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6 questions to ask when saving money on sports club membership software
11 June 2019

6 questions to ask when saving money on sports club membership software

Researching for a piece of sports club membership software can be stressful and take a lot of time. This is because there is so much software out there, all structured and priced differently. As free trials are so common in software, you have to try a few before you find the right one. For this reason, it can take a while to research, narrow down and finally decide on the right software for your club.

There are lots of different areas you’ll be focusing on such as ease of use and specific features. But for the majority of clubs, especially non-profit, cost will a super important factor in the search process. And with many software providers being, shall we say, shifty with their pricing structures, it’s easy to get pulled in by clever marketing.

For this reason, we’re giving you some tips on saving money when choosing sports club membership software. Here are 6 questions that are important to ask:

1. What is the usage cost?

A lot of software, like us, will charge a fee for the use of their software. The fee may be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Some software advertise as ‘free’ to use, but *please note*, this nearly always results in you paying 2-3 times as much in ‘other’ fees.

For this reason, we’d advise not dismissing paid-for software because it seems more expensive… because it very often turns out the exact opposite.

2. What are the transaction fees?

These are a big part of the ‘other’ fees we talked about. If you’re planning on taking finances through your new software, many people don’t know that there will be a ‘transaction fee’ taken from each payment that you take. This payment will go to the payment processor and is standard practice across all software.

You should find out the exact transaction fee amounts for each software. This may not be easy though, as there are lots of providers who are not transparent about their fees. Usually because they add an additional percentage on top of the payment processors’ fees. So, they’re making money from your subscriptions.


A lot of these higher transaction fees are around 2-6% +20-50p per transaction. This may not seem like a lot now, but when you do the maths, we think you’ll be surprised.

Here’s an example using our payment processor, Stripe, who charge 1.4% +20p per transaction:

With a club of 100 members, each of whom are on a subscription plan of £30 per month, you’ll pay £62 in transaction fees over 1 month. Add Coacha’s £25 per month usage fee and that’s a total of £87 per month.

Using one of our competitor’s pricing of NO usage fee but transaction fees of 3.95%+50p, you’d pay £170 in 1 month. And that’s just in transaction fees.

These numbers speak for themselves.


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3. Are there ‘other costs’?

Some software providers actually charge deposits and setup fees. Plus, there are usually terms and conditions in place that dictate when you get your deposit back. Make sure you’re clear about all costs associated with the software before you commit to using them.

4. Do I have to put all of my finances through the software?

With some providers it’s part of your contract that you must put at least 75% of your finances through their system. If you don’t abide by this rule, you could be stopped from using the software. So, although you’re not paying a monthly fee, they’re making an even heftier percentage on each transaction that goes through your club… and you have no choice but to let them.

With software like Coacha, you can use whichever features you like. There are no obligations to use our payment feature as we don’t make any money from your transactions.

5. Are all of the features I need included in the price?

Some software has different ‘packages’ to choose from. Certain packages will only allow access to certain features. It’s also common for some software to charge extra for specific features you need adding. It’s a good idea to check whether your intended package holds all of the features you need before you make a final decision, so you don’t end up paying more.

6. Is there a restriction on the number of athletes/classes?

It’s common for some providers to have tiered pricing structures so there’s a limit on the number of athletes/classes you can add before you have to start paying more.

In this case, you may want to check out all packages to make sure your club can afford to pay the higher packages if your club is expanding.



Here at Coacha, we’re incredibly proud to be maintaining a system with one set price, without marking up transaction fees and without compromising the quality of our feature sets. There is no tiered pricing structure and Coacha access is unlimited, but there is no obligation for you to use any specific feature. You’ll also never end up paying more for extra features/when your club grows.

Don’t put it off any longer, try something different with your club admin and sign up for a free trial of Coacha today.