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Coacha will save you lots of time and help organise your admin. It has a booking system, enhanced COVID19 features, and ensures you get paid on time. You also get a client portal, attendance registers and enhanced safeguarding. Coacha is GDPR compliant too. Plus much, much more.

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Very pleased - The customer support we receive is excellent, friendly, personable and quick to respond.

Coacha was affordable for us and very importantly had a model that didn't take more of our income as we became more successful. The system also looked pleasing to the eye and appeared to have the momentum of ongoing development behind it. This is a very well thought out piece of software.

Andrew Webb - review on Capterra & Coacha subscriber

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Timeslot management

Complete control over your timeslots and their ability to be booked. In just a few taps or clicks, you can open up timeslot's for clients to book and pay for a private session.

personal training appointment scheduler

Pay on booking features

Need clients to pay for a private session when they book? No problem. Our personal training booking system gives you multiple payment options, from cash to direct debit to card payment.

personal trainer scheduling app

Record your hours

Know exactly how many hours you have worked over a specific time period with our timesheet feature. You can even export the data and integrate to your accountancy software.

pt studio management software

Multiple types of session

From 1-2-1 timeslots to small private groups, this feature has you covered. It can even help if you run several separate 1-2-1s in the same time slot.

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In app booking

Your clients can log into the Coacha iOS / Android apps on their phones or tablets and book their time with you straight away. Just a couple of taps or clicks and they are all done!

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Cancelation management

Sometimes people need to cancel, but often forget to let you know. Our system tells you straight away if a client isn't coming and opens up the session for rebooking.

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Member zone bookings

When your clients login to Coacha on a PC or MAC, they get the full Coacha experience. Here they will find all the controls and features needed to book their private sessions.

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Get paid on time, every time

Getting paid for your hard work has never been simpler. Take rolling subscriptions and all other fees and one-off payments using Coacha’s payment partners Stripe & GoCardless. Not only are the extremely secure but they are the cheapest in the market.

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Medical info always to hand

Your clients are a tough bunch, but accidents do happen. When they do, Coacha ensures people’s medial & emergency info is to hand immediately. You save precious time that in extreme cases can prevent live changing injuries and even save lives.

Like what you see so far?

Then why not save time, stress and money, as well as simplify your admin at the same time?

We don't charge you more if you grow!

If your PT business expands, some organisations will charge you more in subscription fees. At Coacha, the no.1 PT booking system software, we don't believe you should pay more for putting in the work and growing your business. So, whether you've just recently started off with just a few clients, or are an established PT business with 100+, you will always pay one very reasonable, fixed price. 

Absolutely no hidden obligations

We don't believe in locking you into a contract, so there are no annual fees to pay or papers to sign. Unlike with some of our competitors who offer ‘FREE Software’, we don’t insist you put all of your finances through Coacha. We don’t make any money from your transactions at all – other companies out there do, so be careful!

No fixed term contracts - cancel any time

While we're confident you'll love Coacha as much as we do, it's good to know you can cancel at any time. You pay us on a monthly basis – just like with Netflix. And, just like with Netflix, you're free to cancel your subscription with us at any time.
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iOS & Android Apps mean you are always connected with your PT clients

Never be caught without the right information again as Coacha has dedicated Apps for both Android and Apple iOS. Designed for you, your staff and your members / parents, they work on mobiles and tablets such as iPads.

iOS iPhone and iPad

Our iOS App works on all current Apple devices and gives you and your clients the key information needed quickly and conveniently.

Google Android 

The Android App has proven to be as popular as the iOS App. Now everyone is catered for meaning your life will get easier and less stressful!

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

" The main benefits we have found so far are… " 

…management of class times and schedules , invoicing our members via email , the ability to group members together based on our own defined categories and the contact tracing feature … allowing us to select a member and have a very clear breakdown of when and who they took a class with in case of any Covid related queries.

Kevin Arrigan – Treasurer - review on Capterra & Coacha subscriber

Designed to make your life as a PT instructor easier ...

With years of coaching experience, our co-founders understand what it takes to manage parents, classes and money. That's what has enabled us to create Coacha; a personal training booking system designed to help you focus on the things you love - teaching and training. With a simple but powerful interface that cuts admin time in half, keeps all of your clients' details to hand no matter where you are, and is proven to minimise missed payments, Coacha is the perfect solution for streamlining your day-to-day client management.

Personal Training Software FAQs

With so many personal trainer software providers on the market, it's a confusing (not to mention time-consuming) process to find the right system for you. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you decide what's right for you.

