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Gmail headaches in sports club membership software?
15 May 2019

Gmail headaches in sports club membership software?

Over the last few months, it’s become apparent that there is an industry-wide problem with Gmail and sports club membership software. As coaches, we’ve all had people use the “What email? I haven’t received an email” trick. But if you’ve found your members saying this more than usual recently, it’s definitely worth checking whether they have a Gmail account. This is because Gmail have recently increased their security settings, making it harder for platforms that send emails to get them to their intended recipients.

Although there are only a handful of Coacha users experiencing this issue, we’ve put together a step by step guide to help try and overcome it. If you or any of your members are having problems receiving emails and you have a Gmail account, follow these simple steps to try and resolve the issue.

Step 1:

Open your email account and check your tabs. If you don’t have them currently switched on, check out this article on how to turn them on.



Step 2:

Find an email from Or search for it in the search bar. Then drag it into the ‘Primary’ tag.



Step 3:

You’ll receive a question asking if you want to do this for all future communications from this address. Click yes.


Step 4:

From our experience, we know that many individuals have multiple email addresses for different reasons. If you see no difference after undertaking the above steps, it may be worth asking members/parents if they have another non-Gmail email address they could use.



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Despite there only being a few issues with members with Gmail accounts not receiving emails, we are doing our best to try and resolve the issue. We’ve already obtained our own dedicated mail server and put security measures in place to increase the value of our mail servers; improving our mail server ranking. We’re still working hard to come up with an alternative solution to help these users.

If you have any questions about Gmail, email, or Coacha in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!