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An iOS & Android Membership App to help you, your staff, your members (and parents) do all the tasks they will need to as a members of your club.

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“We love the Coacha App!”

The amount of time we are saving on administration is huge. The app on the phone is brilliant as the Coaches now use this for the register and we are able to check membership status on mobile devices/ipad at any time.

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Save time with a membership app

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Quick Access

In the event of an emergency, or even just when taking a register; the Coacha app gives you instant access to all essential member and club data.

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Use offline

No internet access at your club or gym? No problem – use Coacha’s iPhone & Android app offline and it’ll sync any updates the minute your device connects to the internet.

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Safe and secure

Not only does the Coacha app keep your data nice and secure on our servers, it’s also App Store approved and fully password protected. That's both our iOS & Android Apps.

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VERY Simple to use

At Coacha our mantra is to keep things simple. So, for our iPhone & Android app, we’ve stripped Coacha down to its key features making it easy-to-use, even from a mobile phone.

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Unlimited people

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 members - 1 or 100 coaches - all your people can use our apps. Your coaches can use the iPhone/Android app to manage members, view classes and take registers, all for free!

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Unlimited member logins

Members can log in to see your timetable, book classes, book private sessions and manage their personal information.

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Phone or tablet

Coacha's apps work on both iPhone and iPad, and all android devices. If you have an iPad at the front desk, why not load up the apps and get people to self-check-in?

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In app bookable classes

Booking your classes in app is a must for members, they don't want to have to load up the computer every time they want to book a class, Coacha has you covered, with full in app booking.

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Constant Updates

We are constantly striving to improve our apps and the way that they work. Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best experience and new functionality day in day out.

Managing your sessions, people and classes just got easier

With Coacha's iOS & Android app, you've got everything you need to run sessions or matches. From registers to all member details, everything is in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is sign up for a trial of Coacha then head to your app store and download!

For you
Access member information, see payment history, take registers, and manage private sessions.

For your staff
Take registers, view all of the members they should be able too, and manage their private sessions.

For your members
Complete in app booking for classes and private sessions, club notice board and their personal profile info.

Download FREE Apps today!

Download the Coacha App from your App Store then simply sign in. If you don’t have a Coacha account you can sign up completely FREE in app (no card needed!)

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An App, Booking System, & Payment Processing  

By combining all the things you'd need access to during a class or match, we've created a super streamlined version of Coacha that's still just as easy to use, even from a mobile phone screen. You can download it for free from the App Store or Play Store and enjoy even easier access to your favourite Coacha features, such as:

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Member details

No more lugging paper records to practice or passing from coach to coach. All the details you need can be found within our app; free for all your coaches to download.

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Emergency contacts

Waste no time rifling through record cards in the event of an emergency. With Coacha’s apps you have instant access to those all important next of kin telephone numbers.

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Medical information

You can’t be expected to remember every injury, allergy or disability that your members have. With instant access to this info through our iPhone & Android apps, you don’t have to.

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Today’s register

Gone are the days of preparing, printing and carrying around paper registers; now all you need is your phone and Coacha app, where today’s registers will be waiting and ready to use.

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Coaches' notes

Stamp out bad behaviour and record good performance using Coaches' Notes – automatically synced between all devices for your entire coaching team to see.

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Quick add new members

New members turn up unannounced? Coacha’s easy to use iOS & Android app helps you to account out. Add new members on the spot, and add more details when you’re done coaching.

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iOS devices

We have ensured our iOS app's compatible with as many devices as possible. From older iPhones to the latest, as well as Appel' iPad too.

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Android App

Not on iOS? We have you covered! You can download the Android app on the Google Play Store and connect it to your Coacha account straight away.

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Pin code access

Fed up of wasting time logging back in due to security measures? Simply setting up a 4-digit pin code, means faster and easier access.

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's App features without paying a penny. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

A club app that saves you time, money and hassle

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Bookable 1-2-1 Privates

Do you run open classes, or 1-2-1's, that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha, your members can log into app and book onto these sessions with just a few easy taps

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View events calendar

Coacha automatically creates an auto-synced events calendar for all your members. When they log in to the app, they can see exactly what's going on in your club and when!

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View message board

Get the message out there immediately with a your in app message board. With control over messaging for both staff and members, when they log in, they see exactly what they should.

club management app
WARNING - health

See at a glance from the in app registers any members in a session that have a medical condition. Ensure you and your staff are 100% prepared to deal with any medical situation.

club management mobile app
WARNING - safeguarding

There’s nothing more important than safeguarding children. See at a glance from the in app registers any members in a session with safeguarding concerns noted against their profile.