What is the real cost of personal trainer software?

The devil is in the detail here as many providers hide their true transaction fees. In our mystery shopper research, we found fees as high as 20p + 4% per transaction, compared to Coacah’s 20p + 1%.

It doesn’t sound a lot, but when you add it up over the course of a year, it runs into thousands of ££’s.

For example, if you have 100 clients and charge them £30pcm each, by using LoveAdmin you would pay £2,125pa in transaction fees. With Coacha you would pay only £1,044pa which includes our subscription fee of £25pcm and the transaction fees. So that’s a huge saving of £1,081pa.


What are the limits with Coacha?

There really are no limits. You have unlimited everything with Coacha. Clients, trainers, sessions and sessions, registers, subscription plans, email…the full works!

The only thing you pay extra for are text messages. And these are as low as anyone else in the market at 4.5p per text message.


Is PT software easy for clients & parents to use?

If you want clients and parents to login to Coacha, then yes, your own bespoke ‘Client Portal’ is very easy to use. It has been painstakingly designed to be really easy to use, so there’s no excuse for people not to login!

Great for them, time saving for you, and having a PT booking system with your own logo on it really makes your PT business look professional and well organised.

What’s more, clients get to see all the personal info you have on them and they can update and/or download it if they want (great for your PT businesses GFPR compliance!)

There are also FREE Andriod and iOS apps   available for everyone to use too. What’s not to like?


If I use a personal trainer software, will it help with my accounts?

Absolutely, as it keeps everything digital and streamlined. You can see whose has paid you what, when and how. Plus, you can keep a very close eye on how much money your PT business is taking. And if it is losing anything from your people not paying you.

What’s more, accountants love personal trainer software that they can download from and integrate your PT business’s financials to the software that they use. Software like Xero, Quickbooks or Sage to name but a few all help with making tax digital (MTD)  


Do I need a card reader to take payments if I use PT software?

No, you don’t.

Do away with the expense and hassle of terminals and readers. You can take card payments through Stripe and direct debits through GoCardless.

Need a client to pay for a T-shirt or kit? You can send them a one-off payment request by email or take a payment right there in front of them using the Coacha interface.

Not having a card reader not only reduces your costs but simplifies your online billing processes straight away. It also makes your PT business look professional and well organised.


What happens if payments fail?

Let’s face it, payments do sometimes fail and for various reasons. Only the best personal trainer software has a payment retry process, especially one that retries up to four times.

Whether a bank error, a cancelled payment or just insufficient funds, having a robust subscription management system  means you can simply ‘set and forget’ freeing you to get on with tasks that are more enjoyable than admin!

You can choose to be notified that a payment has failed and is being retried, or just set Coacha so that you’re notified when the last attempt has failed. Just think of the amount of time this will save you with chasing people for money they owe you…


Does PT software help me if I have an emergency?

When looking for the best PT software, choose something where you will always have Emergency Information to hand. It is essential you make sure you have emergency contact info available, as well as medical notes for all of your clients.

Also, make sure that whatever personal training appointment scheduler you go for it has the ability to work ‘offline’ for when you don’t have mobile internet access or a decent wifi signal. Coacha’s apps are designed to work without internet access and will automatically synch with Coacha the minute you get internet access again.


What stats and figures can I get from a PT booking system?

Performance, attendance, and financial data are crucial for any PT business that wants to stay at the top of their game. The personal training appointment scheduler should show you instantly your client attendance levels and who’s been putting the work in, and equally as much, who hasn’t.

It should also give you easy access to your headline financial info whether for the last week, month or whole year. Quick access like this means quick decisions can be made and you’ll always be in control of the money in your Personal Trainer business.


With a personal trainer software I’m told I still need to comply with GDPR – will it help?

Any organisation that collects personal data must comply with GDPR legislation, and that includes PTs. The very fact that you choose to use a PT software itself will show that you have data protection built into the running of your PT business .

A bespoke ‘Client Portal’ such as those you get free with Coacha enable people to access the personal data you hold on them. A personal training appointment scheduler with this functionality will also give your users the ability to edit and download their data if they want to. This type of advanced functionality really is the gold standard of GDPR compliance.

Want to really get to grips with GDPR, why it’s important and what you should be doing to keep your personal trainer business compliant? If you do then download our FREE GDPR in sports guide which not only explains GDPR but also gives you practical tips you can implement immediately.


Can I get free attendance registers too?

Any personal trainer software that’s worth considering simply must have automatically generated attendance registers. Having these automatically produced for you saves both time and hassle with your PT business’s admin. They should be 100% free too and not an add on or upgrade feature.

