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How to forget about admin and make the most of your summer
01 July 2019

How to forget about admin and make the most of your summer

Summer. It’s the season you’ve been waiting for! Some well-earnt downtime after a busy season of gradings, competitions, challenges and matches. It’s awesome to have a few weeks off and push club-life to the side for a little bit. But it won’t be long until the thought of organising your next season starts creeping back in.

We usually deal with 2 types of club owners:

1. The ones that spend their entire period of ‘downtime’ planning next season, so they have everything in place for September.

2. The ones that leave it until the last week of August to start organising everything.


There are downsides of both of the above. Those who spend all summer pre-planning their admin still don’t feel like they’ve had a break. They don’t really switch off and spend their whole summer trying to organise for next year. Those who leave it until quite late are often very stressed and not ready for the start the season.

But how do you find the balance? We’re here to show you how!

Coacha’s Summer Setup Service

This July, when you sign up for a free trial of Coacha, you’ll qualify for our free Summer Setup Service. This means that all you need to do is:

• Take 30 seconds to sign up
• Send us your club data


• We’ll spend the summer setting up your club
• You’ll have access to your account for free the whole time
• You’ll benefit from all of the development work that’s taking place over the summer
• You’ll log into Coacha in September and everything will be waiting for you
• You won’t start paying for Coacha until September


Try Coacha free for 14 days

So, instead of a 14-day free trial, you’re getting:

• A 2-month free trial
• Free club setup
• All of the new upgrades
• Plus time to enjoy your whole Summer

At Coacha, our ethos is very much about giving back to sport. We save your clubs money and most of all, time. We see you all working so hard through the whole year and we want to help you enjoy your Summer.

Things you can do instead of summer admin

• Enjoy a holiday knowing your admin is being taken care of
• See friends and family
• Do something you’ve wanted to do for ages
• Go on a day out
• Go for a walk and enjoy the summer sunshine

What can Coacha do for me?

If you’re new to Coacha and are wondering what it can do for you, where do we begin?! At this time of year, most clubs come to us having promised themselves that they’ll change the way they do their admin for the new season.


We built Coacha to help save Coaches time, money and stress and that’s what we’re constantly striving to do! Coacha can help you manage your whole club from within one piece of software. From within Coacha you can:

• Automate your registers
• Automate your payments
• Automate your failed payment chasing
• Store all of your member data and access it within seconds
• Allow members to sign themselves up for your club
• Comply with GDPR and safeguarding best practice
• Communicate with your club members/teams
• Communicate with children alongside NSPCC best practice
• Allow your members to view, edit and download their data instantly under GDPR
• And so much more

To sign up for our Summer Setup Service and enjoy your Summer, click here. You won’t regret it.