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WARNING - photography

It’s understandable that in some cases people don’t want their children to have their photographs taken. Coacha’s in app registers notify you and your team instantly if this is the case.

Download FREE Apps today!

Download the Coacha App from your App Store then simply sign in. If you don’t have a Coacha account you can sign up completely FREE in app (no card needed!)

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A guide to apps for clubs

With every club, there comes a point where admin/paperwork starts to get too much. This sometimes happens after you see a growth in members or when classes get more popular. When this happens, club life can start to get stressful and disorganised for the person in charge of the admin; and running the club can sometimes become a hinderance.

If you relate to any of the above, it could be time for you to search for an app for clubs to make your life easier. Take a look at the below and ask yourself: is now the time to make the transition to an app?

7 important things to consider


If your club is still largely paper-based, things can get messy fast. If you store member records, registers, important DBS information etc. all on paper and are prone to misplacing or even losing paperwork, this may be one of the first signs that it’s time to go digital and look for club apps.


Realistically, how much of you/your coaches’ time is spent writing out registers/calculating complicated spreadsheets? Are you coaching less because of this? Is it having a negative impact on you/your coaches’ morale?

You may be heading to class extra early just to get your registers sorted; staying up late, missing precious time with family; or just missing out on time to yourself. Just imagine the time you’d save if you let a club app automatically generate your registers for you. Also, coaches wouldn't be sharing registers or misplacing them. This is because each coach would have their own register on their own device.


If you’re the club owner or senior coach in your club and are primarily in charge of the admin, you may have your own unique processes tied down. However, others won't be able to help if they can't understand it.

If your club admin was in a simple, easy to use club app, you’d be able to share access to your admin more easily. This means you could split the workload and take some pressure off yourself whilst allowing your coaches some additional responsibility.


Going through monthly payments and making sure everyone has paid is time consuming. Have you ever gone through your payments to realise some members haven’t been paying for a few weeks (or even months?!)? If so, this probably isn't a happy memory to look back on.

This actually isn’t uncommon for clubs who still run manually. Reconciling payments is hard! One of the main reasons that clubs go digital is because most club apps inform you immediately if a payment fails, and even chases the failed payments for you.

So, although you may end up putting a small part of your budget towards a club app, you may end up saving money in the reduction of missed fees and saving time chasing payments.


With GDPR bringing more rights to people and their data, many of your members will be more clued up on how their data should be held and how secure it is. Gold standard practice for GDPR is storing data electronically.

How professional does your club look if you’re still storing members’ data in paper folders? How much more professional would your club look if you were using a dedicated, secure app for the storage of data? Probably a lot…


If a member changes telephone number/address etc., are you the person who needs to change this on the club's records? How many records do you hold for your members? Is it possible you could forget to update one area of their information, leaving you unsure which data is correct?

Also, what is your process when a member requests to see all of the data you hold on them? Will you have to manually gather all data and then provide it to them in a digital format? What happens if you have 20+ of these requests in a week? How much time is that going to take you? A lot.

Many club apps will allow members/parents to update their own data and also allow them to download the data you hold on them; meaning you don’t need to do a thing.


Chances are, if your club is losing members, there’s probably a reason why. Most people are too polite to give a reason why they’re leaving/pulling their child out of your classes. It may be a good idea to look at your current processes and evaluate what impact they may have on your members.

Are your classes starting late because the coach is trying to find/make sense of the register? Are you chasing them for 5 months’ worth of payments because you hadn’t noticed that their standing order had stopped? Have you misplaced their personal information, meaning that coaches weren’t aware of any medical conditions they may have?

There are lots of reasons members leave clubs; many of which could be resolved, or even avoided in the first place, by using a slick club management app.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to at least one of the above questions, you should definitely consider looking into an app for your club. A club management app can help with lots of areas of your admin but perhaps most importantly, can make a huge saving to your club in both money & time.

Sometimes, switching your admin to a new way of doing things can be a little bit intimidating. You may find yourself putting it off for multiple seasons and then being frustrated when things are no better than they were before.

In order to make a productive start in your search for a new system, you should review different apps on the market to see which one works best for your club. Take a look at our ‘How to do a sports team app review’ article and follow the steps to completing a thorough review of each app!

No card needed. No commitment. No brainer.