You should be able to quickly add clients in, set up your sessions and hey presto, your registers are automatically created. When you, your team or your clients log in, they get to see what's on straight away. This is an essential factor to look for in any PT booking system.

Coacha’s advanced attendance register features mean that you can enable sessions that people can book straight on to without coming to you first. On the day of the session itself they can also check themselves again without tying up any of your staff’s time.


Can I get free personal trainer software?

If you’re after a free personal trainer software downloads, then why not try Coacha Lite which is completely FREE Membership Management Software?


Can people book on to sessions themselves?

Not all PT software (UK or overseas) allows clients to book on to sessions directly themselves. However, by enabling ‘make session bookable’ in Coacha you can reduce your time on admin and speed up the way in which your clients can register for sessions.

Great if you run open sessions that people can book onto if they want to attend, and with setting a session size you can ensure that your sessions are never over-subscribed. Your clients can simply log into your Client Portal and book up in just a few taps or clicks.


I only operate during term time – does this matter?

Many PTs with younger clients have term time/seasonal timetables and sessions. The best personal training appointment scheduler should give you the ability to have start and end dates for your sessions as opposed to just weekly or monthly options.

With unlimited sessions and registers, Coacha is perfect for setting start / end periods to whatever you want. Great for school term-based sessions as well as events such as one off competitions, or showcases or exhibitions.


I get people turn up unexpectedly to my sessionss – how can I add these people?

It happens. People turn up unexpectedly to a session or event and you know that you need to collect some of their personal details just so they can join in. Some management software doesn’t cater for this in a way that is quick and easy to sort out on the day.

With Coacha’s PT booking system, you can avoid delays when extra people turn up unexpectedly. Quickly add them to the attendance register without having to mess around with the app settings or add a full new client. Then, after the session, you can go back and add more of their details in when you have more time.


Does free personal trainer software (or paid for) help with safeguarding children?

When performing a personal trainer software comparison make sure that whatever you choose helps with safeguarding children. Make sure you are able to segment the children’s information so that only specific staff are able to see their personal information.

Coacha lets you set different levels of access as you don’t want people seeing the wrong data. The messaging centre also has NPSCC CPSU text and email rules built in so that people are unable to contact children directly without other’s being copied in. This can include other clients, staff, parents and even your safeguarding officer.


Can I send text messages to people using a PT booking system?

Check out independent PT software reviews and always make sure that any software or app that you use only partners with industry leading SMS specialists. Coacha partners with the best SMS service in the UK - TextLocal. You'll enjoy amazing rates, quick delivery and accurate reporting. No need to use your mobile text allowance again!


I only want to message specific people. Can I do this with a personal training appointment scheduler?

Being able to select and control who receives your messages from your personal trainer software is very important. You really don’t want to bombard people with messages not relevant to them.

As part of your PT software UK Coacha enables you to customise who you send your messages to with ease. Send to just your colleagues, clients of a certain session, to a specific group, or to everyone ... you're in total control.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

Online Booking System for Personal Trainers – FAQs

How is the Coacha online booking system for personal trainers different from other apps that call themselves the “best scheduling app for personal trainers”?

While there are many apps out there that have been rated by the designers and users alike as the “best scheduling app for personal trainers”, we’re pretty sure none of them offer the value for money combined with the features that our personal trainer business software does.


Do I get my own website with the Coacha personal trainer business software?

While it does sound like a splendid idea, for an unbelievable price of just £25 a month, you get amazing web-based personal trainer management software that helps you keep your classes nicely organised and takes the burden out of admin tasks, unlike any other personal trainer management software available today.


Can I try your personal trainer scheduling app before I buy?

You certainly can! The Coacha personal trainer scheduling app comes with a free 14-day trial which gives you access absolutely all the features included in the premium/paid version of our personal training appointment scheduler.


What happens when my personal training appointment scheduler free trial expires?

After the 14-day trial for your personal training business software expires, you will be prompted to purchase Coacha for just £25 a month. Once you’ve done so, you’re back in again at exactly the same place you left off with all of your data waiting for you.


What if I want to cancel my membership to your personal training business software?

You can cancel at any time by not renewing your monthly plan when the renewal date arrives. It’s that simple. There’s no contractual binding or hidden cancelling fees, unlike the vast majority of other personal training management software.


Do I have to pay a setup fee for using Coacha’s personal training management software?

