Easy to use subscription management system

Not wasting your time on the books is important, and you shouldn't need an accounting degree to run a club!
Coacha is subscription management software designed to make your life easier.

Manage money, get paid on time, every time

None of us love admin, especially when its chasing for money and figuring out who's paid what. With subs, fees and other money, you need to be able to 'set and forget' and move on to the fun things that you enjoy doing.

Easy-to-use money dashboard

Managing different types of payments for hundreds of members can be daunting. Coacha's Money Dashboard simplifies everything with a powerful but easy-to-use interface.

Subscription management

Take money for your club fees? Then you'll find a subscription management platform that handles recurring billing really helpful. Weekly, monthly, annual or terms, GoCardless & Stripe integration brings you the very best in 'set & forget' subscription management.

Quickly and easily record cash

You can't automate cash payments, but you can record them. With a virtual 'Cash Tin', you can instantly find your relevant member and record the amount they pay with our subscriptions management software ... keeping everything in one place

Card payments without the need for a card reader

Need a member to pay for a T-shirt or kit? You can send them a one-off payment request by email or take a payment right there in front of them using the Coacha interface. No card reader which reduces your costs and simplifies your online billing service straight away.

Save your time with quick searches

Need to find a payment quickly? Our powerful search facility is simple to use and will instantly find what you're looking for. A subscription management platform that makes all billing a breeze.

Automatic transaction status

As part of your subscription management when you ask for a payment, its useful to be kept in the loop about its progression. With our transaction statuses, you can see in an instant if a payment has failed, is being processed or has succeeded.

Dynamic payment receipts

Do your members ever ask for receipts for payments? With Coacha, these are automatically generated and can be emailed to the member or printed.

Mass payment management

If you need to send everyone a request for a payment, you don't want to do it individually! Coacha allows you to send a mass request to a group of people at the same time!

Payment failure management

Sometimes payments fail ... that's inevitable. But Coacha helps you out immediately with retry processes and lets you know as soon as they fully fail.

Reports & exports

Need to give your accountant a full breakdown of the club finances? Coacha can help with a super simple, yet comprehensive export feature. Simply hit the button and bingo, your club finances are ready.

Manage everything!

Void old transactions, see month on month data, check out late payers and see missed payments. As a subscription management platform, Coacha allows you to do all of this plus see cash vs card data, view subs plans and much more.

Integrated with the best in the biz...

GoCardless and Stripe are the best in the biz for online transactions and Direct Debit management. That's why we've partnered with them and are fully integrated with their services.

Get on top of your money management

The days of the cash tin and millions of pieces of paper are over... with Coacha


No fixed term contracts - cancel any time

We don't believe in locking you into a contract, so there are no annual fees to pay or papers to sign. While we're confident you'll love Coacha as much as we do, it's good to know you're free to cancel your subscription with us at any time.IEW MORE +


Absolutely zero hidden fees

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't charge based on your number of athletes and coaches. For a flat fee of £36 a month, no matter how big your club, you'll get unlimited access to all of Coacha's features, and we'll never ask you to pay for any hidden extras. IEW MORE +

Supporting you in your set up

We've seen Coacha transform clubs just like yours, which is why we're happy to help you get started. Just send us your athletes' information and the details of your classes and we'll add it all in. Then you can enjoy full (set up free) subscription management software across your club.VIEW MORE +

Subscription management software FAQs

How much should I expect to pay for subscription management software transaction fees?

When using subscriptions management software, you can expect there to be a charge for each subscription you collect. Unless you take cash or ask your members to pay by BACS ther is absolutely no way of avoiding this.

The charge you pay is usually a small fee, decided by the payment processing company itself (such as Stripe or GoCardless), and is called a 'transaction fee'. These are usually made up of two parts. The first is a percentage of the actual transaction amount, and the second is a flat processing fee which is charged in pence. By adding these together you have the total processing fee per individual transaction.

Each payment processor (such as Stripe, Paypal & GoCardless) has different fees. For example, Stripe charge 1.4%+20p per transaction and GoCardless charge just 1%+20p per transaction.

Is subscription management software free?

When it comes to subscription software, many providers will advertise themselves as 'free to use' advertising that they have with no monthly subscription fee. They will however then add an extra percentage onto the payment processors' transaction fee that we spoke about in the above FAQ.

This is also known as 'marking up fees'. Many club owners are taken in by this clever (or sneaky - you decide) way of marketing, because the system appears 'free' to use. However, this usually means that if you do the maths, you will actually end up paying way more each month / year in transaction fees than by using a subscription management platform that charges a monthly subscription fee but has vastly lower transaction fee charges.

This fee difference can somes add up to thousands of punds a year in extra fees, so check this out very carefully.

So it has to be said that when it comes to asking 'Can I get subscription management software free?' The answer is no, but you CAN avoid additional fees from providers who add percentages onto existing fees.

How do I know which subscription software is the best value for money?

We usually tell people to shop around a little bit and check out all of the fees that subscriptions management software companies charge. Many subscription software companies aren't entirely transparent when it comes to telling you what their transaction fees are. So, the research process can sometimes tell you all you need to know about whether you can get subscription management software free or not.

A trustworthy subscription management provider will be open and honest about their fees from the beginning. They will happily answer any questions you have about their fees and costs and will also tell you why they charge them. If their full fees are not easy to find (often being burried down deep in their terms and conditions) or they aren't completely open and transparent if you chat to them then tread very, very carefully.

Is there more info to help me understand if free subscription management software is really free?

Yes there is. Take a look at this article about free membership management software and discover for yourself if it really is as free as the companies that are developing them claim.

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