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Your Questions Answered: Can I use Coacha if I charge for termly payments?
24 November 2017

Your Questions Answered: Can I use Coacha if I charge for termly payments?

We know that no two sports clubs are the same. Whether it be the sport, the way you run your warm-ups or the way you charge for your subscriptions. Understanding this uniqueness is very important to us here at Coacha. As part of our commitment to provide you with a truly useful tool for your unique club requirements, you’ll probably notice us calling you every once in a while, to ask your opinion on something, or sending out a Wishlist for features you’d like to see. This is because we appreciate that you run your clubs differently and we really want to make coaches lives easier.

Although we try and cater for everyone, sometimes there are features that we can’t quite implement (yet). One of these being termly payments. There are, however, a few ways around this and with a few recent queries regarding what to do if you charge termly payments, we thought we’d better keep you all in the loop.

Process 1:

We know that one of the many beauties of using Coacha is the ability to automate your payments. But the fact is, if you charge termly payments you’re decreasing the amount of times that you take payments by two thirds. The best way to get around this in Coacha is to make three (or four – depending on how many terms your club is open) one-off payments.

(If you’ve not started using Coacha yet or you’re a little confused, a one-off payment is a non-recurring, one-off payment that is made by the member/parent completing the payment request you send out. This is in comparison to a subscription that is taken on a recurring (for example, monthly) basis.)

This would require you to sit down at the start of each term (just 3 times a year) and send the one-off payment request to your members individually. They would fill in the payment request and voila, the payment is in your Stripe account! We think this may be a prime opportunity to grab a hot cuppa, nip to the office for some admin time and have a quiet hour.


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Process 2:

A lot of our clubs use this process. Although you charge termly, you could add up each of the payments and split the cost over 12 months. This may make things a little easier for your members/parents too. For example, if you charge £100 per term and there are 3 terms, the cost for the whole year is £300. You could split this over 12 months which would be £25 per month.

As you’re now charging termly but your members/parents are splitting the cost over a year, you can set up rolling subscriptions. This will require a bit of your time at the beginning of the setup process but will be effortless once up and running.

You’ll need to sit down and create your unique subscription plans, assign them to your members and send the payment requests. Once these are set up, you won’t need to worry about your payments any longer, unless you change your subscriptions in the future. Stripe will also contact you if a payment bounces, so that you can chase the member/parent. You can setup the number of times Stripe tries to re-collect the payment before it notifies you, which we’ve been told is a very useful feature to have!

We love speaking to our users, so if you’re still unsure, or would just like to be talked through the process, feel free to get in touch via phone or email and we’d be more than happy to help!