At a Glance, How Can Coacha Help?

How does Coacha make your life easier? It's packed full of features, but getting down to the nitty gritty, you just want to make sure you're not doing more than you need to be! Well, Coacha is designed to replace most of the things you probably already do, to give you more time for... well... whatever you like!


Manage Your Athletes and Coaches


No more folders, files or paperwork! Keep everyone's information securely in one place with easy access anywhere and anytime. Athlete information, coach's notes, attendance records, parent/next of kin contact details and medical/injury history is all to hand with just a couple of clicks.

Club growing? Extra coaches? Create individual logins that allow access to all the important info, such as student details and class rosters, while keeping club finances confidential.



Classes, Sessions and Attendance


Looking to organise your classes and training sessions? Make things easy with Coacha. Life is easy with automatically generated rosters.. Simply create recurring classes or one-off events in just a few clicks then you're good to go. Whether you're planning on using the iOS app or the main site, today's roster will be ready and waiting!

Coacha collects and records everything you need to know about attendance levels and class performance. You can also check how your individual athletes are getting on thanks to student level attendance statistics and coach notes. We bet your paper records couldn't do that...




Cash, Subs and One-Off Payments


There are lots of services out there that can handle recurring payments via direct debit and card. For Coacha, we wanted an integrated service that is as cost effective as it is simple - with no hidden feesThat's why we've partnered with Stripe; to bring you an easy to set up and use, money interface.

Through Coacha, Stripe handles all of your monthly subscriptions, one-off card transactions, and even cash payments. It automatically retries to collect failed payments and we keep you informed along the way. With enhanced notifications, you won't miss a trick.

Need instant updates? The Money Dashboard is updated in real time, so you can see every payment that hits your account (and those that need chasing up, too!). To top it off, those who move their subscriptions to Stripe will invariably save money on fees. What's not to love?

We chose Stripe because it's safe, secure and fast, while offering some of the lowest transaction fees* around. And as we understand that money can be tight, Coacha does not charge you a cent for Stripe integration.

*Stripe transaction fees apply. Click here for a comparison of other services.



Get the Message Out There


Coacha helps you to stay in touch with your students, parents and coaches from its easy to use communication system. With Coacha, you can send messages to students, coaches, certain classes, student groups or individuals via email and SMS in just a few clicks.

Worried about safeguarding? With child protection in sport best practice guidelines built into our system, we ensure your emails/texts are only ever sent to the appropriate recipients. This of course offers added protection for your coaches and students, and peace of mind for parents too.



Child Protection; a Serious Business


If you coach children, safeguarding their personal information is an integral part of what you do. Rather than using insecure paper records/spreadsheets, keep your sensitive information securely locked away in the Cloud.

Coacha's World-class servers are highly secure and backed up every day, so there is no need to worry about data being lost or falling into the wrong hands. Wondering whether our Support staff are vetted? We ensure they all undertake a full, annual disclosure and barring check.

By using Coacha’s Email/Text system, designed with child protection in sport best practice guidelines in mind, there is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to child protection.


In Case of Emergency...


Your athletes may be a tough bunch, but accidents happen. In the event of an emergency, how quickly could you access a student's medical notes or next of kin contact information? Would you have time to rifle through paper records to check up on allergies if 911 needed to be called?

With Coacha, it only takes a couple of clicks to get hold of the essential information. Then you can get back to the most important task at hand, looking after the injured athlete.