Absolutely none whatsoever! Our personal training scheduling software is super-easy to sign up to and get yourself  up and running. Once registered for your free trial, you can download and use the completely free iOS and Android Apps too.


I’m not that computer or internet-savvy. What kind of support can I get while setting up your personal training scheduling software?

Not to worry, many people aren’t and that’s fine. You can contact our support team 24/7 by using the blue ‘Support’ button from within Coacha itself. Our support team can also be reached on and they’re happy to help you get set up with the Coacha personal training scheduling software should you need a hand with anything.


Are my payment details secure when I pay to use the personal training scheduling software?

Yes, 100% secure. When you pay to use our PT booking system, you go through our secure payment processing partners. At Coacha, we never store any credit card information or sensitive payment data.


How many staff members / clients are included in the PT booking system?

As many as you like! Our PT booking system does not have any limits to the number of clients or staff members you want to add, unlike many other PT booking systems available today.


Is my personal data safe and secure in the PT studio management software?

Yes, your data is kept on our secure servers which are encrypted with the latest SSL protocols to keep it safe from prying eyes. Our servers are located in reputable hosting centres throughout the UK, EU, US, Australia and Canada.

Rest assured, when you use our scheduling app for personal trainers, your data will never fall into the wrong hands or misused in any way by anyone, for that matter.


Which payment methods currently work with your scheduling app for personal trainers?

At the moment, the Coacha scheduling app for personal trainers integrates with GoCardless and Stripe, as we believe these two payment providers are among the very best currently in existence.

However, if you have any suggestions on seeing more payment methods integrated with our scheduling app for personal trainers, do let us know.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's features FREE for 14 days. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

Personal Trainer Booking App FAQs

Just £25 a month to use the personal trainer booking app sounds too good to be true – are there any other charges at all, or hidden charges?

We know! We’ve done a great deal of market research to come up with a rate for our personal trainer booking app which is not only reasonable but also does not slice in too heavily into your profits. We take a lot of pride in beating other personal trainer booking apps on price, in addition to a variety of fantastic features.

And no, there are absolutely NO hidden charges whatsoever to use our personal trainer booking app. Just keep paying the monthly fee and you’re golden.


Will you charge me to set up the personal trainer booking app or when I need to cancel my membership?

No charges involved whatsoever! When you need to set it up, just follow the on-screen instructions which are easier than a walk in the park. And, if you need to stop using the personal trainer booking app for a while, simply use up your monthly plan and then don’t pay when it’s time to renew. With us, there’s no such thing as ‘cancellation fee’.


What is the best scheduling app for personal trainers available right now?

Well, to be honest, many providers and users alike may argue that Doodle, Calendly, or SetMore, for example, may be the best scheduling app for personal trainers, as they certainly are among the highest ranking ones.

But when it comes to the “best scheduling app for personal trainers”, how many of them offer:

  • A £25/mo only charge to use the personal trainer booking software?
  • NO additional charges for adding more members (as many as you like)?
  • A support ticketing system which often resolves queries within 12 hours if not less?
  • An easy-to-use interface and breezy setup which requires no setup fee whatsoever – even a primary schooler could download the personal trainer booking software and start using it within 2-3 minutes
  • A premium feature set which rivals the best scheduling app for personal trainers, but available to use at less than half the monthly price?
  • And much more!

So, in all honesty, we truly believe Coacha is the best scheduling app for personal trainers, as it offers all the premium features of the leading personal trainer booking software available at the moment, but at a significantly more competitive price!


What do personal trainers gain by using the Coacha personal trainer booking software?

A lot! First of all, our personal trainer booking software makes it amazingly easy to manage client details, such as who signed up, who’s showing up for a session, who’s not, any outstanding dues, and so much more, like a bespoke Member Portal, where clients (and their parents) can log in to view the latest notifications, messages and announcements.

Second, Coacha is the kind of personal trainer booking software which will saves you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run, and even helps you attract and retain more clients – once they see how organised and professional everything is when working with you, and especially, how easy it is to communicate via the personal trainer booking software.


Once the complementary bookings expire in my personal trainer booking system free trial, can I somehow have more bookings for free?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Most personal trainer booking system providers don’t even offer a 100% FREE trial, but we offer one as we feel this is important to let you familiarise yourself with how the Coacha personal trainer booking system works.

When you reach the trial end date you will be prompted to pay a monthly fee of just £25 to keep using the personal trainer booking system. Want to know the best part? The paid version of our personal trainer booking system lets you add as many clients as you like, at no additional cost, no matter how large your client base gets!


