Safeguarding; a Serious Obligation

Anything you can do to help protect children is a must. Texting/emailing within Coacha helps you
to communicate with children properly, and secure server technology does away with
paper records that could easily fall into the wrong hands.


Why waste time rifling through paper records when Coacha's safeguarding app can give secure access to the right info in seconds, right from your phone, tablet or laptop.
Keep prying eyes out and parents happy with secure password protection on all of your young students' sensitive data and personal information
You can't be expected to remember all of the injuries, allergies and disabilities that your students may have. But don't worry, Coacha can do that for you!
In an emergency, every second counts. Coacha helps to minimise the risk of long term damage by keeping important medical and contact info to hand.
Designed with child protection in sport guidelines in mind, Coacha's communication system puts child protection first, keeping parents happy and young people safe.
Unlike with paper records, Coacha is fully password protected, backed up daily onto our World-class servers, and only accessible to your trusted coaches.
You're in safe hands! Each student of the Coacha team undertakes a yearly Disclosure and Barring check, and data is backed up onto our powerful servers every 24 hours.
Your students' wellbeings are our priority. That's why you can make safeguarding notes exempt from instant data download..
Although Coacha's communication system is built around child protection in sport best practice guidelines, choose to assign a safeguarding moderator to be copied into emails to minors.

Why Safeguarding in Sport Matters

We’ve obviously done our research around safeguarding in sport. But this isn’t the only reason we have such extensive knowledge on the matter. We’re coaches ourselves. We're aware of the benefits of safeguarding in sport. We run our own clubs, classes, courses and safeguarding and child protection software.

As Coaches, we have a duty of care to protect our athletes that are children/vulnerable adults. We always act with their absolute best interests at heart. And everything we do, we do for them. Safeguarding children in sport is always the number one priority for us,

Before Coacha even existed, we were looking into which pieces of sport/children safeguarding software software to use for our own clubs. Obviously, we didn’t find any that we thought were satisfactory; hence why we built our own. But when we were conducting our research into kids' safeguarding software, we discovered, that sure, there was software out there that held your athlete’s information, allowed you to use rosters and send emails; but where were the specific features focusing on safeguarding and data privacy?

Coacha’s primary goal will always be to keep your students’ information as safe and secure as possible, whilst allowing you to use Coacha’s tools to adequately safeguard them. We built Coacha’s communication feature around child protection in sport best practice guidelines, so that no student can ever be contacted when they shouldn’t be (as long as students’ dates of births are correct). This means if students are too young to be contacted, their parents will automatically be contacted instead. Meaning the administrative side of your communication process just got a whole lot safer and easier by using this this safeguarding and child protection software..

You can also add an ‘Independent Moderator’ who will be copied in on all emails to those that are underage within this children safeguarding software.

One of the features we’re most proud of within Coacha, our kids' safeguarding software, is ‘Coach’s Notes’. Each student profile will have a ‘Coach’s Notes’ section that can be used to track progress, note behavior, grades etc. Coach’s Notes are subject to instant data download via the Student Portal by students/their parents under Data Privacy Laws. However, if you need to use Coach’s Notes to document safeguarding concerns that you don’t think are appropriate for the parent to read (in view of the child’s safety), you can upgrade the note to a ‘Safeguarding Note’. This will make the note exempt from data download so you're always safeguarding children in sport with your safeguarding app.

As far as we know, there isn’t any other sports club management software that has implemented such sophisticated safeguarding in sport features. We will always continue to work to help you safeguard and protect your students as well as we can, so your club can reap the benefits of safeguarding in sport.