Funding for recognised sports governing bodies

As a forward-thinking sports governing body, you will be keen to drive the organization towards generating more of its own income.

What would your sports governing body do with another $50,000+ pa?

We have a fund-raising opportunity that would generate a regular monthly stream of income for sports governing body partners, which could easily earn $20,000 and potentially exceed $50,000 - annually.

For larger sports governing bodies with the right commercial capabilities, a six-figure annual income is a reality. That’s $100,000+ a year. Year in, year out.

We are exploring partnership opportunities with sports governing bodies from across the US and invite them to submit an expression of interest to partner with us.


What is Coacha?

Coacha is a web-based App that enables sports clubs to streamline admin and comply with regulatory requirements. Our very easy to use yet powerful software helps proactivesports governing bodies to support their members in these ways:

•    safeguarding children in sport by using technology
•    keeping club and members’ sensitive data safe
•    help enhance their member club’s data privacy practices
•    providing tools to relieve a clubs increasingly burdensome administration
•    helping save (sometimes a lot of) money with member transaction fees

Personalising our product allows sports governing bodies with the desire, but not necessarily the resource (time as well as money) to have software branded as their own for their members to use. Doing so quickly and painlessly, whilst generating regular additional income for themselves.

If any of these points do resonate with you, maybe we should have a conversation?

What else is in it for you as a sports governing body?

Aside from a regular funding stream, partnering with Coacha gives your the opportunity to provide useful additional benefits to your members. These include:

•   helping to enforce safeguarding children in sport best practice by using technology
•   a suite of useful tools for members that solve real life sports club problems
•   reducing costs and keeping more money in your member's club and your sport.


How does the partnership work?

There are several options open to sports governing bodies. The type of partnership that's right for you will depend on the amount of revenue you wish to generate, the amount of member clubs you have and their number of members.

There are many other factors too, and no two partnerships are the same. This really is a revolutionary and bespoke way of raising funding for your sport.

Contact us - what do you have to lose?

This proposition will help any sport’s governing body sourcing an additional, regular stream of non-grant or funding related income.

And at the same time help with safeguarding children.

And help them to help their sports clubs become compliant with Data Privacy obligations.

All we ask, is for a few details from you followed by 5-10 minutes on the phone. At the end of our call, you decide if we talk more or to leave it there.

Seriously, what do you have to lose?

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