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6 reasons your members and parents will love Coacha
14 February 2019

6 reasons your members and parents will love Coacha

April 2019 Update

The world of membership management software is vast. Over the last few years, we've had many club from the US request to use Coacha. And due to popular demand, we are almost ready to launch in the US very soon. We're excited to welcome our American friends on board and if you know anyone who may be interested, please point them in the direction of our US website.

You can’t please everyone and the customer is always right. These are cliché phrases that most of us roll our eyes at through our lives. And the irony is, when we’re wise enough to understand them, we realise they could actually have a point…

Although we admit that there won’t be many times in life where you can please everyone, when it comes to running your sports/pastime club using club membership software, we certainly believe you can try. And this is all in order to make your life as a club owner easier.


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Most of you already know that here at Coacha, we run and coach sports clubs ourselves. We’re all too familiar with the frustrations that both coaches and members/parents can experience when participating in a sports club. Coacha was initially born to simplify the lives of club owners and coaches. But over the last few years, we’ve introduced the focus on members/parents too.

Here are 6 reasons why your members/parents will love Coacha.

1. Club signup form

Your club’s signup form URL makes it easy and quick for members/their parents to input their data into Coacha. It allows them to input all essential, up to date information including personal, NOK and medical details. They'll be reassured that best practices will be followed in the event of an emergency.

2. Payment requests

Making practice on time can be a push some days. Never mind having to get there earlier to sort admin tasks. The ability to send subscription or one-off payment requests to member/parent’s email addresses allows them the flexibility to set up and make payments from the comfort of their own home.

Not only will this feature make life easier for them, but for you too. With the new Making Tax Digital initiative coming into place as of April this year, the way you submit your VAT return is changing. To find out how Coacha helps, click here.

3. The ultimate control of their data under GDPR

Coacha2.0 was built around the needs of club owners under GDPR. From the Member/Parent Portal, individuals have ICO gold standard access to their data including:

a. The ability to view what data is kept (with the exception of safeguarding notes which will be kept private if there is a believed risk to the member)

b. The ability to log in and edit elements of their personal data

c. The ability to instantly download their own data under GDPR (so you don’t have to deal with subject data access requests)


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4. View class timetable

If a member is new to class, or there’s a new timetable for a new season, they can log in and view the timetable to ensure they’re on time.

5. View notices

You can post notices which the member/parent will be able to view when they next log in. Whether you need to ask members to update their medical information or let them know next week’s Monday class won’t take place, you’ve got them covered.

6. Book onto classes

If you’d like your members to be able to book onto classes, they can do this in the Member/Parent Portal. There’s no worry of the class overbooking as you can put a maximum size limit on the class. From our feedback, members (and club owners) love the additional flexibility which allows them to select which classes they’d like to attend on an as-you-go basis. But remember, this isn’t a compulsory feature; just one you can switch on if you would like to.


If you like the sound of the additional flexibility and involvement of your members/parents and would like to take a look around Coacha, be sure to sign up to a free trial today. You don’t have to enter any card details and there are absolutely no obligations to subscribe. How does that sound?