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Coacha is membership software that helps you manage all aspects of running your club. Get paid on time, take rosters, send texts, enhance safeguarding and comply with data privacy laws. Plus much more. Coacha truely has you covered.

Simplify your admin with coacha

Managing your club and people shouldn’t be difficult.

Coacha is incredibly simple to learn how to use right from the start. Our club membership software makes managing clubs and students very easy. Your coaches, staff and helpers really will love it. You can monitor attendance, keep track of and save money (plus much more) whilst knowing your data stays safe and secure.

Absolutely love Coacha! We've been using it for over a year now, the features are fantastic, and the subscription payments that run automatically every month save my sanity, and a lot of time!
Carolynn McCord Clarke

We won’t make you pay over the odds

We don’t make money out of your transactions. Nearly all other membership management software packages do. What’s more, if you have lots of students or your club grows, you won’t pay extra. Not with Coacha. One flat monthly fee for any size club. Amazing functionality at an awesome price.

Packed with features we know you'll love

Free iOS & Android apps
Unlimited free downloads for you and your team of coaches.
Flat fee of $35/month
No matter how big your club or how much it grows.
Market leading transaction fees
Just 1.4% + 20p per Stripe transaction (not added to by us).
Athlete profiles
Personal, next of kin and medical details in the palm of your hand.
Student groups
Organize athletes by level, belt, team or any other system you use.
Classes and sessions
Ensure coaches know which classes they're taking and when.
Email and SMS messaging
Send mass updates to select groups, NOK contacts and parents.
Digital rosters
Forget the hassle of preparing and printing paper copies.
Easy insights
Track athlete attendance and see your most popular classes.
Card transactions
Process payments on the spot - without the need for a card reader.
Automated payments
Set and forget your weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
Payment requests
Send via email for your athletes to complete online.
Financial reports
Easily get transaction info from the membership database.
Coach notes
Keep your staff team up to date with athletes' progress.
Coach users
Give access to as many coaches as you need.

Our blog is packed full of useful information

Checked out the Coacha blog yet? We share feature updates, hints and tips with club admin, and even special deals and discounts we’ve secured for our users...

10/19/2020 03:42:00 PM

We at Coacha have a huge amount of people signing up now as they get their clubs open in the ‘new normal’. We’re all about helping people and as a result, our boffins have produced a full demo video which helps with about 80% of people’s commonly asked questions when they start to set up Coacha.It starts with the ‘Dashboard’ top left in Coacha then takes you through all of the sections, so just skip to the relevant bit you need help with:(https://www.yout...

10/15/2020 02:51:00 PM

For those who are operating any sports, pastime or recreational club, rewards can be very high– but it can also be quite a challenge. There are a lot of tasks and challenges that come with running a club of any type, and those who have been doing so for some time will have already taken advantage of software and apps to help with their admin tasks.We at Coacha are pretty proud to say that we’ve helped to streamline and simplify club management in the UK in a big way. As a result we h...

10/13/2020 12:03:00 PM

For those who run and operate sports clubs, good club attendance is a sure sign that a club is growing and prospering. With good attendance, it shows that your members and players are keen on taking part in different activities, sessions, and events.However, if a club has poor attendance, then there may be something that needs to be addressed. It’s not always the case that poor attendance is caused by something internal. It’s often external factors such as demanding jobs, family comm...

Did you know we will set your Coacha up for you for free?

Short on time? Think setting up is a hassle? Don’t worry, we know that finding the time to set up your club membership software is hard. That’s why the our friendly team at Coacha will be more than happy to give you a hand. The whole team are DBS Checked so your data is in totally safe hands. We’ll input absolutely everything for you, so you can use Coacha straight away – and were always here if you need help.

Simply fill in your info below and we'll get you up and running in no time!