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Welcoming a Premier League Player on board as a Director: An Interview with Nick Cook
18 March 2019

Welcoming a Premier League Player on board as a Director: An Interview with Nick Cook

We developed our membership management software because we wanted to run our own sports clubs in our own way. We started to let friends use it, had great feedback and thought, 'why don't we open it up to everyone in the UK?'. We had such an overwhelming response, that it's accelerated our plans to introduce Coacha to the American market. We're very close to launching in the US, do watch this space for plenty more information!

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Nick Cook over the last few months as he’s brought his club (now known as Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites) on board with Coacha. Chatting to Nick on a daily basis and getting to know him and his club more, meant that we were absolutely over the moon for them when they rang to tell us they were welcoming Premier League player, Jack Wilshere on board as a Director.

Jack Wilshere premiere league and Coacha Software

Nick began his coaching career at Barnet FC before he moved on to Tottenham Hotspur where he spent 4 years. Nick was so full of motivation to make a difference to young peoples’ lives, he decided it was time to start his own organisation. Nick holds a EUFA B License, plus Futsal Level 1, Disability Coaching, Level 1 in Fitness, Safeguarding Children and is qualified in First Aid. We’re so pleased to introduce him to our userbase and excited to learn about what it’s like taking on a Premiere League player as a fellow Director.

Jack Wilshere has played for the English national team, Arsenal, West Ham, Bournemouth (loan) and Bolton Wanderers (loan) in the last 10 years alone. He has a mass of professional playing experience and brings with him a wealth of knowledge to pass on to everyone at NCF Elites. We’re very excited to follow his journey with NCF Elites.


1. So Nick, tell us about Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites and how it first began?

NCF Elites started 5 years ago. An opportunity presented itself to me and I took a group of 14 under 14s boys to the Gothia Youth World Cup in Sweden.

We focus on performance excellence, nurturing the talents of the best, new, young football talent the area has to offer. We’re able to provide all players with the professional coaching/mentoring that they need in order to set the foundations for a career in football. We very much believe we ‘bridge the gap’ between Sunday League and Academy Level Football.

With myself being a former academy and semi-professional player, our other coaching talents and now Jack Wilshere being on board, we know we have a lot to offer the players.

2. We understand you’re a Director of Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites. Apart from the newly appointed Jack Wilshere, we’re keen to hear about your other Directors?

My Co-Director is Paul Johnson. He spent 35+ years at Arsenal FC where he was in charge of all first team travel arrangements. He also used to assist with the first team goalkeeping coaching. He is a Level 2 coach and Level 2 goalkeeping coach.

3. How big is the club now and how has it grown?

As mentioned above, I initially started NCF Elites with 14 players. We’re now 66-players strong. All of which are split into 5 different age groups.

4. Is Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites set to grow any further?

We open our second centre in Letchworth in April and then our 3rd centre in Essex in May. We aim to have 10 centres in 2 years’ time. It’s a very exciting (and busy) time for us.


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5. We’d love to hear about your proudest achievement with Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites so far?

Two years ago we played in the Gothia Youth World Cup. We rivalled Champions League team IFK Gotenborg in the last 16 of the tournament. We took them all the way to penalties but in true English fashion, went out. However, we had got to the last 16 out of 186 teams. And we were a small little set-up from Finchley.

6. How did getting Premiere League player, Jack Wilshere on board as a Director come about?

Jack made a visit to our centre in August 2018. Following this visit, he contacted us for a meeting. At this meeting he expressed how impressed he was with our set-up and whether there was a place for him to get involved.

Coacha Software and Jack Wilshere's NCF Elites

7. What difference do you think it’ll make having Jack on board?

We’re hoping it’ll make a huge difference with regards to exposure, contacts and helping provide our players with unique opportunities.

8. Do you have anything exciting planned over the next few months?

Last Friday we had former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams down to our centre. This Friday we have Arsenal and Wales international Aaron Ramsey down. And soon, former Arsenal, Chelsea, LA Galaxy and England defender Ashley Cole will be coming down to meet the boys.

We also have Sky Sports coming to do an interview with us soon and in July 2019, we fly 45 players out to Sweden to compete in the Gothia Youth World Cup. It’s all go!


Jack Wilshere - Coacha Software


We’d like to wish Nick and Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites the best of luck with the upcoming Gothia Youth World Cup and the expansion of their organization.

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