Let non-members (and members) see and book onto sessions, and sign up for membership ... *

... either from your own website or your FREE Coacha public pages. If you're looking to grow your membership and take bookings (and money!) quickly, easily and with no ongoing input needed from you, then Coacha’s Public Pages are for you! The days of signing new members up manually and non-members not knowing what you have going on are no more…

(*this feature is only available in the Coacha Custom Plan.)

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The customer support we receive is excellent, friendly, personable and quick to respond.

Coacha was affordable for us and very importantly had a model that didn't take more of our income as we became more successful. … It's extremely quick to use and well presented. It carries out all of the tasks our previous system did and importantly made it easier to communicate with members. The tutorials were helpful and getting started couldn't have been easier..

Andrew Webb - City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics - review on Capterra and a Coacha subscriber

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Embed Coacha on your own website

With a simple bit of code you can display info from Coacha on your own website. All it takes is an iFrame and you’re good to go. Let members and non-members alike see sessions and events and book, directly from your own website.

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No website? No worries! We have you covered…

With Coacha, we can host your Public Pages for you. No extra cost, no hidden surprises, just completely free webpages. Get your classes, sessions, events, courses, membership sign up, and more, all on the web – no web programming necessary!

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Non-members: tell them what’s on

Let non-members see what you have on and when. They don’t need to be signed in to Coacha to see your sessions, classes or events as they’re on display for everyone to see. More visibility means more bookings!

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Non-members: let them book a trial / taster

Do you offer a free (or a paid for) trial or taster sessions? Let potential members join your sessions without you having to do anything. All easy to set up, all fully automated, all sorted.

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Non-members: let them join a wait list

Avoid having spare places if people cancel. Whether first come first served, or letting people who joined the list the earliest have first dibs, you’ll never miss a booking again. If there are enough interested, then why not set up an additional sessions?

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Non-members: let them pay you money

Reduce calls and conversations and remove manual processes. With Coacha’s ‘set and forget’ automated payments features taking money from people has never been quicker and easier.

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Follow up after trial / taster – fully automated

Once a non-member has attended a trial, you’ll be notified. But Coacha doesn’t stop there as it’s able to automatically follow up for you too. The system will see if they want to sign up and set up their payment plan for you if they do. You really don’t have to lift a finger!

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Follow up after trial / taster - manual

Maybe your onboarding process means that you want to contact non -members yourself after a taster session? Perhaps to get feedback? Or to discuss what their options are? No worries, we can help you with that too.

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Fully automate membership sign up

Let non-members sign up quickly and easily using the seamless process at the heart of Coacha’s public Pages. Unlimited payment plans combined with industry leading low transaction fees leads to reduced admin (and stress!) for you.

Coacha Public Pages 05
Select what you want people to see

Maybe you only have a few sessions you want non-members to see? Or perhaps you want them to see everything? With your Public Pages, you control how much (or little) people can see and book on to.

Coacha Public Pages 06
Group, 1-2-1 or course bookings

Whether an individual person, several people, or a series of events such as courses, you’re covered. Configure any type of booking and let people book through the your website, or your own Public Pages hosted by Coacha.

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Members: let them book without signing in to Coacha

Bookings can be made directly from your website / Public Pages by your members without them having to log directly into Coacha. As always, you’re notified instantly of the bookings too.

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Booking size limits

Running out of space or want to avoid extra people turning up unannounced? With Coacha’s Public Pages, you can set your booking sizes so that when they're fully booked, no one else will be able to book onto them. 

Coacha Public Pages 09
Avoid not knowing who’s coming

Avoid low numbers and empty sessions. Coacha automatically notifies you of every booking that’s made, so you see get a real time view of how your sessions are filling up. The set up options are endless and all aimed at reducing your admin time.

Coacha Public Pages 04
Streamline, reduce and even eliminate repetitive tasks

Eliminate telling lots of different people the same thing time and time again. Save admin time with no more forms or having to manually book people on to sessions. You can also eliminate emails and phone calls to take payment from people too.

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