Enjoy all of Coacha's App features without paying a penny. Then pay monthly if you like it. Cancel anytime too!

Coacha App Booking System – FAQs

How do Venue Bookings work in the app booking system?

Venue Booking is one of our app booking system’s most standout features, enabling your members to book training grounds, pool lanes, pitches, tables, courts, and so on. It’s a highly customisable feature within your app booking system so you can tailor it exactly to your needs.

If you head to ‘Club Settings’ from your app booking system’s main navigation bar, you’ll find ‘Venue Bookings’ – simply enable it to explore what it can do for you!

Once you enable Venue Bookings in your app booking system, you need to take just a few minutes to set it up, so that your members can effortlessly book whatever you’ve made ‘bookable’. So, the first thing to do here is to define what can be booked. The term you decide on will let your members know what they are booking when they log on to their app booking system. You will see some common terms used which can be set or you can define your own venue names.

For instance, if you’re renting out courts, your members will be able to find this as “Court 1” or “Court 2” when they log into their app booking system to book the venue.

Perhaps you’d like members to pay a separate fee for booking venues? Your app booking system lets you conveniently do that! Tick on the ‘Enable payment on booking’ option and select the payment types you’re currently accepting. However, if you’re members are already pre-paying for venue or court booking as part of their membership, then there’s no need to enable this option in your app booking system.

Hit ‘Save’ and you’re all set!


Can I create individual timeslot in my club app each time members want to book a venue?

After enabling venue booking in your club app, you can create timeslots during which your members can book courts, pools, tables, etc. You can also set these timeslots on a recurring on/off basis.

If you go to your club app’s main Dashboard, you’ll see an option in the dropdown called ‘Court Bookings’. If you’ve given your venue a different name, such as “Pool” or “Table”, then the same term will appear after “Bookings” – e.g. “Table Bookings”.

Once you click on this, you’ll be taken to a section in your club app which allows you to set timeslots. Use the ‘Create a new XXX Timeslot’ option – the ‘XXX’ will be replaced by the term you have used to define whatever is bookable.

There are additional options here which let you define the start date of your timeslot, the time, duration and whether it is recurring. Now, choose the venue item that is bookable in this specific timeslot, choose the price of this timeslot (if applicable) and click on ‘Create Timeslot’.

You will now see a complete venue timetable, showing you the timeslots you’ve just created in your club app. You can also delete and disable timeslots, as well as book members into them, in case they don’t know how to book timeslots through their club app or simply don’t wish to.


How do I book a member into a timeslot using my club app?

People, including you, your admin, your members (as well as the members’ NOKs for children) and your coaches, , can book members into timeslots through a few simply steps within the club app.

You and your admins and coaches can book members into timeslots through the venue Calendar feature. Just click on the ‘Book a Member’ option, select the member’s name, add any guests if you like, and record the payment method (if your member’s prepaid membership does not include venue bookings). Click on ‘Book’ and you’re all done.

Members and their NOKs can also book themselves into timeslots after logging into their club app. From the main Dashboard, they will see the option to ‘Book a court’ (or whatever name you have given your venue), follow the step-by-step on-screen process in their club app and that’s it.


How can I manage my coaches’ timeslots and 1-2-1 bookings in the membership app?

Managing your coaches’ timeslots and 1-2-1 class bookings couldn’t be easier in the membership app. This feature offers you complete control over your coaches’ private group sessions and 1-2-1 sessions.

The first thing to do is find Timeslot Manager in your membership app. To access it, find the desired coach’s profile from the main Dashboard as we have attached the timeslot manager feature to each one of your coach’s profile.

Once you find the appropriate profile in your membership app, enable Timeslot Manager as it is disabled by default. Navigate to ‘Timeslot Booking Settings’ to enable timeslot booking for that specific coach. Once here, you have the option to either let your coach manage timeslots on his/her own or you can do it on their behalf.

If you want to go with the latter, then enable this option in your membership app. Next, select the types of timeslots your coach can offer – e.g. 1-2-1, multiple 1-2-1s and group bookings.  Set up any payment options if your members are paying separately for class bookings. That’s pretty much it!


How do I create a new timeslot in my membership app?

Creating a new timeslot in your membership app couldn’t be easier!

Just find the ‘Create a New Timeslot’ section from your membership management app’s main Dashboard and fill in all the details. After creating more than one timeslots, you can view them all in your Timeslot Calendar – an excellent way for you to manage all your timeslots and bookings through a simple membership management app!


Can members book venues themselves from the membership management app or do I have to do it for them every time?

