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Coacha’s founders are web and software designers as well as sports coaches – a perfect combo! Not only do we understand what you need as a coach, we know exactly how to design and build it too.

The Coacha Story

It’s 1999. Two like-minded guys meet at work. Both have individual hopes of leaving corporate life and being their own bosses. A friendship is formed, a cleverly constructed plan hatched and eventually, a business partnership is created.

In 2001, after years working in the marketing and design industries, the demand from their personal clients meant the dream was beginning: both leaving their day jobs to focus on all things digital and design.

Jump to 14 years later. It’s 2015 and the years previous to this involved Chris and his (now) wife Sarah both trying to find the perfect piece of sports club management software for their own clubs. It wasn’t long before they were faced with the frustrations that our users still arrive to us with; complicated systems, tiered pricing structures, hidden fees and software that did some, but not all of what they needed it to do. It was at this point that Chris had the light bulb moment to make their own piece of software, and soon convinced Jason that it was an amazing idea.

Making products like this every day for clients, and self-funding the project, the process was less scary and more exciting – and still is. Coacha has continually evolved and grown since launch, and continues to do so. With new payment plans, and constant feature additions loyal subscribers are continuously growing and the whole Coacha team are doing everything they can to help clubs discover a better way to run their club administration.

We realise we tell you that we understand your frustrations and that we care a lot, and it’s because we genuinely do. We’re in your shoes daily, with the whole team coaching/involved in sport, and we only want what’s best for our clubs. We’re here to bring a change to club management software, to protect you from hidden fees, false promises and complicated, tiered systems. 

We’re Coacha & we’re here to make a difference.

Self-funded from the start

Coacha has been self-funded since day one. This means there are no investors to satisfy and no hoops to jump through. So, when we want to improve Coacha, we simply do it. We are a dedicated team that understand what you need and why. It’s our promise to you, and to ourselves, that we carry on this way.


Chris Davis

Chris has spent most of his life training in the martial arts as well as time competing at a national level in Badminton & Volleyball. He holds Black Belts in several martial arts, and is currently focused on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), coaching and developing the competition team in Gracie Barra Gloucester.

Chris is an active competitor in his own right having competed at a national and international level. He is also a member of the British Association of Sports & Exercise Sciences and developed his own methodology for coaching martial artists and combat sports athletes known as MartialBody.


Jason Ayers

Both Jason & Chris have never been ones to shy away from staying active, always living full lives. Jason spent his time following University being a semi-professional DJ, owning his own night club & doing lots of travelling.

He also played & coached Badminton for county & swam for his college team.

Coacha came from a real need

Lugging around heavy folders, rifling through paper registers, searching for information in an emergency? We’ve been there too. And after a close call with an injured athlete at one of our own clubs, we realised that using an app for this and a spreadsheet for that just wasn’t cutting it. We thought, ‘surely we can build something that does everything we need in one, whilst being more secure for our athletes?’… And so, Coacha was born.

Membership Management Apps & Software for any type of club, organisation or society.

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