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5 essential tips for marketing your sports club to increase members
11 March 2020

5 essential tips for marketing your sports club to increase members

2020 update

What better time to focus on your club's goals than at the start of a new year? If you're looking to increase your number of members and classes, take a look at these 5 expert marketing tips for growing your club. We've also added some awesome free tools that you can use to help market your club!

April 2019 Update

Did you know that there's a new piece of software for club management launching in the USA soon? Yep and guess what? It's Coacha! We'd really appreciate our UK users spreading the word with any friends/family who are involved in sport and based in the US. We're super close to launching now and US clubs who are keen to trial Coacha can register their interest here.


It may not feel like it for some clubs, but your sports club is essentially a business. Whether you’re profitable or charitable, you’ll have similar goals; mainly to maintain or keep growing the number of athletes/classes within your club.

As a sports club membership software, we very often speak to club owners who are looking to take new members into their sports club but have no idea where to start with advertising for them. These club owners will come from various sports such as football, cheer, swimming, tennis and more!


sports club membership software

Many of you may not know this, but our sister company is a Web Design and Digital Marketing company called MA Design. It was founded by Coacha’s co-founders over 15 years ago. So when we’ve spoken to these club owners who have happened to mention their recruitment drive; we’ve happily pitched in with some friendly marketing advice. We thought it’d be kind to share this with you, so that you can benefit too!

1. Have a decent website

We’ve seen it time and time again; an awesome sports club with a fantastic reputation… but with a hideous website. Many potential new students (and their parents) may initially check out your website before getting in touch. If your website isn’t responsive, easy on the eye, is hard to navigate around or doesn't exist, do you ever wonder how many potential new students you could be losing?

2. Keep active social media accounts

Around the same time as looking for your website, a new student may search for your club on social media. Your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts are a wonderful places to showcase everything your club has got to offer. This is your opportunity to make others see what a successful, fun club yours is to join.

Also if your social media is regularly updated, it shows you’re organised and easy to get in touch with. If you’re worrying where to find the extra time to focus on social media, you can use social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite/Buffer. On tools like these, you can make one post and schedule them to post across all social media platforms at specific times.

You can also create new posts about your recruitment drive. It's a good idea to ask people to share, or post to local forums to get as much reach as possible.


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3. Ask your existing members to leave reviews

People are much more likely to invest time or money in something if they read positive reviews. Ask all your members to leave positive Facebook reviews and then share them on your social media channels for potential new students to see.

4. Word of mouth

The power of a referral can be amazing. People trust their friends. They are more likely to pick a club that someone trusted has reccomended, over a club they don't know much about.

Make your existing members/parents aware that you’re opening your club to new students. You can ask them to let their friends/family/colleagues know, or even share your Facebook post.

5. Have a waiting list

During periods where you're full, you could lose potential new students who visit your website/social media. If you have a waiting list, these athletes can register at any time. Then when you start recruiting, you can simply go through and accept them.

Coacha’s signup form doubles up as a waiting list facility. When members complete the form, they enter a Pending Members list until accepted by the administrator.


Free tools

If we appreciate anything, it's a free tool! Did you know that when sourcing images online, you can't just pick the first image you find on 'Google images'? The image you choose needs to be free for commercial use. But where do you find these images without spending hours looking at the small print? Well there are image libraries out there that are completely free to use and it's also really easy to check whether you can use each image. Below are some of our favourite free image libraries:

marketing for sports clubs

If you’ve been looking for a new, more efficient way to run your club, then sign up for a free trial today. There are no obligations and no card details needed. If you haven’t got time, or don’t know where to start, then we can set your club up totally free of charge for you. If you're ready to save some time and money, then what are you waiting for?

Also, did you know that if your sports club earns over the VAT threshold, there is a new initiative called Making Tax Digital which alters the way you record and submit your tax returns? Find out how Coacha supports you in that process here.