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Coacha USA launching soon & why we need the help of our UK users
05 April 2019

Coacha USA launching soon & why we need the help of our UK users

Update 05/04/19

The website is live and the Facebook page is ticking away, it's very nearly time for this sports club management software to launch head-first into the US! We are achingly close to launch and we already have a fantastic level of interest from US clubs who are constantly scouting the market for new membership software to hit America. We're super lucky to have such fantastic UK users who are already spreading the word to their American friends who are searching for a better software for sports clubs.

As we're so close, if you know anyone in the US who is part of a sports club, please let them know about us. They can check us out here and register their interest here. We won't be long, we're just around the corner...

It’s been a busy year for us here at Coacha. Between releasing the 2nd version of Coacha last Summer, to launching our brand-new iPhone app, to lots of upcoming integrations and new users; it’s fair to say we haven’t been sat at Coacha HQ twiddling our thumbs...

After lots of hard work from all of the Coacha team, we are incredibly excited to be launching into the USA very soon! Over the last few years, we’ve had lots of people outside of the UK express interest in using Coacha. It's by popular demand that we are launching a USA version of Coacha for our friends across the pond!

This is an incredibly exciting time for everyone here at Coacha, but especially our co-founders, Chris and Jason. Coacha is more of a passion than a business to them. Most of you will know that they built Coacha because they couldn’t find software that they wanted to use for their own sports clubs. But in the initial years of researching the market, it became apparent to them that they wanted to create a piece of software different from the others. One that didn’t over-charge users and one that always had their best interests at heart.



Capitalising on the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) through 2018 and with an increased focus on safeguarding club members, Jason and Chris have developed a club management software that is totally unique from the others. With Data Privacy laws looking to change in the USA over the next year or so, the whole team believes that Coacha will have as much benefit on US users as it has on those in the UK.

Over the last few years Jason and Chris have spread this passion through their ever-expanding team of developers, marketeers, sales and support staff. We’re so proud to have an entire team who care just as much about Coacha as its co-founders

So why do we need your help?

It’s become apparent to us that through this whole journey, we’ve gained a large and loyal userbase who are always recommending Coacha to friends/colleagues/others online. For this reason, we’d love your help with something.

We know lots of you are a part of sport-specific Facebook groups/forums that are worldwide. Others of you work with American camps for exchange programmes or even have friends and family who live in America. We would love for you to let them know that Coacha is launching in the US and tell them how much it’s helped your club since you started using it. You can tell them how it’s helped with organising your finances, data protection, safeguarding and how it’s generally given you more time to coach.

Those in the USA who are keen to trial Coacha can register their interest here. We will keep them updated with launch information and even provide them with an extended trial period to celebrate the first month of launch!

Coacha has proven more of a success than we ever could’ve imagined in the UK and we’re beyond excited to be launching into the US market. And we promise, Coacha USA is coming soon.