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GDPR and Sports Club Members
17 August 2018

GDPR and Sports Club Members

With GDPR now well and truly with us, its fair to say that if you haven’t already started to look at your clubs own GDPR processes and policies, it’s probably best you start doing so now.


Coach2.0 has lots of functionality which is designed to help you and your club work towards GDPR compliance. Unlike with many of our competitors, we go beyond just a few simple things like pointing out that one or two features will help with GDPR compliance.


We’ve specifically built added features into Coacha that are both designed to massively reduce your time spent on club admin, and at the same time help you achieve a GDPR ‘Gold Standard’ in many areas.


Just one such example of this, is our new and hugely popular ‘Member Portal’.


When people submit a request for a copy of the data you have on them (known as a ‘Subject Access Request’) you have 30 days to pull all personal data together. You then need to be able to give it to them in an easily transferrable format that will be easily recognised and can be used elsewhere.


With many clubs and associations this information is usually spread across several different places including spreadsheets, software programmes, Apps, printed documents and even mobile phones or other devices. As such pulling this data together can be an admin nightmare, especially if several requests all come in at once.


And let’s be honest, more paperwork is the last thing that anyone needs who’s trying to run a sports club – or any type of club for that matter.


This is why as part of Coacha2.0 we have built in the unique ability for any member (or parent) to log into Coacha’s member portal and download this information directly themselves. As club admin, you will be notified of this request straight away, but you don’t need to do anything yourself.


Everything is done automatically as the member / parent downloads the data instantly and directly from the portal. So, this process takes a matter of minutes as opposed to potentially nearly a month.


Win win for everyone.


In addition, with instant access to data like this, any info that the member / parent wants to amend or remove can be done instantly by themselves. All of this takes place within our secure portal, there’s no need to worry about having to encrypt the data as you would need to do if sending it to them as an attachment to an email.


So, in reality this is another couple of ticks in the GDPR compliance boxes.



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As far as the ICO are concerned, ‘empowering’ your club members / parents with this level of access to their own personal data (or that of their children) can be seen as being the Gold Standard of data access.


What’s more, with having access to their data like this, you can reduce your time spent on admin even further by getting them to update their info and details on a regular basis. All you need to do is simply find the member in Coacha, click a couple of buttons, and a message is sent to them asking them to log in and get typing.


After listening to feedback since the launch of Coacah2.0 back in July, we’re also adding yet more time saving functionality. You will soon have the ability to click a couple more buttons and send out a mass request to all of your members in one go. Perfect at this time of year as many clubs are knee deep in admin before their new season licks off, or they’ve had try-outs and are now signing up new members.


We’re all about saving you time, stress and money - less time on admin means more time to spend on the things you enjoy doing!


If you haven’t already, then sign yourself up for Coacha’s completely free trial to check out the member portal and masses of other functionality. There’s no card needed, and you get 30-days full access to all of Coacha for absolutely nothing.


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