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Charities to Support this Christmas: Crisis
20 November 2018

Charities to Support this Christmas: Crisis

Most of us will have magical Christmas memories of waking up to full stockings, pots of tea, lots of presents in warm homes, surrounded by family. These are memories we’ll cherish forever. Sadly, Christmas is just another day for those without homes, who live on the street.

Helping over 11,000 people get off the street and out of homelessness last year, Crisis are a charity that makes a difference and have even changed the law.

Crisis do amazing work all-year round, but they run a special campaign over Christmas to help get people off the street over the Christmas period.

How can I help?

Reserve a place

You can donate to Crisis’ ‘reserve a place’ program to help someone get off the streets this Christmas.

Every £28 gives one homeless person a warm welcoming, 3 hot meals (special Christmas dinner included), a bed, a shower, clean clothes, mental and physical health check, advice on getting into employment and a way off living on the streets for good.

You can choose to donate to help however many homeless people as you can here.

Other ways to help


If you’re keen to make a real difference to someone’s life, you can volunteer to help Crisis in various different cities in the UK over the Christmas period here.


Want to make a single donation? Click here to find out how each pound helps the life of someone who is homeless.


Whether you join an existing event like the Virgin Money London Marathon, or organise your own, whatever money you raise will make a huge difference to Crisis hepling those who are homeless.

We’re proud to be supporting Crisis as a chosen charity this Christmas. We hope, with your help, that more people end up off the streets for Christmas this year, than ever before.



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