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Who to Follow in Sport: A Social Media Special – Part 2
26 October 2018

Who to Follow in Sport: A Social Media Special – Part 2

When we started compiling accounts and researching for Part 1 of this series (exactly one month ago – how quick is time flying this year?!), we had definitely underestimated the amount of amazing accounts, organisations and resources we would come across.

It was a few hours into writing the article that was intended to be a one-off, where we thought, ‘we need to split this into a few different articles to make sure that we’re showcasing every account to its full potential’.

What we love about sport in social media, is that you can be going about your daily life for weeks, months or years, unaware of the millions of other accounts out there. Then one day you’ll stumble across an account you become motivated and inspired by. Then it’s hard to remember a time when this account wasn’t on your feed, inspiring you daily.

That’s what we’re intending to do here; provide you with accounts that we’ve fallen in love, in hope that you do too! So, without further ado, here’s ‘Who to Follow in Sport: A Social Media Special – Part 2’.




Who are Tootoot?: Tootoot are an organisation whose main aim is to give a voice to children and young people, to tackling bullying and giving students a safe way to report incidents anonymously via an app. It also allows parents to communicate directly with the school/organisation and allows staff to report incidents safely and securely. Tootoot came about because founder, Michael Brennan, was bullied as a child which forced him to move schools. The impact this had, urged him to take action. We love Tootoot’s story and the passion they have in the work that they do.

What to expect: Expect to be inspired! Tootoot are constantly fighting against bullying and raising awareness of what needs to be done to target it. They’re pushing to give students a voice and be brave enough to speak up when they need. They’re also a GREAT resource for other bullying/mental health organisations, being well-connected in this world.

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Tootoot and Coacha


Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA)

Who are ABA?: These guys are an organisation launched by the NSPCC and National Children’s Bureau in 2002. They aim to raise awareness of bullying and the impact that stays with those who are bullied, their whole lives.

What to expect: We LOVE these guys’ social media and are always liking and sharing their posts. They share super helpful resources in the form of videos, articles and graphics. You’ll normally find resources such as ‘5 things to do if you’re being bullied online’, ‘It’s not banter if…’, anti-bullying wristbands and motivational campaigns to combat bullying.

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Anti bullying alliance and Coacha


Join In

Who are Join In?: Join In are connecting sports clubs with volunteers and vice versa. A sports club that could do with an extra pair of hands? Keen to give back to the community but helping volunteers get experience? Join In is the perfect way to go out finding the right match.

What to expect: Some really insightful articles and resources that we’ve found have come through Join In. Sharing content from National Governing Bodies, local and national campaigns and truly inspirational stories (such as “Meet the 'badass' hijab boxing coach helping women”), they’re a pleasure to have in your ‘following’ list.

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Join In and Coacha

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Kanan Coach

Who is Kanan Coach?: Kanan Coach is an ECB (English Cricket Board) Cricket Coach who we’ve been following on social media for a while now! He’s always running inspirational projects and trying to make a difference to the world.

What to expect: We enjoy seeing Kanan Coach regularly on his travels with Capital Kids Cricket. This month he embarked on a new project, flying out to Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon to start a week-long project. We’ve loved tracking his progress along the way. He’s also an 18th time blood donor (which we obviously love).

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Kanan Coach and Coacha


Brum Coach

Who is Brum Coach?: Brum Coach is a proud cricket coach based in Birmingham. He prides himself on holistically working with a person-centred approach to deliver results and development.

What to expect: Brum Coach’s feed is constantly full of useful and inspiring information. From mental health, to national sports initiatives, to opportunities for young people, you’ll never be short of something to learn about.


Brum Coach and Coacha.


Coach Carter

Who is Coach Carter?: Anna Carter has breezed through the transition of netballer, to coach, to club director over the last few years. She previously coached Yorkshire Jets, directed Loughborough Lightning and is the current director of Leeds Rhinos.

What to expect: As well as all championing Leeds Rhinos with pride, Coach Carter fills our newsfeed with some great content! We enjoy learning and reading about netball statistics, seeing and sharing drills from training and a few inspirational quotes along the way!



Coach Carter and Coacha

Netball Fun League

Who are Netball Fun League?: Inspired by the level of social netball in Australia whilst living there and being taught to shoot by Anne Sargeant (former Australia captain), Bridget Beardsley wanted to share her passion in Gloucestershire. She set up Netball Fun League with Nick Wallbank in 2009, introducing over 200 women to netball in the last 2 years. As well as a regular netball fun league in various different locations which is growing every year, they have a fantastic ‘Back to Netball’ scheme. This runs throughout the year, helping people who haven’t been involved in netball for years, find their passion again (one of our team member’s being one of those people!).

What to expect: We love logging into our social media accounts to be faced with a good positive and uplifting quote. And Netball Fun League allow us to do just that. Their social media accounts are all about inspiring women and encouraging them to be the best they can be. As well as that, we love seeing useful Netball tips, funny (very relatable) memes and pictures of their teams in matches/end of season tournaments!

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Netball fun league and Coacha


Paul Gardiner

Who is Paul Gardiner?: Paul Gardiner is the Head of West Bromwich Albion Development Academy Player Development, Talent ID (National) and lots more. He’s also involved with UEFA A.

What to expect: We love seeing all sorts of different posts from Paul! We’re often treated to seeing whatever project he’s working on, his travels, WBAaDC’s players’ progress videos and lots more. If you’re into football, you should definitely be following Paul.


Paul Gardiner WBA and Coacha

Jake Brown

Who is Jake Brown?: Jake Brown is a UEFA B student and Foundation Phase Head Coach for Soccer Shooters. He also coaches for Bristol City Academy U10 girls.

What to expect: Often sharing coaching experiences giving his thoughts on recent sports news, Jake’s feed is filled with football and coaching. We really enjoy seeing some of the new resources he’s introduced us to in sport, football and mental health and we’d definitely recommend you following.


Jake Brown and Coacha

Just as before, our list is far too long to fit them all into one article. Keep your eyes peeled for part 3 – coming soon.