We’ve created our membership management app to be very user-friendly and simple-to-use for both you and your members!

So, it allows your members to book their favourite, table, pool lane, court or entire training area within a few clicks. All they need to do is log into their membership management app, go into the Booking section and choose ‘Book a xxx’ from the dropdown. The ‘xxx’ here will display as whatever you have set – so, e.g. Book a Court, Book a Table, Book a Pitch’, and so on.

The next thing they’re going to do in their membership mobile app is to choose from any one of the available timeslots (highlighted in green), hit ‘Next Step’ and then choose any other members or guests who will be accompanying them.

If you require members to pay separately for venue booking, then they will need to choose from one of the available payment methods in their membership mobile app, and then hit ‘Pay & Book’. That’s all there is to it, really, as booking venues themselves is really easy for members to do from their membership mobile app.


How do I make classes ‘bookable’ in my membership mobile app?

One of our membership mobile app’s best features is allowing your members to effortlessly book into classes at their convenience!

To book into classes, members must access the Member Portal from their ‘app for coaching’, then head over to ‘Classes & Registers’, and then ‘New Class’. However, before your members can access class bookings, you need to set up a few things in advance.

So, from the same Classes & Registers menu of your app for coaching, choose ‘New Class or Event’, and fill in the appropriate fields. You should see a box ‘People can book onto this class’. If the class is limited by size, then you need to specify the maximum number of people who can book into the class through their ‘app for coaching’ software.

After filling all the relevant info, click on ‘Add members’. Leave this section blank and simply click on ‘Create’ since you want members to be able to book classes themselves.

You can also check your attendance register from your app for coaching to see which members have booked onto classes. This can be found under the Classes & Registers dropdown, and then ‘Attendance Register’. Choose your filters and click on ‘Go to this register’.

Important: You should send out an email/SMS broadcast to your members to let them know that they can book classes via the Member Portal.


The class booking feature isn’t working in my app for coaching – what am I not doing right?

The first step to take in order for class booking to work is to Create Bookable Classes. From your app for coaching’s main Dashboard, go to ‘Your Classes’ and you’ll see an option at the bottom which says: “Can people book onto this class?”

Check this box and then choose the maximum number of members who can book onto the class.


How can I view a list of classes I’ve created in my app for coaching?

Simply head over to ‘Classes & Registers’ from the main menu and choose ‘Your Classes’ – this will display a complete list of all the classes you’ve created in your app for coaching.


How do I add a new class in my app for coaching?

This is very easy to do and an important feature to be familiar with as your coaches will know all their commitments well ahead of time, as soon as they log into their app for coaching.

New classes can be added by accessing ‘Classes & Registers’ from the main menu and choosing ‘New Class or Event’. Fill in all the details and assign a coach to that particular class, as well as the venue for the class. You can also select the frequency of this class and once you’ve filled up the necessary fields, you can use the search bar to pull up all your members and click on ‘Add all’. Or, you can search a specific member’s name and add them selectively, in case the class is bookable only for certain members (such as those paying separately for bookable classes).


What is the Member Portal and how do I use it?

The Member Portal is a completely free feature we’ve included with our ‘app for coach’. It allows your coaches and members to log in at any time to view class schedules, important notices, upcoming events and offers, and lots of other useful info to keep them informed.

Before anything else though, you need to set up Member Portal logins for everyone, which we have explained in the next FAQ.

So, once members have their logins, they need to launch their app for coach or access Coacha from and enter their login credentials.

Once logged in, they will see their Dashboard which has everything from their Profile and Club Schedule, to Bills & Payments, and Export Data – which can all be useful if they want to download and view their personal information on a portable storage media as per GDPR laws.


How do I assign Member Portal logins to my members through the app for coach?

This is incredibly easy to do from your app for coach! First, let’s go over how to assign logins to each member or select member groups individually:

From the main menu in your app for coach, find ‘People’, then ‘Your Members’, and finally ‘View Profile’; this has to be done individually for each member, so you can assign them a unique password (they can always change this later).

Underneath your member’s personal information, you should see a tick box which says ‘Allow login’. Check this box and a password field allows you to set the password. If your member is a minor, the ‘Allow login’ option will only appear under the Next of Kin section. Hit ‘Save’ once you’re done and that’s it.

Additionally, you can also ask members to set up their Member Portal password themselves at the time of signup through the signup form.

