See a what our lovely clubs and coaches have to say about Coacha!

"Coacha is amazing. Long gone are the days when I had to store information in various bulky folders. Everything I need is in one place and takes up no space at all, I can easily keep track of payments, attendance, and maintain athlete info in the most efficient way. Flicking through sheets to find someone’s payment or NOK information is rather tedious when you have 100+ athletes. With Coacha, that is eliminated. As long as I have the Internet, I'm good to go!

Their staff are one of a kind; always happy to help and open to feedback and suggestions. The Coacha staff are leading the way in what a first-class service should look like. If I ever run into trouble they always respond quickly and quite often follow up with call.

I would highly recommend this software to any club, particularly clubs who are managed by volunteers. Holding down a 9-6 day job, along with running a club, does takes its toll. Having software that minimises the manual work by giving you back some much needed time is just what I needed."

Tovonya Raybe - Co-Director of Marshals Cheer & Dance

"Coacha has simplified and streamlined our administration process and approach. No longer do we need to carry around paper forms and rosters for each class. Having students' medical information and emergency contact numbers at the touch of a button is invaluable. And when new starters join, we're able to email our welcome pack and membership applications. The cost per month is a small price to pay for all the benefits Coacha provides."

Steve - Financial Adviser at Seido Bucks Karate

"Before Coacha we were working paper-based and had to print off our rosters each month, so now we're saving both time and ink! I signed up after seeing recommendations from other cheerleading clubs who were really complimentary about Coacha."

Christina - Head Coach at Derby Extreme Cheer Academy

"Coacha has completely changed the way we work. We were doing everything manually before, and taking monthly subscriptions by cash was really difficult. Now, I just set the subscriptions up, send an email and everything is sorted. I LOVE the rosters, and being able to create one-off rosters at events and fundraisers to see which students attended. I love being able to view rosters on my phone."

Courtney - Founder and Coach at A2D Academy

"I'm more than happy with Coacha. I originally signed up to a free trial of the software due to the integration of everything that I needed in one system. We did everything 'old school' before, and Coacha has changed all of this. I love it and am really happy with the whole service I've recieved."

Carolynn - Program Director of Valley Wild Cats

"We spent a lot of our admin time last season chasing late payments and processing cash with no names attached or direct debits with random surnames/references, trying to figure out which athlete they matched with, etc. As soon as we heard that there was a system that would simplify taking payments and help us to track which athletes have paid what, we were on it. It's definitely paid off. With Coacha, I reckon we spend about a quarter of the amount of payment admin time we did last year. It’s a life saver.

Coacha is so useful to us. Being able to see who has paid what, on what dates, has enabled us to be so much more on it with parents. We know exactly where they stand at a glance, and any missed payments are immediately rectified with the payment request option. It's completely revolutionised the way that we do money. Parents are finding it simpler, and our whole staff team is now all able to deal with payments for their own classes and teams in one centralised place that we can track, where it was too complicated for them to get involved with payments before.

Not only has Coacha majorly cut down on the amount of time that we spend chasing & processing payments, it's also ensured that we bring a steady amount of money in on guaranteed dates, meaning that we can pay staff wages in a more consistent way than ever.

We really appreciate that Coacha are putting in the time to find out how we're getting on. We're finding the software so so useful. I just wanted to say that Coacha has made our admin so much smoother after implementing it this season. All of our staff is so grateful to be able to process things so easily. We absolutely love it and couldn't imagine running our program without it now! You guys rock."

Kat Knowles - Program Director of Momentum Cheer