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How much do you value your time? 3 ways to spend your time more wisely
08 January 2019

How much do you value your time? 3 ways to spend your time more wisely

April 2019 Update

We initially created Coacha to act as club administration software for our own needs. After allowing several friends to use Coacha too, the interest grew and grew until we released Coacha for use throughout the UK. The response was overwhelming and we take pride in the fact we're shaping sports clubs to be better every single day. The word quickly spread to the US and due to popular demand, we're launching Coacha in the US too. If you know anyone who may be interested, let them know to check out our USA website and register their interest.


We can spend months, years, even decades stuck in the same old routine. And why? Because it’s familiar and therefore feels safe. There comes a time in life when you have to accept that the times are moving on. Although you may not want to, embracing change can be important to future success.

Many of us stick with the same daily processes because they’re all that we know. But this becomes an issue when it’s not just minutes that you’re losing, but hours. And those hours could be spent effectively elsewhere. So, poses the question, how much do you value your time?

Aren’t we always saying, ‘there are only so many hours in the day’, or ‘I was going to do this, but ran out of time today’? And wouldn’t it be amazing to value a few extra precious hours to do what we love? Yep – it definitely would.

So how are you going to find those extra hours? More importantly, how will you use them?! Here are some ideas.


1. Spend more time coaching

Run extra classes, do some private 1:1s, turn up and lend an extra pair of hands in an existing coach’s class. Just spend more time working on the actual reason that you started running your club in the first place; coaching.

Spend more time with your team, building them up, empowering them to become not just better athletes, but better people too. Fall in love with coaching all over again.

2. Do more for you

That drawing class you were thinking of joining? That face mask treatment that’s been staring you in the eye for the last 6 months? You should do it! And with those extra hours spared, what’s your excuse not to?

You work hard, make sure you give yourself some credit and make time for things you love and enjoy. Learn new skills and build upon old ones. Every day is a school day.

3. Do more for them

With a schedule as busy as yours, you can sometimes see more of your team than your own loved ones. We totally get it. Use your spare few hours to spend with loved ones. Whether it be trips to the cinema, board game evenings or just sitting and chatting over a home-cooked tea. We’re sure they will appreciate having you home. Just as much as you appreciate being there.



‘That’s all well and good’ we hear you say, ‘…but where do I conjure up those extra few hours?’. Aaaand that’s where we come in. Conducting your sports club admin is a huge daily task that can take up so much of your time. We invented Coacha because we, as coaches ourselves, wanted to create more time to coach.

We’re so passionate about freeing up time spent on admin, that we don’t think we’ll ever stop trying to cut down the hours.


Try Coacha free for 30 days

How does Coacha help?

Coacha allows you to take time-consuming elements of your current admin process and digitalize them, so you free-up time.

Some features include:

· Setting up classes just once, for Coacha then to generate registers automatically on a recurring basis.

· Setting up recurring subscriptions from athletes.

· Automatic failed payment chasing. Stripe tries to recollect the payment up to 3 times after the first payment fails.

· A centralized Money Dashboard for you to have an overview of all transactions, where you can also search by member.

· Export finances into a spreadsheet to send to your accountant.

· Send emails/texts to members with a system that works with NSPCC CPSU guidelines. Meaning that no member will ever be contacted when they are underage.

· GDPR features that allow GDPR consent. Your members/parents can also download their data instantly via the Member Portal.

· Many, many more.

These are just some of our ever-expanding sets of features. We have free trials available, simply click here, sign up and away you go.

If the idea of migrating your whole system over to a new one daunts you, we’re here to help in any way we can. We even do a free club set up. Just get in touch and we’ll have a chat to see how we can help.