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Everything you need to know about Coacha V2.5
25 April 2019

Everything you need to know about Coacha V2.5

As you're aware, we always take your suggestions on board for the development of Coacha and we genuinely couldn’t keep moving forward without your help. We’ve been sitting back and listening to your thoughts on Coacha over the last few months and compiling a big list. Since we launched the 2nd version of our sports club membership software in July last year, we’ve already made quite a few feature updates (such as the transfer to our new server to speed things up for you). But we thought it was time for an official V2.5 update.

A few weeks ago, we started our feature development meetings. The whole team sat down to discuss what’s next on the list for Coacha’s roadmap, including both V2.5 and V3. So here's a sneak peak of what’s in store.

Accountancy Software Integration

You said that it would make your lives easier if we integrated with accountancy software; so we surveyed our subscribers and due to the results, we we'll be integrating with both Xero and QuickBooks.

Multiple Admins

You’re going to be able to add multiple administrators to your Coacha account, rather than having to share your one administrator login amongst those who need full access.

Coacha Administrator

Improved Stats

Our current stats functionality is a work in progress. V2.5 will bring some more enhanced updates to your club’s statistics.

Photo/First Aid Consent

At the moment, members tick to confirm all waiver documents in the signup form. In V2.5, they’ll be able to differentiate between the different types of documents you upload e.g. Photo and First Aid consent.

Printable Registers

So many clubs tell us that they’d love to be able to print registers for when they’re out of signal range or don’t have access to the iOS app. Well in V2.5, you’ll be able to!

Void a Transaction Log

You said that it was frustrating if you sent more than one payment request out because it leaves multiple outstanding transaction logs. You’re going to be able to ‘void’ a transaction log in V2.5, so it disappears and stops causing confusion.


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Money Dashboard Updates

Rather than seeing all transaction logs in the Money Dashboard, V2.5 will update one log every time there is a change in its status. This will make it much easier to filter those whose payments are still outstanding.

A List of Outstanding Subscription Requests

The above update will allow you to view all outstanding subscription requests too.

Coacha Subscription Requests

View T&Cs in the Member Portal

You told us you needed your members to be able to view the T&Cs they agreed to when initially signing up to your club. In V2.5, they’ll be able to view these in the Member Portal.

Add an End Date to a Class

We became aware that many clubs run their classes between specific dates. Therefore, V2.5 will allow an end date to be added to classes so the registers stop generating after a certain date.

Member Password Creation Via Signup Form

You told us that having to manually send your members requests to set up their own login was adding more time onto your admin. So V2.5 will allow members to create their own logins via the signup form when they initially sign up. But only if you want them to!

Add Medical Details to the Data Import/Export Feature

It became apparent to us that medical details were incredibly important to be included in both the mass import and export features. So V2.5 will allow you import and export this information.

Coacha Software Medical Details


As so many of you ask about payment options other than Stripe, we’ll be integrating with Gocardless who have even lower transaction fees of 1%. You’ll still be able to choose to use either, or a combination of both platforms to collect your finances though! We’ll be releasing more information on how both platforms compare closer to the time.



That should keep us busy for a few months until we launch V3 (which we’re aiming to do before next season starts)! We’re rolling the V2.5 features out independently rather than doing an instant update, so we’ll let you know as soon as each feature goes live.

With regards to V3.0, without giving too much away, we’re going to say that it’s a huge step change from V2.0 in terms of both functionality and user interface. What we’ve seen in the office so far has excited the team beyond words. V3.0 will see us introduce features we never would have dreamed of implementing when we first launched Coacha, but due to your feedback; we’re now able to.

Thank you, as always, for your help and suggestions. And please let us know if you have any questions!

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