Here’s how you can mass assign Member Portal logins to your members:

Log onto your app for coach, and access ‘Your Members’, which can be found under ‘People’. You’ll see the ‘Set member logins’ option. Now, select ‘Send to Everyone’, and that’s it.

However, if you wish to send Member Portal logins to only a select group of members or multiple groups only (and not everyone), then don’t check the above option, and instead, choose the appropriate class/group from the dropdown. Click ‘Add’ and then ‘Send Login Request’.

See how easy it is to setup individual or group logins for the Member Portal from your app for coach? We believe so too!


How do I create a Member Signup form through my app for coach?

This is very easy to do and convenient as well, since it allows your members to input their own info when signing up, making the membership process really straightforward and helping you drive better business as a result!

The first thing we need to do in our app for coach is to generate a club signup form link. Access Club Settings by heading over to the cog icon against the black background which is on the top of the screen. There’s a tab called ‘Your Club Signup Form’. Access that and then click ‘Create my club form’.

If you’ve like members to create their own passwords at the time signup for logging into the membership management application, choose ‘Allow members to set a password on the signup form’ – really helpful if you want members to be able to log into the super-useful and FREE Member Portal. Plus, this is quite convenient for your members if they want to view, edit or download their data under GDPR.

Now click on ‘copy your link’ next to the URL to copy it to your clipboard. While you’re here, you can also use the ‘Upload a file’ option to attach any waivers or T&C document, which members will receive when they are filling out their details in the signup form.

Next, share the link with your members via your membership management application’s text broadcasting feature, your social media channels or your website. Finally, you will see the names of the newly signed up members under the ‘Pending Members’ section, once they have filled up and submitted the signup form.

You have the option of individually accepting each member into your club or click on ‘accept all’ to let them in at once! After acceptance, your members will receive a generic welcome message when they log into their club apps.


What’s the fastest way to set up my club using the membership management application?

We’ve designed our membership management application to help you get set up fairly easily, following just a few simple steps, which are explained in this easy-to-follow guide.


Is there a way to view, add, delete or edit a member group from within the membership management application?

Member Groups is a useful feature included with your ‘app for club’, allowing you to place members into categories or ‘grades’ depending on their skill or accomplishment level. So, for example, if you have a martial arts club, you can place members into different groups, based on the belts they have achieved or their current skill level.

To access ‘Member Groups’ in your app for club, find ‘People’ from the main navigation bar. Then find ‘Create a new Member Group’ from the right side of your screen and give your group a unique name. Next, pick a sub-group for the group you’ve just created, so that you can place different-skill members under different sub-groups. Now click ‘Create this Group’. This will redirect you to ‘Member Groups’, and this is where your newly created group will appear.

From this screen in your app for club, you can also view, edit, delete or create a new group.


What’s the best way to assign a subscription to my members from the app for club?

The subscription feature in our app for club gives you complete control over your finances, enabling you to bill members conveniently through GoCardless (GC) or Stripe. 

Simply link up your Coacha app for club with either Stripe or GC and you’re nearly there. Now, we need to assign the subscription to your member, and to do that, you need to access the Money tab from your app for attendance management, and then select ‘New Payment’.

First, choose between Stripe or GC. Then search for the desired member’s name and click on ‘Add Member’. To add an entire class to use the same payment method, choose ‘Add Class’. To add a select group of members only, choose ‘Select a Member Group’, and then ‘Add Member Group’. There’s yet another option called ‘Send to Everyone’, so that everyone will be billed through either Stripe or GC.

Your app for attendance management makes it super-easy to assign subscriptions this way!

Now select a subscription plan from the dropdown menu, choose a subscription start/end date and hit ‘Send Request’, that’s it! There’s one final step: ‘Set up Direct Debit Agreement’ once you are satisfied with everything.


How do I set up a subscription plan from my app for attendance management?

Super-easy! To set up a subscription plan from your app for attendance management, find the ‘Money’ section and then ‘Manage Plans’. In case you’ve already set up plans, you will see them listed here. If you want to create another plan or set one up for the first time from your app for attendance management, simply choose ‘Create a new payment plan’.

Enter the subscription’s details, give it a unique name and a billing frequency, as well as telling your app for attendance management the day/date on which you’d like to collect it. And, we’re done!


I already created a subscription plan in Stripe but need to change to GC or vice-versa – can I do that from my app for attendance management?

Yes, you can. We totally understand that you may have a change of heart and might want to change your service provider for collecting payments from the managing members’ app.

