Set up events, classes & registers. Plus courses, camps & 121’s … and more ...

Automated registers, combined with recurring classes and people booking themselves onto events, means your admin time could be reduced by up to 80%. Just think about all of the other more enjoyable things that will free you up for?! And there’s a lot, lot more besides …

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Bookable classes & 1-2-1 sessions

Do you run open classes, or 1-2-1's, that people can book onto if they want to attend? With Coacha, your m embers can log into the Member Portal and book onto these sessions with just a few easy clicks. 

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Easy check-in

Our registers are lockable. This means that you can launch Coacha on a tablet or ipad and let people check themselves in. You won't need to worry about whether they can click around into the rest of your account.

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Automated registers

When you create a class in Coacha registers are automatically created. So when you, your coaches or even your members log in, they can see what's on straight away!

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Attendance tracking

You'll want to know who is attending which class/event. With our auto-sync registers, the data in your club will always be real-time and accurate. 

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Unlimited classes 

You are completely unlimited in how many classes or events you put into Coacha! We don't know how busy you are, but we won't limit you because of your efforts.

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Permanent records

When it comes to knowing who was in a class and who wasn't, its not just a 'nice to have'! Safeguard your club by keeping accurate records of attendance.

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Club calendar 

Coacha automatically creates an auto-synced club calendar for all your members. When they log in, they can see exactly what's going on in your club and when!

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Class date controls 

If you have a class that runs at certain times of the year, you can add start and end dates on that class in the class control panel. Great for school terms.

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Set venues 

Classes all over the region? Well now you can let your members (and coaches) know where they need to be for each class with our venue management.

Coacha Classes Registers 11
Void classes

Bank holidays, missed classes and special circumstances can really mess with your attendance data! That's why Coacha has built the ability to 'void' a class if it was missed for any reason.

Coacha Classes Registers 12
Class size limits

Running out of space? In Coacha, you can set your class sizes so that when they're fully booked, no one else will be able to book onto them. A simple, but often needed solution.

Coacha Classes Registers 13
Quick add-on registers

Someone unexpected turned up to a class? Coacha allows you to quickly add them to the register without having to mess around with your class settings, saving you valuable time!

Coacha Classes Registers 14
No over/under booking

Setting the size of a class, session or event means that you won’t have too many people turning up on the day. Ideal for popular and usually oversubscribed events. Also see the 121 features for sessions for individuals and small groups.

Coacha Classes Registers 15
Class wait list

Even if classes or events are fully booked, sometimes people cancel. Why should you lose out though? Coacha is able to create a wait list and then automatically contact people on your behalf to refill the position.

Coacha Classes Registers 16
Block booking events

Making life easier for your members as well as you, people can block book events. No having to select multiple classes for them, and no more having to tally them all up for you. More automation, less time consuming manual input.

Coacha Classes Registers 17
Courses, camps and training blocks

Do you put on courses, camps or events, that last several sessions? Or maybe you provide blocks of training? If so then this feature is for you. Easy to set up, easy to manage and easy for your members to book.

Coacha Classes Registers 18
Termly / seasonal classes & sessions

Ideal if you coach or teach children during term time, and break over the holidays. Perfect for activities based on sporting seasons too. And great for summer camps … and any other seasonal events fort that!

Coacha Classes Registers 19
Book courts, pitches, etc

Take bookings for things like courts, tables, pools, pool lanes, pitches, halls, and much more – if something needs booking, you’re covered. Even things like club house rooms or restaurant tables!

Coacha Classes Registers 20
Coach / staff timeslot management

Coacha gives you complete control over your teacher / coach / staff time slots, including how your members pay. And if you want your staff to manage their own calendars, they can. The more work done by others, means less work for you.

Coacha Classes Registers 21
Coach / staff timesheets

It’s easy to lose track of the hours your staff have put in, and sometimes not a good idea to rely on them to simply tell you! Coacha’s ‘Timesheets’ help you collate your staff’s hours making life a little easier for both you and them.

Coacha Classes Registers 22
Events calendar

Need a way of publicising events that are outside of your normal day to day paid for activities? Maybe social get-togethers, charity events, fixtures or big competitions? With Coacha you can record these so that they appear in your people’s calendars.

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