Is your online booking system for personal trainers easy to set up and use? What if I’m not internet savvy or not familiar with computers?

Oh, trust us, you have nothing to worry about! We’ve specifically built our online booking system for personal trainers in a way which makes it really intuitive and easy to use. The interface is so user-friendly that even a 6-year old could set everything up and start using the online booking system for personal trainers within minutes!

So, you don’t have to be internet-savvy or computer-savvy to set it up the online booking system for personal trainers and use it – just download it, follow the on-screen instructions and you’re in!


Is it possible to pay for the online booking system for personal trainers annually?

Yes you can pay for our personal trainer business software either annually or monthly. We believe both options allow you to manage your cashflow through our personal trainer business software in a way that best suits you and enables you grow and expand your client base!


Is my private information in the personal trainer business software secure and who owns it?

Yes – our servers use the latest SSL technology and end-to-end encryption to protect your private information. In addition, your personal trainer business software already has the latest GDPR and child safety guidelines integrated so that clients’ and their parents’ communication within the personal trainer business software is always private and secure.

As for ownership, you are the sole owner and if, for some reason, you stop using the Coacha personal trainer management software, you can either have your private information deleted permanently from our servers or request us to leave it as-is, in case you decide to return to Coacha.


Do my payment details remain secure in the personal trainer management software?

Always – when you pay monthly to use the personal trainer management software or have clients pay their dues, for that matter, the transactions go through our ultra-secure payment merchants: GoCardless and Stripe.

We have specifically integrated these two payment processing merchants with the Coacha personal trainer management software because we believe that they not only offer a speedy and reliable service, but the best in online transaction security.


Is it possible to adjust language in the Coacha personal trainer management software?

At the moment, the Coacha personal trainer online booking system is available in English-speaking regions only – the UK, US, EU (where English is commonly spoken or used to communicate), AU and Canada.

Therefore, there’s no option to adjust language for now, and even though Coacha is available to use in English, you can certainly change certain terms to make the app more user-friendly according to your specific regions. Please check out this link to learn more.


Are emails and SMS messages both completely free in the personal trainer online booking system?

While emails are completely free, there is a 4.5-5.5p charge per text message – it’s ridiculously low to begin with and as low as any other personal trainer online booking system available online.


Can I claim a refund for the personal trainer scheduling app?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds for using the personal trainer scheduling app and there’s a genuine reason for that: Coacha is a PT booking system which often beats other personal trainer scheduling apps on price and features alone. The £25 charge each month is super-competitive to begin with, and to keep it that way, we don’t include any additional charges like other personal trainer scheduling app providers do, such as setup fees, annual contract renewals, cancellation fee, etc.

If you ever need to stop using our personal trainer scheduling software for whatever reason, simply cancel via you Coacha dashboard. But we would appreciate it if you could leave us some feedback so that we can tailor the personal trainer scheduling software to better serve your needs.


What happens to my personal data when I stop using the personal trainer scheduling software?

In the event that you stop using the personal trainer scheduling software, your personal data will remain in our secure servers. And when you’re ready to dive back into the personal training booking system, you’ll find everything just the way you left it.

However, if you’re profile is inactive in the personal training booking system for up to 90 days, we will delete your personal data from our servers but will run it by you before we do, in case you want to return to Coacha.


I want to expand my member base – does that mean that I’ll be paying more to use the personal training booking system?

Not a penny extra! No matter how much your PT business grows, and how many clients you add to the personal training booking system, you’ll still be paying the same fantastic monthly price: £25.


Can I permanently remove my account from the personal training booking software?

Should you stop using our personal training booking software, all your account-related information stays with us unless you ask that we permanently delete it.

If you want your account to be deleted from our personal training booking software, then please send us an email request. Keep in mind though, that when you plan to hop back on to the personal training booking software, you will need to create your profile as well as your clients’ from scratch.


Can members book sessions online through the personal training business software or will I have to send them notifications/messages each time?

Through the personal training business software’s bespoke Member Portal (completely FREE), your members can log in, view class schedules, book themselves on to classes or cancel sessions. It’s all there for your and your clients’ convenience.


Is there a knowledge base I can find within the personal training business software if I need help or support?

Yes – there’s a detailed knowledge base, including useful links, videos and how-tos, which you can find within the Coacha personal training business software. Just go to the main menu and you’ll find it under ‘Support’ or ‘How To Guides’.


Who do I contact if I can’t find the information I need from within the personal training management software?

We have a robust support ticketing system which you can access from within the personal training management software. When you log a support ticket along with your query, we will try our best to respond within 12-24 hours.

