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    Getting paid for your hard work is important, but you shouldn't need an accounting
    degree to organise your subscription management! Coacha's money section is built
    specifically to simplify the task of collecting and managing money.

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Where to start?

The world of subscription management for sports clubs is vast. This is why, at Coacha, we try and make things as easy (and cheap) as possible for our users.

Payments can be taken digitally, through our partner Stripe and tracked within Coacha. Payments can recur as weekly/monthly/yearly subscriptions, or can be taken as one-offs. And you can also utilise Coacha's virtual Cash Tin. We are also soon to be expanding our Money functionality to welcome Gocardless on board. Gocardless will give our users even more flexibility; offering an additional option of direct debits, alongside Stripe's recurring card payments.

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Other Features

Coacha's easy-to-use, intuitive money dashboard takes the stress out of managing finances, billing and reduces time spent on admin, leaving more time for coaching! Thank heavens for automation!
It's easy for payments to slip your mind when you're busy coaching. Luckily Coacha's sophisticated functionality seamlessly keeps track of all missed payments so that you don't have to.
From rolling subscriptions to one-off cash and card payments, Coacha lets you see at a glance every payment that hits your account, which will enable you to manage things much easier. Make sure you get paid.
Automate payments securely and painlessly without the need for a card reader or specialist app, all through Coacha and Stripe. Get paid on time.
Unlike many of our competitors, we'll never charge a penny in transaction fees; We want to help you generate more income and save money, not spend it!
There's no excuse for missed payments with Coacha's subscriptions. Set up your choice of weekly, monthly and yearly plans and wait for the money to roll in! Talk about flexible!
Updated in real time and hidden from coach logins, Coacha's money dashboard gives club owners an overview of those all important finances to manage them as best as possible. Learn to love online billing!
See a list of historical transactions, or search using Coacha's payment filter to find exactly what you're looking for in just a flash. From one-offs, to recurring billing, find what you need instantly. Billing management at its finest.
Coacha's recurring payment subscription system is quicker and more cost effetive than many of the direct debit services available. Simply set up a recurring payment, assign to a member and wait for them to generate.
Every transaction that goes through Coacha can be downloaded as an Excel file. Filter by date range or individual members.
Need to edit, update or remove cash payment records? Coacha lets you do so in just a few seconds, right from the easy-to use money dashboard.
Fed up of having to manually chase payments for weeks on end? Stripe automatically tries to recollect the payment and Coacha keeps you informed along the way without charging you for doing so.
Worried about relying on a system for your payments? You'll never have been more informed. Coacha keeps you in the loop every step of the way.
Whether it's been paid, is pending, retrying or requested, Coacha seamlessly lets you know all all one-off and recurring payment statuses in the Money Dashboard.
Coacha has a new and improved system that allows you to easily search for payments using the search bar, filters and much more! Streamline your automated billing.
We're helping you further cut down your admin time by allowing you to assign more than one member at a time to a payment request. You're welcome!

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Only £25/month thereafter, regardless of your number of athletes and coaches.

Types of payment

With our subscription management platform, you have the luxury of choosing between 3 different types of payment. Depending on which way your club operates and which way you choose to accept payments, you may decide to utilise all 3 of the payment features including subscription management. The 3 types of payment are:


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1) Subscriptions
We integrate with Stripe for billing (and soon to be Gocardless) for all online payments as they have the lowest fees on the market and are super flexible. We don't mark up these fees at all. We've made a concious effort to select a billing service which is low fee and highly secure for our users.
2) One-off payments
Do you need to collect competition fees? Or maybe your club has a new uniform you need to take payment for? No worries. You can easily send out one-off payment requests to all of your members.
3) Cash payments
You are also able to record cash (or other types of payment) seamlessly in Coacha's virtual Cash Tin. Keep your club as automated as possible with the best web based billing software available, whether you're subscription based. Keep your club admin hassle-free witht the best possible level of revenue management.



Ongoing development

Here at Coacha we are always improving the way the system works. This is part of
the ongoing promise we make to our subscribers to have their best interests at heart.
Epsecially when it comes to subscription management...



Coacha are long-term Stripe partners, having partnered with them back when we first launched. Stripe enable easy subscription management with flexibility and some of the lowest fees in the industry (just 1.4% + 20p). We never mark these fees up, making us a minority in the subscription management platform industry.


With the integration of Gocardless for direct debits in 2019, Coacha is extremely excited to offer more flexibilty in terms of a payment gateway which will enable users to choose which gateway to use. Gocardless certainly helps make our subscription management platform more flexible and gives our users more options.


Your choice

You'll soon be able to manage your subscription billing through Stripe (recurring card payment) or Gocardless (direct debit) as we offer yet another payment processing software to our users. If you think you may be a potential subscriber and have some questions, be sure to get in touch with our Support Team!


Setting up a Subscription


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Frequently Asked Subscription Management Questions

How much should I expect to pay for subscription software?

When using subscription software, you can expect there to be a charge for each subscription you collect. This is usually a small fee, decided by the payment processor.

Each payment processor (such as Stripe, Paypal & Gocardless) has different fees. They charge customers via a 'transaction fee' which usually comes in the form of a percentage, plus a few pence. For example, Stripe charge 1.4%+20p per transaction.

Is subscription management software free?

When it comes to subscription software, many providers will advertise themselves as 'free to use', and then add a % onto the payment processors transaction fee. Many club owners are taken in by this clever (or sneaky - you decide) way of marketing, because the system appears 'free' to use. However, this usually means that if you do the math, you end up paying sometimes thousands of pounds more a year in transaction fees.

When it comes to asking 'Can I get subscription management software free?' The answer is no, but you CAN avoid additional fees from providers who add percentages onto existing fees.

How do I know which subscription software is the best value for money?

We usually tell people to shop around a little bit. Many providers aren't entirely transparent when it comes to telling you what their transaction fees are, so the research process can sometimes tell you all you need to know about if you can get subscription management software free or not.

A trustworthy software provider will be open and honest about their fees from the beginning. They will happily answer any questions you have about costs and also justify them.