Do your coaches or teachers do private sessions or 1-2-1s? Coacha has them covered!

Managing time and calendars can be tricky! 

Coacha can help both you and your amazing coaches and teachers manage their schedule of private lessons with ease with our 1-2-1 & private class feature. Open up timeslots, see hours worked and so much more ...

Coach timeslot management

Complete control over your coaches timeslots and their ability to be booked. In just a few taps or clicks you can open up timeslot's for people to book and pay for a private session.      

Complete control

All the control you would ever need in just a few clicks. Our Timeslot system allows you to open up admin to your coaches or keep it under your own control.

Pay on booking features

Need members to pay for a private session when they book? No problem, our timeslot booking system gives you multiple payment options, from cash to direct debit to card payment.

Coach work sheet

Know exactly how many hours your coach has worked over a specific time period with our timesheet feature. Great if you pay your coaches on a monthly basis.

Member payment history

All of the payments for timeslots will show up in the members profile ready to see who has paid and who hasn't. These transactions and requests also show up, fully searchable in the money section.

Multiple types of session

From 1-2-1 timeslots to small private groups, this feature has you covered. It can even help if you run several separate 1-2-1s in the same time slot!

In app booking

Your members and parents will be able to log into the Coacha iOS & Android apps on their phones or tablets and book their time with a coach straight away. Just a couple of clicks and they are all done!

Cancelation management

Sometimes people need to cancel, but often forget to let the coach know! Our system tells you straight away if a members isn't coming and opens up the session for rebooking.

Member zone bookings

When your members log in to coacha on a desktop pc or mac they get the full coacha experience. Here they will find all the controls and processes needed to book their private sessions.

Launch your sports club admin today

Software should make your life easier. That is why coacha is built around everything you need to simplify your sports & passtime club administration. Get your life back, with Coacha!

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