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Charities to Support this Christmas: Sports Connections Foundation (SCF)
17 December 2019

Charities to Support this Christmas: Sports Connections Foundation (SCF)

Christmas 2019 Update

We're feeling the festive spirit and want to shine some light on some of the charities we supported last year. Take a look at the fantastic work that Sports Connection Foundation do in helping children through sport.

April 2019 Update

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Sport is powerful. It helps so many of us in ways we don’t even realise. In fact, many of us don’t know what we’d do without it. If any of us at Coacha HQ has an injury and we can’t train, we always admit to feeling a little bit lost.

We love sport’s ability to give us a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Sports Connections Foundation (SCF) also recognize the importance of sport. They work to help thousands of children each week understand the global citizenship, hardship and poverty that other children in the world face.

They want to use sport to “engage, inspire, empower and educate children”, and so far, these guys have done this with over half a million children in the UK.

Sporting Wishes

SCF do an amazing job at giving ‘sporting wishes’ to those brave children who are dealing with life-limiting illnesses. With an aim to provide respite from exhausting treatments and time in hospital, SCF aims to ‘make dreams come true’ for some of the most commendable children you’ll come across.

An example of a sporting wish they made come true is for 9 year old, Leah and John. They attended the England V Sweden friendly match, met the former England manager and helped the teams; an experience they’ll never forget.

Inspire Through Sport

With a focus on making positive futures for vulnerable/disadvantaged children throughout the UK, SCF’s Inspire Through Sport program helps children in the movement from primary to secondary school.

They run various mentorship schemes and create exciting opportunities to help develop children into ‘the next generation of role models’.

How can you help?

ProKick Schools Challenge

This challenge helps fund programs and activities that SCF run! They also split some of the money with schools taking part.

The ProKick Schools Challenge is a great way to raise money, with over half a million children taking part so far. Set with strong values at heart, the challenge aims to educate the children (topics such as bullying) whilst they fundraise.

If you know a school looking to fundraise, make sure you click here and send them the information.


Charities like Sports Connections Foundation honestly couldn’t operate without help from people like you.

If you’ve not got time to fundraise or participate in one of their events, you can simply donate to help this truly wonderful charity help strong and brave children all over the UK.