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4 ways to create more great
04 January 2019

4 ways to create more great

Our focus has always been to help save club owners time and money when running a sports club. We’ve been thinking about the reasons that we coach. It all boiled down to the feeling we got when we saw our athletes progressing/succeeding. Pure pride.

It makes us think back to the coaches who instilled passion and perseverance in us and how they stuck with us all these years. It really is a privilege to get to be that person for someone else.

When you’re not coaching on a strict schedule, you’re doing paperwork. How can you squeeze more time out of thin air? Or you may not even realise there’s a problem but are keen to see what you can do to make a bigger impact on your team this year.

We’ve put together some ideas for how you can create more greatness within your club. Ideas that will help you make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

1. Create more time to coach

We know, your immediate thought is ‘I can’t physically squeeze any more into my day’. We get it. We’ve spent years trying to perfect a system that cuts down admin time an enormous amount. Our aim is to help our users spend more time doing what they love.

You may have always accepted the time it takes to complete your admin as it is. But let us assure you that there is another way! By reassessing the way you organise your club, you could create so much spare time to spend coaching.

Coacha chases failed payments for you and notifies you every step of the way. It updates each member’s profile when a transaction goes through. Every member’s transaction history can be viewed within the Money Dashboard. All member information is stored in their individual Member Profile. They have access to the Member Portal (if you allow them) to download, view and edit their data under GDPR. These are just some of the features that we know will save you time:

2. Create more time for yourself

When you’re content, you’re a better coach. Making sure you allow time to do things you enjoy and spend time with family is very important. Life is all about getting the right balance. It can be a battle to get the balance right, but try not to let your own priorities fall. You’re important.

By using a new system for your club admin that saves you so much time, you can split that time how you feel necessary. Whether it’s more time coaching, with family, or doing things you enjoy.

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3. Use a great sports club management system

When your coaches and members have faith in the way you run your club, they can be more satisfied. They’re more eager to come to training if things are smooth running. After all, they just want to get on with what they came here to do; train.

4. Put funding into your club

We know that many of our clubs are not for profit and once expenses are paid, there anything left over to spend. Have you ever calculated your total missed fees for a whole year that you just let slip? Some of our clubs did that recently and it reached into the hundreds.

Using Coacha means that all payments are closely monitored and tracked. Missed payments are retried up to 4 times free of charge. You’ll be notified when the payment fails for the final time. You could potentially take hundreds of pounds in extra fees per year.

If you’re using another sports club management system, have you ever sat down and done the maths? What exactly are the software/transaction fees costing you yearly?

With many software providers marking their system as ‘free’, many club owners end up agreeing to a (seemingly) low transaction fee of 3-5%. But when you do the maths over a year, these providers are often thousands of pounds more expensive than paid for software providers. Read more about shocking club management transaction fees here.

With all that extra money saved on missed payments/software/transaction fees, you could invest in some top notch training equipment, or even a bigger training space! Just think of the possibilities.


If you’re a little daunted at the idea of switching the way you run your club, get in touch. We help people like you every single day and can guide you every step of the way. We do a free club set up or we can just be there for when you have any questions. You decide how much you need us.

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‘Coacha revolutionised my program administration and saves me time and money.’

Sarah Watkins - Program Direction - GCA Cheer