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Your Questions Answered: How does Coacha help with failed payments?
10 April 2019

Your Questions Answered: How does Coacha help with failed payments?



Update April 2019

We are super pleased to announce that we will very soon be integrating with Gocardless for low-cost direct debit payments. Gocardless charge 1% per transaction, which means that they're officially the lowest fees on the market. As always, we don't mark these fees up at all, unlike lots of other sports club management software providers. Gocardless has lots of great features that we will be utilising within Coacha and we will be telling you all about these very soon. Gocardless will also have a failed payment process too.

Our failed payment process integration has saved clubs thousands of pounds since we launched Coacha. Payments no longer go missing and club owners no longer go months without noticing that someone cancelled their payment, because now Coacha keeps you updated every step of the way. We're excited to be bringing another payment partner into the mix, so that clubs can choose which they'd like to use.

Gocardless launch is imminent so watch this space and get in touch for more information!

Here at Coacha, we’re all coaches. So, we get it. We know how much of a hassle collecting payments from athletes can be – whether it be manually or through an automated system. One way or another, it’s often that payments slip the net/you end up having lists of people to chase because payments have failed to be taken. And we know that it’s hard to keep track of these situations.

We’ve tried, as always, our hardest to make things as simple as possible for our users. If you don’t know already, you can set up as many weekly/monthly/yearly subscription plans as you like within Coacha and assign your members to them. You can also take one-off payments for things such as competition fees/uniform.


We integrate with Stripe (a payment management system, similar to PayPal) to collect your payments. The integration is super cool & allows us to implement features to benefit our users to our maximum ability.

When an athlete’s payment fails, firstly, you will be notified through Coacha. It can fail for various reasons such as insufficient funds (most commonly). Then Stripe’s automatic settings are to retry to collect the payment 3 days after the first attempt, 5 days after the previous attempt and then a final 7 days after the last attempt. After this, the subscription is cancelled as Stripe realises there is something wrong with the card.

Unlike with many of our competitors, and many direct debits, this process incurs no extra charge to you or the athlete.

When Stripe is retrying to collect the payment, the payment’s status in the Money Dashboard will state ‘retrying’ until it eventually changes to ‘paid’ or ‘failed’.

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It’s worth noting that you can change these settings to suit your specific needs. You can do this by logging into Stripe and heading to the Subscriptions section in the left-hand navigation bar:

Coacha Stripe payment

Then navigate to ‘Settings’ in the below menu:

Coacha and Stripe integration

You’ll see the ‘retry rules’ here – you can click the drop-down arrows to change the amount time between the retrying of the collection of the payment:

Coacha Money Dashboard

You can also alter the end-result and choose between cancelling the sub, marking it as unpaid and leaving the sub ‘as-is’:

Coacha cancel subscription

There are other settings you can alter here such as informing your members/parents when their payment fails or around the time their card is due to expire:

Coacha subscription failure

If, after a final attempt of retrying, the payment still fails, you will be notified and then it will be down to you to manually chase the payment.

This feature is one of the biggest reasons many of our clubs get on board, it takes a huge amount of pressure off the club owner, automating the process as much as it can, only leaving you to chase the failed payment as a last resort.

If you have any questions or anything we can help with at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

‘Coacha revolutionised my program administration and saves me time and money.’

Sarah Watkins - Program Direction - GCA Cheer