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5 tips for retaining sports club members
05 November 2018

5 tips for retaining sports club members

It’s inevitable, not every athlete who joins your programme is going to remain a member. Sometimes it can't be helped. But when does losing members become a problem?

When it’s regular. When you aren’t getting feedback. When you are getting feedback… but it’s not good. Losing members can have an affect on the whole club’s morale and sometimes, the organisation as whole! It’s time to find out how to stop losing members so frequently.

1. Be reliable

Simply do as you say! There’s nothing worse than an empty promise. Promised a new member you’ll get them signed up? It’ll take you less than a minute to send them Coacha’s signup form. Coacha even sends them an email when you’ve accepted them into the club.

2. Be organised

No more rushing into training late, with folders of clunky paperwork. Use a system that is simple, efficient and slick. One that allows you to access your member’s data digitally. Keep data secure and stop your coaching team from having to lug around heavy folders. And chances are you won't be late anymore because it'll save you so much time on admin.

3. Be efficient

Have set processes in place for everything and have them engrained in your mind. A bit of cash here and a bank transfer there won’t cut it for many members, plus it’s a nightmare to keep track of. Use a system that allows you to automate all your member’s subscriptions, so the payment date is consistent.

Allow members to complete payment requests via email so not to cut into training time. Keep on track of payment statuses and use a system that automises the chasing of failed payments.

Where can you find such a magical system, you ask? Right here, of course! Not only will your members be happy, but you’ll know exactly where you are.


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4. Be professional

Professionalism is more than just physical appearance and the way coaches conduct themselves. It’s also about the holistic perception of the whole organisation. If your coaches are good, but your systems don’t work, this paints a bigger picture about your whole club.

You could try and keep all your club admin in one piece of software. This way, you’ll always know what’s going on, and so will your coaches. Ideally use a system like Coacha where you can take payments, send messages, view attendance and more.

Your members/parents will be so impressed by Coacha's sleek appearance and they'll love signing themselves in on our registers. Coacha will bring a whole new level of sophistication to your club.

5. Have their best interests at heart

We live in a time where data protection and the safeguarding of children/vulnerable adults has never been more important. And rightly so.

If someone submits a subject data access request, don’t spend hours collating all the separate pieces of information that you hold on them. Use a system that allows them to log into a single portal and view/edit/download their own data instantly. Coacha provides users with the ability to do exactly this.

If you’re concerned about the wellbeing of a child/vulnerable adult, don’t scribble it down on a piece of paper, or document it in an insecure spreadsheet. Use a system like Coacha, which has a dedicated Coach’s Notes section. These notes can be upgraded to Safeguarding Notes, which makes them exempt from data download under GDPR.

Coacha also has incredibly complex safeguarding rules in place to ensure that no child can be contacted outside of the NSPCC CPSU guidelines.

In the end, it all boils down to people’s perception of the way you run your club. And if you’re running it as best you can, you can’t really do much more. The more confidence your members have in you and your ability to run your club efficiently, the more of them you’ll retain.

If you’re keen to start your journey to member retainment, sign up for a 14 day free trial with Coacha today. We’ll even set your club up for you.