"Simple, Effective & Secure. We would recommend Coacha without hesitation, it works perfectly for what we need. We love the simplicity."

Airborn Academy are recognised internationally in the Urban Sport community. They specialise in Freerunning, Parkour, Cheer, Tumbling, Trampolining, Aeriel Skills & Hoop & Tricking.

Until recently, Airborn Academy were relying on a lengthy and confusing manual system which was not fitting the bill. They decided it was time for change, which was when they contacted Coacha. We've been in touch with Director, Martin Tsang to find out just how Coacha has helped transform their club administration.

Q. How did you organise your Freerunning, Cheer & Urban Sports club administration before Coacha and what was the core problem you were looking to solve?
A.We were looking for a secure and simple payment system to reduce admin time for us and to provide our parents and athletes with a clear record of payments. We also wanted a system to accommodate taking one off payments for competition fees, merchandise etc.

Q. What made you look for a (different) piece of Freerunning, Cheer & Urban Sports software to help and did you have any initial hesitations?
A. There was no hesitation in wanting to move over to a payment software system as our manual system was becoming time consuming and not providing the visibility we required, either for us or for our parents/athletes.

Q. How did you discover Coacha?
A. BGU recommended Coacha. We had previously looked at other software systems but none had been specifically recommended by a company within the cheerleading community so we knew it must be more suited to how a cheerleading programme is set up as it was inspired by coaches. So we had a free trial and loved it.

Q. What have been the greatest benefits of using Coacha and what is your favourite feature?
A. The initial set up takes a little time but then it is so easy to use with reccurring monthly payments. Also, Coacha offer a free club setup if you're struggling for time, or not hugely computer literate. We love the registers and the dashboards which flag attendance rates. We also use the email/SMS system regularly to send out group messages to teams, which is great because they're all recorded on the system too.

Q. If you were to describe Coacha using 3 words, what would they be?
A. Simple, Effective, Secure.

Q. What has it been like to work with Coacha’s team and do you have an example of how they went the ‘extra mile’ for you?
A. The Coacha team have been really easy to work with. We have suggested a couple of changes within the system which would make it a more smooth running interface and they were implemented. The Coacha team are keen to get it right and improve the system in any way they can.

Q. If someone called you and asked, ‘Why should I use Coacha?’, what would you tell them?
A. It takes the pain out of collecting monthly payments. It provides a register for teams. Essential information is easily accessible and secure. It provides a record for parents of payments made. Missed payments are easy to identify and chase up. The support is excellent and Coacha are open to feedback and suggestions to improve their platform.

Q. Would you recommend Coacha to other sports teams?
A. Without hesitation, it works perfectly for what we need. We love the simplicity.

Q. What do you think about Coacha’s efforts with GDPR and has their aim to raise awareness of it helped you at all?
A. They have provided some really helpful guidance on steps to take as a programme to work towards GDPR compliance ready for when the new regulations come into force in May 2018, including their GDPR Guide and Checklist. Coacha have answered all our questions regarding how Coacha keeps our data secure.

Being proactive in raising awareness within the Cheer & Urban Sports community for GDPR and sharing advice shows their commitment to ensuring compliance and that the support they provide is not just around the utilisation of their software.

Q. Is there anything else you feel important to add?
A. We love it, give it a try!

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