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Coacha Officially Launched in Australia
15 October 2020

Coacha Officially Launched in Australia

For those who are operating any sports, pastime or recreational club, rewards can be very high– but it can also be quite a challenge. There are a lot of tasks and challenges that come with running a club of any type, and those who have been doing so for some time will have already taken advantage of software and apps to help with their admin tasks.

We at Coacha are pretty proud to say that we’ve helped to streamline and simplify club management in the UK in a big way. As a result we have now expanded into several other regions, and are happy to announce that our sports club management software is now available in Australia. 


So, if you are based in Australia and are keen on learning more about Coacha and what can you expect from it, then here are some of the excellent features you can make use …


Easier management of all your members 
If you are finding it increasingly difficult to manage your members’ personal data and information, performance records, attendance records, and the like, you’ll certainly benefit from Coacha’s features. 

It gives you the ability to manage your members’ data and keep track of their personal information, emergency contact numbers, performance statistics and attendance statistics, and much more with just a few taps or clicks. 

You can check out individual members at a glance, and you can even check their membership status and see if they need to be contacted. The beauty of Coacha software also lies in the fact that you can pull up all this vital information on your mobile phone through our mobile app, whether you use Android or iPhone. 


Easier management of your finances 
Another aspect that you can definitely benefit from is the much easier management of your finances. With Coacha, you can easily monitor your subscriptions and payments, and you can even send out payment requests to members. 

In addition, you can run all your transactions (including cash) through the system so you can view each member’s payment history and see if they are up to date with their fees.

Being able to export all of your financial data means that keeping your accurate accounts becomes much easier. As it’s a doddle to import this data in to accounts software packages, your accountant will absolutely love it!

All of this this really makes it much easier for you to manage your finances and keep a very close eye on the money coming in and going out of your organisation.


Easier management of your attendance
Let's admit – attendance is a priority for any sports club, and it is definitely one of the most important things you should keep track of at all times. With Coacha software, you can do just that – you can track your attendance and take advantage of digital attendance registers, so you no longer have to deal with bulky papers and notebooks for your register. 

Each class will have its own separate digital attendance register so you can also see who is regularly present and whose attendance has gone down.


Super easy to set up and use
Best of all, Coacha software is super easy to set up and use, and there are lots of benefits for you, your staff and your members and parents to enjoy. Members / parents even have their own log in to your own bespoke ‘Coacha Member Portal’ where they can book their classes, pay their fees, and take a look at their personal data whenever they want. 

Coacha Australia has a set fee of just $50 (Aus) per month no matter how many transactions you have or how large your club is, it couldn’t get any better than this. What’s more, all transactions fees are processed at cost through Coacha (we don’t add to them in any way, unlike most of not all of our competitors) so you keep more where it’s needed – in your club.

Try Coach for free – and you can see for yourself how it will revolutionise your club admin, not to mention the amount of time and stress it will save you.