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How Attendance Registers Will Help With Reopening Your Club
28 August 2020

How Attendance Registers Will Help With Reopening Your Club

We have certainly faced some trying times with the pandemic, and even though the Coronavirus pandemic is still here, the key is to continue fighting it and doing all that we can to halt its spread. But amidst our fight against the pandemic, life still goes on – and we can clearly see this with the reopening of sports club back in July, albeit with a number of guidelines and restrictions that will ensure the safety of players, members, parents, staff, and everyone else involved in the club.


If you are gearing up for reopening and are eagerly making plans to ensure everyone’s health and safety, you should pay attention to your attendance registers as well. But does a properly-updated attendance register really matter?


The answer is yes. Here’s how attendance registers will help you to keep on top of your members and their attendance.


Does your organisation need Attendance Registers?


Attendance registers are a legal requirement for some organisations. In schools, for instance, attendance registers are mandatory. Keeping accurate registers is also a requirement if your sports club is a member of the National Governing Body (NGB).


Here’s the thing, though: even if you are not a member of the NGB, it still pays to keep an attendance register. We’ll outline some other reasons below.


For everyone’s health and safety


As we all already know, health and safety are definite priorities nowadays, and with an attendance register, you can enhance everyone’s health and safety. If you have a policy for health and safety, especially one that already caters to halting the spread of the virus, then you would need a proper attendance registers. These will help you keep track of who has attended training, events, and session.


In fact, the government now recommends recreational sports clubs to come up with a risk assessment and submit it to the relevant body – in this case, the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) before they can restart and reopen.


In their risk assessment, sports clubs need to provide information regarding their action plan for dealing with the health and safety of its members. This includes keeping an accurate tracking of the attendance of team members and staff if contact tracing if required.


For insurance purposes


Insurance policies are quite tricky in that many people aren’t sure about what their policy really covers. And if you are not sure, then it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Your insurance policy for your sports club may cover clauses that you may never have even heard of, but it would most likely include a requirement for a health and safety policy.


Here’s another thing: if ever someone – a player, a team member or any stakeholder – makes a claim against your sports club, then with an attendance register, you can easily track and see if they were really at a particular training session or game or any other event.


If their claim is as a result of an alleged accident, you can also easily see if it has been recorded in your accident book based on the date when it is said that the accident happened.


There are many other reasons why attendance registers have become a necessity, and it doesn’t matter if your club is large one, or if it is comprises just a few members.


The importance of attendance registers cannot be underemphasised, and we are certainly here to help you with your attendance register for your sports club.


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