So, to change your bill collection service, you will need to recreate the plan, choose the appropriate service, along with all the other fields, and then set up your direct debit payment – just like you did when setting up direct debit payments for the first time in your managing members’ app.


When will I start seeing funds in my account when I log into the “managing members” app to view payments made by members?

While this is something we have no control over, we do know how the process generally works for GoCardless and Stripe.

For GC, the funds arrive in 2 working days after someone sends you a payment, but if you’ve just set up your account, the process can take up to 6 working days.

For Stripe, funds are available in your bank account in 2-5 working days after someone sends you a payment. But again, if you’ve just set up your Stripe account, I may take 7-10 working days.


How do I add a new coach to my managing members app?

If you have new coaches coming aboard, you can give them access to the managing members’ app at no additional cost, which will also help them get dialled in right away! They will already have access to the necessary members’ medical information, emergency contact details, any coaches notes, etc. which they may need to view to make well-informed decisions on the fly.

To view your coaches list, navigate to ‘People’ from the main menu of your managing members’ app, and choose ‘Your Members’. Now, find ‘Coaches & Admins’ and this will display all the coaches’ names who have access to the managing members’ app. Click on ‘Add new staff’ to add your new coach. Fill in all the relevant details and setup their password. Once done, you need to let them know that their profile has been set up in the managing members’ app and that they should change their password.

You can also set the level of access your new coach has in the managing members’ app:

Admin – This gives them full access when they log into the membership tracking app.

Coach Full – This gives them access to members, classes and attendance registers only.

Coach Limited – This will give them access to only the individual members, classes and attendance registers they have been assigned.

Once done, just find the ‘Add’ button on the top of your membership tracking app’s screen and that’s it.


How does the attendance register work in my membership tracking app?

Every time you log into your membership tracking app, you’re greeted by the main Dashboard. As you scroll down, you’ll notice the Attendance Register tab, which is right about the Noticeboard. The same feature can also be accessed by going into the Classes & Registers section in your membership tracking app, and then accessing Attendance Registers.

This feature provides an overview of the classes you’ve scheduled for the week. By clicking on the ‘Go to this register’ tab on the right side, you can view and use that register in your membership tracking app.

There are 4 tabs here, which allow you to view old registers, the current day’s registers and the current week’s.

For a more detailed step-by-step explanation on how each feature in your membership tracking app’s attendance register works, you can check out this guide we’ve prepared.


How do I (or my coaches) quickly find a register in the club apps?

Whenever you or your coaches (if you’ve given them the privilege) set up a class in their membership apps, a readymade register gets generated automatically, allowing you or your coaches to sign members in/out whenever they want to.

To find this useful feature in their membership apps, your coaches must navigate to ‘Classes & Registers’ from Coacha’s main menu and choose ‘Attendance Registers’. This will automatically bring up the current registers in everyone’s membership apps.

The four tabs in the membership apps’ screen will show you past register, today, this week and search. You can also find a specific register by using the date fields in ‘Search for Register’.

You will also find the option to add/remove registers or add/remove participants from a specific register. Most membership apps don’t offer this level of ease and convenience, but Coacha certainly does!


Are membership apps generally complicated to understand, set up or use?

Not at all! Membership apps like Coacha, for example, are designed with user-friendliness in mind. So, all you need to do is download it for FREE, set it up and start using it within minutes. It doesn’t require any technical knowhow as such, just some basic computer skills and an internet connection.

We understand how most membership management apps can be very cumbersome to set up and use – but never will you find any such issue with Coacha!


Which platforms do membership management apps generally support? What about Coacha?

Nearly all membership management apps today support Windows and Mac OS-based PCs as well as Android and iOS devices, and so does Coacha. However, what most membership management apps typically do not support are the latest gaming platforms (like PS5 and Xbox Series S/X), which Coacha supports, in case you want to pause your gaming session to log in just to quickly check up on things! Pretty nifty, eh?


Do I need a very ‘fast’ or high-end device to effectively run membership management apps?

Not at all – a membership app (free to download) like Coacha can run efficiently on any PC or mobile/handheld device built in the last 10-20 years with the latest software on it. So, even if you’re using, say, an outdated or ‘not so cool’ smartphone to log into your app to book classes, it should run just fine, especially if you have a reasonably fast internet connection.


Do mobile apps for membership organisations always require an internet connection?

Well, not always. For example, you can definitely use some of the membership app features offline but that would be putting a severe cap on the features you can access or use. For the best experience, we always recommend keeping your internet connection on!

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