However, if you wish to speak directly to a real person and get live support, our support team is available to assist. We ask you to bear patiently as the queue can sometimes get a bit longer than we’d like!


Does the Coacha personal training management software allow me to accept bookings from my website?

Well, no – our personal training management software does not have this functionality, but instead something even better: your own bespoke Member Portal completely free, which your clients can use to log in, book classes, view schedules, and a lot more.


Does my personal training management software connect with Instagram, Pinterest or other social media platforms?

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in Coacha because it is primarily a personal training appointment scheduler, personal training scheduling software or PT booking app, as it goes by many names.

However, one thing our personal training appointment scheduler does not do is serve as a marketing tool and, therefore, does not integrate with any social media platforms as such.


What if I have a team of personal trainers – will I need to create a separate account for each one in the personal training appointment scheduler and then pay separately for each one?

Not at all! All you need is a primary personal training appointment scheduler account, and then you can start adding as many personal trainers to that account as you like. Simply create a profile for each one and share the personal training appointment scheduler login credentials with them, that’s it! Or you can set them up with their own login if you’d prefer…lots of options!


How do I create bookable classes from the personal training scheduling software?

Oh, it’s super-easy! When you create a class, you will see a checkbox at the bottom which says: "Can people book onto this class?"

Check this box in your personal training scheduling software and then define the total number of people who can book the class. You’ll find this in the "What is the Maximum Class Size" box.


I’m not sure how to add a new event in the personal training scheduling software – can you show me how?

But, of course!

Setting up events in your PT booking app ensures that other personal trainers on your team are aware of their commitments in advance. So, find ‘Classes & Registers’ from the main navigation bar and click ‘New Class or Event’. Fill in the details in your PT booking app’s sub-menu and you’re all set.


What if I need to use the PT booking system a few months only each year?

That’s pretty much a non-issue!

The Coacha PT booking system works on a rolling month basis – so, let’s say you need to use it between January and April and then again between September and December, simply pay the monthly £25 charge for those months only, and that’s it.

We won’t charge you a penny for the months you’re not using the PT studio management software.


How long does it typically take to set up the FREE Trial for Coacha’s PT studio management software?

Not all that long – once you’ve downloaded the PT studio management software, the trial can be set up in as little as 2-3 minutes, provided you have a decent internet connection. Even if you drag things a little, it won’t take more than 4-5 minutes to set up the PT studio management software!


Can I provide different access levels to my team of personal trainers from within the PT studio software?

Certainly! You can either give your team of personal trainers full administrator access within the PT studio software where they can see and access all Classes and Registers, or you can limit their access to just the Members and Classes they are dealing with.

So, to do this, access your PT studio software’s main menu, select ‘People’, ‘Your Members’, and then ‘Instructors and Admins’. From here, you want to click on ‘View Profile’ or ‘Add new staff’ for any of your existing personal trainers and choose the desired access level from the drop-down options.

And, you’re done! Setting access levels in your scheduling app for personal trainers is an easy-peasy affair.


I’m really interested in the scheduling app for personal trainers but I don’t want to download the free trial. Can I get a demo instead?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment as we are offering an unbelievable deal already: a 14-day FREE trial where you can try out all the features in our scheduling app for personal trainers so that you get a good feel for everything. It’ll only take you a few minutes to download Coacha and setting it up is a simple and hassle-free process.


I’m moving to Coacha from another scheduling app for personal trainers – can you help me move or upload the data?

Absolutely! You’ll just need to have all your data in XLS or PDF format and then download your scheduling app for personal trainers’ Member Import Spreadsheet – add your data here, ensuring that the data is transferred to the appropriate columns in Coacha’s spreadsheet.

The ‘Mass Import’ feature from the main menu is pretty much self-explanatory and lets you add your existing list in a few clicks – that’s how simple it is to import your existing members list into your new training scheduling software!


Is having a website mandatory in order to use, benefit from or fully utilise all of the training scheduling software’s features?

No need whatsoever. Your training scheduling software is not only easy to setup but also comes with a FREE Member Portal, allowing your clients and team members to log in to it without ever having to visit your website.


Do you back up my data regularly as I continue using the training scheduling software? What happens when I lose that data due to some reason?

We back up our entire system on a regular basis which ensures no loss of data, in case there is an issue with the training scheduling software, causing loss of data on your end.

If you need a copy of this data, you can download everything from Coacha’s Data Export feature, although as a PT business owner, you do need to decide on your own back up processes as well from a GDPR perspective.

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