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How attendance registers can help your club
13 October 2020

How attendance registers can help your club

For those who run and operate sports clubs, good club attendance is a sure sign that a club is growing and prospering. With good attendance, it shows that your members and players are keen on taking part in different activities, sessions, and events.

However, if a club has poor attendance, then there may be something that needs to be addressed. It’s not always the case that poor attendance is caused by something internal. It’s often external factors such as demanding jobs, family commitments  and busy lifestyles. 

Regardless of the reasons though, whether external or internal, clubs should a keep a close eye on their actual attendance numbers and monitor who is (and who isn’t) attending sessions. This will means that club owners will have a better idea of where to focus when trying to boost attendance and encourage more people to show up. 

This is where Coacha’s attendance register feature comes in really handy. 

Here’s all you need to know about the it and how it can really help you.

An automatically generated digital register 
One of the main advantages of the attendance register feature on Coacha is an automatically generated digital register. Since your register is automatically generated, you don't have to deal with manually writing up your registers yourself, and you can do away with bulky and messy paperwork altogether.

The attendance register of Coacha is immensely user-friendly, which adds to its appeal for a club’s members. Members appreciate the convenience of a digital attendance register, and with this, coaches can spend more time with members rather than filling in registers that can sap their time and energy. 

An easy way to monitor your attendance 
Clubs who monitor attendance levels, can then start to think about ways to improve them and encourage more people to attend. But in all honestly, many clubs don’t have the time to manually go through all of their registers and check every member's profile for their attendance each week.

With an attendance register app such as Coacha’s, club owners can easily see their attendance levels and can put a solid plan in place for those areas whose attendance level may has decreased. Where clubs can see members that are not as active as before, they can get in touch with them, for example, and find out the reason for their low attendance. 

What’s more, digital registers can be used to help with the fight against Covid19. With a unique ‘Track & Trace’ feature, club owners and coaches can trace members and their activities within their club should someone report themselves as being ill or effected by the virus.

Communicate much more easily and conveniently 
When club owners can conveniently and quickly monitor attendance through Coacha, they also have the option to send out messages to members who are not that active. They can stay in touch with all members at the tap of a button, and can even send out reminders of class/session schedules right before each event. 

Coacha’s attendance register app gives people the opportunity to enhance communication with members, showing them that you care about them and appreciate their membership…even if they do need a nudge to turn up more often.