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Coacha will save you lots of time and help organise your admin. It has enhanced COVID19 features, a booking system, and ensures you get paid on time. You also get a member portal, attendance registers and safeguarding tools. Coacha is GDPR compliant too. Plus much, much more.

Club admin - to go - on any device. 

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Covid 19 features built in as standard

Track & Trace, Virtual Classes, Self-Reporting & Quarantine, help the NHS, plus much more!

How does Coacha save you time? 

It's quite simple really!
With Coacha, you can automate all of the traditionally time-consuming tasks associated with organising people. In just a few clicks, many of them you can ‘set and forget'.
Set and forget

Once you've set up payments, they will be taken automatically each month and we'll let you know if anything goes wrong.

Automatic generation

Things like registers are generated automatically so they're ready for you and your team to quickly check people in during the session - then get straight on with coaching.

Automatic signup

Your club's signup form allows potential members to sign up to your club and Coacha will automatically create a new member profile for them.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

Hundreds of sports clubs, dance academies, pastime clubs & theatre groups use Coacha

Coacha is incredibly simple for you to set up and use, right from the start. Our club membership software makes managing clubs and members very easy. Your coaches, staff and helpers really will love this new approach to club management. You can monitor attendance, keep track of and save money (plus much more) whilst knowing your data stays safe and secure.

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Managing your club and members shouldn’t be difficult

We don’t make money out of your transactions. Nearly all other membership management software packages do. What’s more, if you have lots of members or your club grows, with Coacha, you won’t pay extra. It's one flat monthly fee for any size of club. Amazing functionality at an amazing price. Unlike most other membership softwares.

Click or tap on the below for a glimpse of what awaits you inside Coacha ...

Like what you see so far?

Then why not save time, stress and money, as well as simplify your admin at the same time?

What's in it for you?

So, what are some of the cool things that Coacha does to make your life easier?
It's a long list but here are the headlines ...

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Member Profiles

Manage your club members, coaches and fellow admins with advanced member management features. With a focus on GDPR compliance and child protection you have access to everything you need, when you need it - either from your computer or your pocket!

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Subs & payments

Our Money section gives you complete control over your club finances. You can set up your subscriptions with recurring card payments & direct debits, take one-off card payments and record cash. You can even send a payment request by email, so your members can pay you from home.

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Get the message!

Broadcasts let you email and text your team in just a few clicks. Message everyone in a class, a group or the entire club! And with Coacha's child safeguarding features, only the right people get the message!

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Club signup forms

Never input a new member again, with Coacha's club sign up forms. This feature is unique to your club and you can ask your potential members to agree to your various club policies in a few easy steps. 

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Track attendance

Having trouble understanding who was at class and when? Not anymore with Coacha's super easy-to-use athlete attendance system! You can even lock registers so that your team can sign themselves in when they arrive (without accessing the rest of your account or device!)

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Club stats & reports

Need to know whats happening in your club? No problem. Coacha gives you all the info you need to find out how your club is doing. From financial exports (which you can upload to your accounts software) to member reports on attendance, class popularity and so much more!

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Happy members!

Give your members a Coacha login so they can see their personal data. Things like what they've spent with the club (including receipts), the club timetable, any club notices you've posted. Plus all of their personal information you hold in Coacha's software membership management.

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Super secure, super fast

Coacha is built on the latest (and fasted) technology! Not only that, but your club membership software data is secured behind class-leading security measures. We lead the way in membership manager software.

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Bookable classes

Sometimes you might run classes that are open to all your members. Well now they can log into their coacha profile and book a place! Easy!

Go on, start making life easier for yourself

You know it makes sense. You've been putting it off, but you know you need to do it ...

Still have questions? 

Choosing to automate your club admin is a step that, once taken, will make your life easier. But that first step can be the biggest! Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about Coacha from new clubs.

Membership Management Software FAQs

  How easy is Coacha to set up?

VERY easy! But then again, all software for membership providers say that. Coacha genuinely is though. Not only is it easy for you to set up, but we also offer a completely free setup service so what could be better than that? We get that you're busy so we're happy to do all the work for you to get your membership database up and running. And you get access to FREE iOS & Android Apps. And just by using Coacha you'll be well on your way to GDPR compliance. Win win all round.

  How much does coacha cost to use?

In a nutshell, Coacha costs £25 per month for unlimited use. We dont care how big you are, nor how successful you become (well, we obviously care how successful you are, but we don't make money out of it!) YOU WILL ALWAYS PAY JUST £25 PER MONTH.

  How do we take payments?

You can manage all of your money in Coacha's software for membership. We are partnered with two of the top payment providers in the world, Stripe & GoCardless. We use these services to process the transactions and subscriptions.

  Can I get real Support?

We are confident that we are class leaders when it comes to support. Coacha is not only backed by amazing 'how to' directories/instructional videos, but our support team is second to none. Coacha - software for membership management at its best!

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