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5 things to do for your sports club this Christmas
14 December 2018

5 things to do for your sports club this Christmas

It’s officially that time of year… we’re blogging about Christmas!

It can be so easy to get to the end of the year and forget about all the amazing things your club has achieved. You can easily forget about the gradings, exams, competitions, promotions, selections for trial etc. You can also sometimes forget to look at your whole club and see how it’s thriving thanks to your members and their hard work.

When you actually take time to reflect, it fills you with so much pride. We know this because we do it ourselves for our own clubs. It makes you want to thank them for all their effort and commitment. And what better time to do this than at Christmas?

It's easy to get stuck when and deciding how to show your thanks. You can’t gift something awesome to every single one of your 150 members because that would be expensive. You haven’t got the budget to throw a fancy ball for everyone to attend and you haven’t got the time to organise anything huge.

We’ve come up with some quirky ideas that could help you say thanks to your team this Christmas without breaking the budget:

1. Put on a fundraiser

Get everyone into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas-themed fundraiser. You could do you own ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ at training, fancy dress, or put on a showcase for family and friends. As well as bringing lots of excitement to your club, you’ll also be helping a great cause of your choice. something which everyone can be pleased with!


2. Put on a Christmas social

Use your training space to put on a spread for your members the last week before Christmas. Keep it low budget with a buffet and even some goodie bags for clubs with younger members. You could even ask each member to bring a piece of food to keep costs down. But don’t forget to ask for dietary requirements so everyone is included!

Organise a group trip to the cinema, winter wonderland, or even a festive meal! Making everyone feel appreciated and thanking them for their time will really increase morale.


3. Put on a Secret Santa

Set a small budget Secret Santa for the last week before Christmas to get members excited. Even if it’s just £5 each, it’ll certainly give members something to look forward to.


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4. Buy something for the whole club

Been thinking of buying a new piece of equipment for the club that will benefit everyone? New mats? Football nets? Hockey sticks? Put your money back into the club and that way, everyone will benefit from the gift!



5. Give away a year’s membership

Has your club exceeded income expectations this year? Say thanks by running a raffle/competition to give one member a free subscription for the next year. That’s a statement!


Whatever you end up doing, remember the reason why you’re doing it. To say thanks to your members for a great year.

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