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Money Dashboard Update
30 May 2019

Money Dashboard Update

The start to Coacha's V2.5 Updates

Coacha Headquarters is a very busy place to be at the moment. Between teams working on V2.5 updates, V3 updates, Coacha USA and other exciting projects, it's safe to say that no one is ever sat twiddling their thumbs!


As we explained in our recent blog post about the new updates, we'll be rolling V2.5 and V3 out feature by feature, so you can get the benefits even sooner. We're very excited to let everyone know about the first feature update to V2.5. And it's involving the Money Dashboard!

About the Money Dashboard update

The Money Dashboard has come a long way since we first launched Coacha. From simple online payment recording; to recording cash; to chasing for failed payments; to introducing sophisticated 'payment requests' so that members can pay from their own devices. And to think that we very nearly didn't even include a 'Money' feature when we first launched...



Our aim for the new update was to de-clutter your Money Dashboard and make things even clearer. So here's what we've done.


From now on, rather than create duplicate payment records, when a member completes a payment request, this will simply update the previous ‘requested’ record.


Then, when that payment is made, it will update the same record.


Recurring subscriptions after that will register as a new log so you can keep a track of your weekly/monthly/yearly payments. This should mean that your Money Dashboard should be less cluttered.



This feature will commence on future transactions and won’t backdate. So over time, you should see less logs, making it clearer who’s paid what.


We’re also working on being able to ‘void’ a log for when you send out an incorrect payment request etc. We’ll keep you updated with new features as we roll them out.


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As we always remind you, we literally build the next version of Coacha around your suggestions. We keep an ongoing 'wishlist' where you're welcome to get in touch at any point and give us your ideas. Coacha is as much yours as it is ours and we love having our userbase so involved. Seeing your suggestions come to life is always a super exciting (and proud) moment too.

Since Version 1 of Coacha, your suggestions have introduced:

  • Payment Requests
  • The Member Portal
  • The Signup Form
  • Mass-sending payment requests
  • New statistics
  • And much more!

We have some exciting, much-requested features next on the list of V2.5 updates which include:

  • Allowing coaches to only view the member data of the group they teach (if you wish)
  • Exporting medical notes
  • Allowing members to set up a password for the Member Portal when they initially sign up
  • Putting an end date on classes
  • The ability to void transactions
  • The introduction of Gocardless
  • Adding multiple administrators
  • Integration with accounting software and much more!

So with that being said, if you can think of any way which Coacha could improve, or anything you'd like to see, be sure to give us a call or get in touch to let us know! We're sure you'll be excited if you see that we implement your suggestion in the next update!