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Video Tutorials

Sometimes you want to be shown how to do something. Our Video Tutorial Library covers all of the fundamentals.


Coacha was inspired by real coaches and designed with simplicity in mind. This secure, cloud based software makes it easy for amateur sports coaches to monitor attendance, stay on top of club finances, and keep member information safe.

Is software for membership management really free?

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Coacha 2.0 Interface

Join us as we take a walk around Coacha 2.0's interface. We explore all sections including the Dashboard, People, Money, Classes, Registers and Statistics sections.

We show you how to quickly work your way around the interface. 'Simple' is our mantra, so it shouldn't take you long to catch on.



The New Member Profile

We've redesigned and upgraded the Member Portal. Those of you who remembers version 1 of Coacha will know just how much smarter and sophisticated this.

Not only does it look better, but it has additional features that were implemented as a direct result of a wishlist that was completed by our users in 2017.



Adding Multiple Members to a Payment Request

We're no strangers to taking feedback on board. That's why when we asked our users what feature improvements they wanted last year, we delivered with the results.

Rather than having to send payment requests one by one, you can now add multiple members to one payment request before you send it.



The Member Portal

The biggest and most exciting feature of Coacha 2.0 is hands down the Member Portal. You thought it would be cool for your members/parents to be able to login and edit their personal details and we thought, 'why not?'.

Not only did we make this doable, but we also added other really cool features like members/parents being able to download their data instantly under GDPR, class schedule, club noticeboard, booking onto classes and more.



GDPR Features Overview

We've spent a lot of time and did a lot of research on GDPR over the last few years. We built version 2 of Coacha specifically around GDPR, to help your club work towards compliance.

There are various features in Coacha2.0 that help you work towards GDPR compliance. Join us to see which ones could be helping your club.



Club Noticeboard

Have a great practice? Needing to send your members a link to that article you were telling them about? Parents need reminding about practice? No problem.

Club administrators can post notes on the Club Noticeboard for coaches and members to view, or just coaches. With all of the communication features within Coacha2.0, your club have never been more informed.



Creating a Login for a Member

With Coacha 2.0 came the long-awaited Member Portal. Here you can find out how to allocate your members a login individually. This will allow them to be able to login and do many things such as view and edit elements of their personal data.

There is an additional feature which allows you to mass-assign logins, video to follow.