in your membership and subscription management system – something you can really use to your advantage when it comes to knowing who’s where and doing what.


Can you explain how the Member Portal works in your membership and subscription management platform?

The Member Portal in your member subscription software is an incredibly useful feature which allows your members to conveniently view different aspects of the club, their membership, their profile, and more.

To log into the Member Portal, your members need to follow this link from their web browser:  https://my.coacha.app/. Once logged into the member subscription software’s Member Portal, they’ll be directed to the main Dashboard.

This useful article answers a lot of common questions your members may have when initially using the Member Portal in their member subscription software, so it’s worth a read!


Can my members use the Member Portal on their own or do I have to assign login credentials from my member subscription software?

In order for your members to access the Member Portal from their member subscription software, you must first assign a login to each member.

Member logins can be assigned in several ways from your club subscription software:

  • You can assign a password individually to each member;
  • You can request that all members create their own passwords once you assign mass logins;
  • You can ask members to create their own passwords at the time of club signup (your club subscription software includes a default club sign up form which every member is greeted with at the time of sign up).

Here’s a quick guide which shows you how to set up Member Portal logins through your club subscription software.


How do I mass assign Member Portal logins from my club subscription software?

It’s really easy to mass assign logins from your club subscription software:

Under ‘People’, you will find ‘Your Members’. Next, select ‘Set member logins’. You will notice that the box that says ‘Send to Everyone’ is checked by default.

However, if you want to send Member Portal logins through your subscription membership systems to a specific class or group only, then uncheck this box and choose the relevant class/group from the dropdown. Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Send Login Request’.

We’re all set!


How do I assign a subscription to a member using your subscription membership systems?

This superb subscription feature in our subscription membership systems offers you full control over your finances, enabling you to easily bill members through GoCardless or Stripe integration. The best part is, we integrate seemlessly with GC/Stripe – something which many subscription membership systems are doing today, unfortunately.

If your account is not linked up with either Stripe or GC, then you need to first set up a subscription plan in our subscription membership systems. You can do that by going into ‘Money’ and then ‘Manage Plans’. Find the ‘Create a new payment plan’ section and enter the new subscription’s details. After you create a plan, you’ll be able to link it up with either GC or Stripe to receive member payments.

If you already have a subscription plan set up in our subscription membership systems, head to ‘Money’ and then ‘New Payment’. Simply work your way through the steps and set a subscription end date as the final step. Once you’ve set everything up to your liking, click ‘Set up Direct Debit Agreement’.

We’re done!


One of my members is not sure how to use the default sign up form in your subscription management solution – how can I guide them?

Using the default club sign up form in our subscription management solution is super simple. This page explains how to do it properly.


If members want to change any information in your subscription management solution/software, how can they do this?

Changing information in our subscription management solution/software is very easy. After logging in, your member will need to click on ‘My Profile’ from the top left of the screen.

All they need to do now is update the details they’d like to change, then hit ‘Save’ and they’re all done. How’s that for a quick and simple subscription management solution?


If a member wants to have their personal data removed/deleted permanently, who do they contact – Coacha or me?

While subscription management tools like Coacha offer members a lot of online facilities, one of the things they cannot do is delete member data. This needs to be done from your end, as the club owner.


I’ve never sent email/text broadcasts using subscription management tools – how does this work in Coacha?

Some subscription management tools actually make it a bit complicated to send email/text broadcasts – luckily, you’ll never have this problem when using subscription management tools like Coacha.

From your subscription management tools’ main dashboard, click ‘Broadcasts’ and then ‘Send Broadcast’.

Give your broadcast a subject line and type out the message below. You can also choose if you want to send your message in email or SMS form through the best subscription software there is today!


Is Coacha the best subscription software there is? Is it the only one I need?

This depends on a few things to be honest.

  • Are you looking for the kind of “best subscription software” which people highly recommend on the internet but when you actually get it, it falls short in several departments?
  • Do you want to download the “best subscription software” which has received awards and accolades, but when you actually start using it, you realise that it just doesn’t live up to the hype?
  • Do you want to be stuck with the “best subscription software” which allegedly offers the best price but you soon start to discover that there are hidden charges down the line?

Coacha is none of the above! While we wouldn’t go as far as to tweet our own horn and call it the “best subscription management software”, our users certainly seem to think so.

Our team has worked hard over the years, researching the market to see what kind of features people need the most and how to make life easier for club owners. Being sports coaches and sports lovers ourselves, we understand the makings of the “best subscription management software”.

So, whether you want to call Coacha the best subscription management software or not, we will leave that entirely up to you – this 14-day free trial should help you decide. 


What do the best subscription management software have in common?

The best subscription management software definitely have a few traits in common:

  • Allowing members to sign up easily, book classes/venues and view schedules
  • Offer unmatched child safety and member data security
  • Offer premium features that other “best subscription management platforms” are offering but at practically a fraction of the cost
  • Cut admin and club management time in half

Is Coacha among these “best subscription management platforms”? Our 14-day free trial is a good way to find out!


I’ve come across a number of “best subscription management platforms” online but they all seemed to lack in some way or the other – can Coacha fill in those gaps?

A lot of market research and persistent features optimisation has gone into developing Coacha and that too with a view to make it the best subscription management platform. Being sports coaches and sports club owner ourselves, we understand very well what club owners are looking for when it comes to significantly cutting down admin and management time.

We have put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making Coacha the best subscription management platform – but we’d still like you to try it out and see if you feel the same: your 14-day free trial awaits!

Comparing Coacha with other software and apps?

A few things to remember…

Firstly, we don't charge by the member, as that gets costly for you. Also, we never show adverts to your members. And we don't charge for updates and new features, nor the use of our iOS & Android Apps. Above all though, we don't draw you in with claims of 'FREE to use' then pile on extra charges later for unlocking functionality that should be included in the first place.
Few providers can make all of these claims. But we can.

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